30th March 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the classic Tim Burton / Michael Keaton movie Beetlejuice, so what better time than to take a look at some of the biggest continuity mistakes you've never noticed? There are 55 mistakes in total, the 7 biggest are below:

When Otho is going through the house suggesting changes he is wearing white sneakers in one room and red ones in the next.

When Adam, Barbara and Juno ascend a staircase, talking about how Adam and Barbara should start more simply if they want to scare the Deitz family out of their home, there are two tape markers - a yellow and a blue one, very clearly on one of the steps.

When Adam creates the door to gain access to the spiritual world, he draws the outline and door knob quite visibly with chalk. Yet when the door is closing after they have gone through it, though you can still see the outline of the door, the door knob has mysteriously vanished.

During the dinner party, in one shot from behind we see Otho has very little wine in his glass, but in the following shot of him from in front, his glass is now nearly full. Nobody refilled it between the shots.

When Delia spray paints the word “mauve” on the wall, between shots it is apparent that the script of the word changes. One example would be that in the first shot the tops of the letter “M” are pointed, like triangle tips, but in the next they are more rounder. The writing also moves lower on the wall.

When Barbara tries to leave the house and falls into the sandworm's world you can clearly see her knee pads.

After Adam has drawn the chalk door on the wall, he walks forward and closes the “Handbook for the Recently Deceased.” In the next shot, as he knocks on the chalk door three times, the handbook is now open. In the next shot as he steps back, the handbook is now closed again.

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Beauty and the Beast

When Belle finds her father locked up she's holding her stick with one hand, then the angle changes and she's using both. We switch back and she's using one hand again.

Fast & Furious 8

Dom escapes his crew by crashing through a flower stall, leaving flowers and other debris on his car. Just seconds later we see his car again and it's pristine - it looks like it's just been washed.

Wonder Woman

As Diana is translating in the General's office, one of the buttons on her coat is undone/missing. As she approaches his desk, it's suddenly visible on her coat where it should be.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

When Spidey first interrupts the criminals on the ferry, there are 2 motorbikes behind him on the left. When he throws one of the bad guys around with a web, the bikes have moved to the right, along with the yellow markings they were on, showing the shot's been flipped. They then move back.


When Beverly is in the bathroom she puts out her cigarette on the cubicle wall using her right hand. The shot switches to overhead and she's now using her left.


Before crashing the limo into the fence, there are two bullet holes in the rear windscreen. Afterwards, there are five. Then from an inside shot as they start backing up, there are only two again.

John Wick: Chapter 2

After the motorcyclist crashes into John's car, in the wider shot all John's headlights are on, then as he gets out, all but one are off.


As the lone Spitfire trails and attacks the German bomber, he hits the right engine, which starts smoking but the trail quickly fades. He then hits the left, which smokes a lot. We then see the same attack from below, and from this angle the both engines are smoking equally badly.

The Circle

When Mercer tells Mae to look at these people, there are people seen filming them. Towards the left of shot are two people filming, with one slightly behind the other. When one of the people filming says why doesn't he just kill some more deer, that person filming is all on his own, with no-one else shown near him.


The red Ferrari moves 2 feet to the left after being pulled over.

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The tiger bites the seat off the suitor's trousers, allowing the viewer to see his polka-heart boxers. When we see the tiger in the courtyard, he has a part of the same boxer shorts in his mouth. So if he bit off the seat of the trousers, shouldn't he have purple cloth in his mouth?

Beauty and the Beast

After Mrs. Potts sings "there might be something there that wasn't there before", angle changes to her telling Chip "I'll tell you when you're older" and his dent swaps sides.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

When the seven dwarves run scared down the stairs and out of the door, Dopey pulls the handle of the door from the inside until it breaks out and falls away. The next scene when the dwarf opens the door, the handle is there again.


When Mrs. Otterton is in Chief Bogo's office holding her family photo with both paws, in the wideshots her purse is hanging in the crook of her left arm, but after a brief shot of Judy, when it cuts to Mrs. Otterton's closeup as she tells Bogo about her two beautiful children her purse is gone, then after another brief shot of Judy the purse is back in its place again in the wideshot.


Just before Flynn cuts off Rapunzel's hair, there is a shot from behind him and he reaches up with his right hand to push her hair behind her ear. His arm is visible up to his forearm and the shackle is nowhere in sight. However, in the next, wide shot, the shackle is suddenly up around his wrist.

The Lion King

Nala's eyes change from blue to green quite often during the movie.

The Rescuers

When Bernard and Bianca arrive at the airport, and wait for Orville, Bianca removes her coat. Yet when we see her through the window, her coat has reappeared and it then vanishes again.

The Jungle Book

The scene where Col. Hathi inspects his troops, he leans on his stick and it breaks. However, in the next scenes, the stick you see is sometimes broken and sometimes it is still complete.


