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Creed III picture

Factual error: In the introduction to the movie, set in 2002, a young Adonis has a Naruto: Shippuden poster in his room. Naruto: Shippuden did not premiere until 2007.

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Plane picture

Other mistake: Just when the tower clears 119 to take off, it shows the PFD and MFD screens. On PFD it shows air speed 250 knots and altitude 40000 feet which could only be happened when cruising in air. Also, on MFD it shows ground speed 250, and no flight path displayed. (00:09:00)

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Devil's Peak picture

Continuity mistake: The scenery view shots near the beginning of the movie apparently are not meant to represent the passage of time (such as "one year later"), so the various changes in foliage - from green leaves (Summer) to leafless trees (Winter) to orange leaves (Autumn) to green leaves (Summer) and back to Fall foliage - do not make sense. This inconsistent foliage continues into the movie. (00:05:30 - 00:06:34)


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Detective Knight: Independence picture

Continuity mistake: The paramedic in the ambulance just started cutting off the patient's shirt (with some difficulty) and there was sound from the scissors snipping. After she glanced away for a second, during which time there was no sound of her continuing to snip the shirt, the slit in the shirt was about three times as long. (00:08:20)


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Snow Falls picture

Revealing mistake: When River and Eden are talking in front of the kitchen window, every other camera shift alternates between different backgrounds - still/blurred versus clear/actively snowing. The props are also different. (00:14:15)


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The Locksmith picture

Continuity mistake: The right side of Miller's [Ryan Phillippe] shirt collar is underneath his suit jacket, but in side views, the shirt collar extends above the jacket (i.e, is visible up his neck). (00:08:45 - 00:09:10)


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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck picture

Continuity mistake: Some of the advances Mark made walking toward the edge of the cliff were negated with camera shifts, placing him at earlier spots. (01:28:17)


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There's Something Wrong with the Children picture

Continuity mistake: The cucumber half is facing in the opposite direction after the camera shift. The flesh is toward the right of the screen, then to the left. Also, the knife Margaret set near the corner of the table next to the cucumber half disappears; it should be below her right arm when she is reaching for her drink. (00:15:17)


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Somebody I Used to Know picture

Continuity mistake: The cocktail napkin that Ally crumpled and set on the table changes position (and shape) a few times, from largely hidden behind her drink to out in the open near the center of the table. (00:13:40)


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Cocaine Bear picture

Continuity mistake: The blood spray pattern on the Park Ranger's face changes after she shoots the guy and the scene progresses.

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