In "Let it Go", after Elsa releases her cloak, an overhead shot shows she's about 30 feet short of a gap, walking forwards, on a flat expanse of snow. She then keeps moving towards it while singing in closeup (which would have taken her right up to the edge). She then runs forwards in a wide shot, but instead of falling off the edge she should be right next to, she runs up over a hill that appears from nowhere, before she creates the steps to bridge the gap.

The Little Mermaid

When Ariel is in the Prince's guest bedroom, the covers suddenly appear over her.

Oliver and Company

During the song 'Perfect Isn't Easy', when Georgette is going to her big pillow by all the pictures, there is a pink little pillow near it with nothing on it. Next shot there is another picture that she picks up that is on the pillow.


The wagon, which is full of explosives, is on fire, so Mulan cuts Kahn (the horse) free with her sword and jumps onto Khan. She starts to ride away, while she holds the reins in her left hand and the sword with her right hand, up in the air. The wagon explodes and in the next shot, she still holds the reins in her left hand, though the sword, still in midair in her right hand, is now actually in its sheath, which is always attached to the left side of her belt. Some arrows are missing on the ground as well.

Lilo & Stitch

In the scene where Nani is buying Stitch, the woman says "There's a two-dollar licence fee...", on the green wall there is a big large empty space. Then when it cuts to a wideview, after the paper is stamped, a big black telephone is hanging on the prevoiusly bare wall!

Big Hero 6

In the scene at the college where Callaghan asks to look at Hiro's Megabot, Callaghan's shirt is blue, but when he holds out his arm to take Megabot, his shirt sleeve is red. Later on he is wearing a red shirt at the SFTT.

Peter Pan

As Wendy is singing 'Your mother and mine' she lays Michael down. As she is laying him down, her nightgown turns white. The next time you see her, her nightgown is blue again.

Wreck-It Ralph

When Felix is about to receive his first medal, a few things change in a cut to a close-up. The building has grown much wider (32 notches under the roof compared to 22 before), giving the Nicelanders room to carry Ralph before throwing him, when previously Ralph was already against the edge. Additionally, a pair of large clouds has popped into the middle of the screen to cover the medal before it appears, which may have been considered too distracting to include in the previous shot. Later on, the medals which are engraved with Felix's name in-game instead bear a bas-relief hammer and gain a white stripe through the center of the ribbon when shown in 3D, a rather drastic change for what is only meant to be a view in greater detail. (Official recreations of the game work around the first issue by reducing the distances covered by objects on the roof to begin with.).

The Emperor's New Groove

In the scene where Pacha and Kuzco are drying off after they fall over the waterfall, the slot for the wearer's head in the center of Pacha's poncho is clearly visible when Kuzco takes it and uses it to dry himself off. Following the shot change between when Kuzco throws it and when it lands on the fire Pacha is trying to light, the poncho becomes just a solid green square towel with no hole for the wearer to put his head through, which is easy to see when Pacha hangs it backup on another tree.

Lady and the Tramp

After Tramp gets his breakfast bone from Tony's Restaurant, he carries it behind a wooden fence and starts chewing. Pretty soon a horse drawn dog pound wagon rolls by, and a worker gets out to nail an impound notice four boards away from him. But when Tramp walks over to read what the notice has to say, it's now nailed six boards from where he was just a moment ago.

Alice in Wonderland

When Alice returns to the caterpillar and he says "keep your temper" he is coloured opposite to how he normally looks, with a dark blue front and light blue back.

The Rescuers Down Under

When McLeach is using Cody to fish for crocodiles, the hook fastened to the rope around Cody's waist can be seen facing different directions in various shots.

Chicken Little

When Chicken Little is trying to open the locker, he uses a rope. This rope just disappears when he gets himself into the locker.

The Princess and the Frog

Tiana wears a pair of gold earrings during Charlotte's ball. They disappear when she's watching Charlotte dance with the prince and reappear later.

Winnie The Pooh

While Pooh and his hungry tummy are searching for honey Pooh finds himself at Owl's house, and in the first wideshot we can see the wood sign that reads "Dont nock plez ring" with nothing above it, but once Pooh reads the sign suddenly Eeyore's tail is hanging above the sign as a bell-pull.


As Cinderella descends the staircase after her wedding to The Prince, she is obviously wearing a long sleeved gown. When she waves through the window of the carriage, however, the gown is short sleeved.


When Bambi attempts to walk for the first time, Thumper calls him "kinda wobbly." Bambi stands a few inches from Thumper in one shot, but between cuts they spread a few feet apart from one another.

I'm really not up to speed on Cable, having read no Deadpool comics and only played the game/seen the movie. But I know enough to know that a) he should make an interesting addition to the sequel, and b) Josh Brolin looks exactly right. Looking forward to this...

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