Best movie revealing mistakes of 2022

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Top Gun: Maverick picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene with Maverick and Rooster in the F-14A, you can see the cockpit of the F-18F being reflected off Rooster's visor on the helmet.

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Jurassic World Dominion picture

Revealing mistake: When Charlotte Lockwood is doing a vlog holding Maisie as a baby, the needle she uses on Maisie pokes the leg twice, which couldn't happen in real life.

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Blacklight picture

Revealing mistake: When Travis was talking to his daughter Amanda at his granddaughter's birthday party, the background scenery was inconsistent (indicating use of a green screen). Some objects (e.g, brown hanging lampshade? And balloons) should have been visible when they were not and/or were in different locations. Balloons that were to the left of the screen near Amanda "disappeared" in wide front shots. (00:13:05)


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Uncharted picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene with the ships hanging from the helicopters, Nate decides to fire a cannonball at the other helicopter as it's coming towards them. A standard cannonball shot from a 36 pound cannon that the Spanish used on their ships weighs 16.5 kilograms (the weight of a large full water dispenser bottle) but Nate tosses it around like it weighs nothing.

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Pursuit picture

Revealing mistake: When William and Jack open the door, enter the room, and walk past the helium-filled balloons (tied to a chair about 4' away), the balloons remain immobile. Due to how light helium balloons are, just opening the door or breathing nearby would be enough to cause the balloons to move somewhat - if they were actually there. (00:16:00)


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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When Sonic and Tails arrive in Green Hills on the biplane, Tom and Maddie are looking up at them, but not focused on the same point. Instead, Maddie is looking to the left, and Tom to the right.


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Eraser: Reborn picture

Revealing mistake: The rhino that killed (or "erased") Paul was obviously CGI and quite fake-looking, especially the way it was running. (01:32:50)


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Family Camp picture

Revealing mistake: It was quite obvious that the beaver was fake, and not a very good one relative to the capabilities of contemporary CGI. (The first time, the beaver was presented as real; the second time, it was meant to be comical). (00:59:20 - 01:29:13)


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Dog (2022)

Dog picture

Revealing mistake: A dog would not be able to jump through a vehicle's window and land on shattered glass covering the rear seat without getting its paw pads cut. The shattered "glass" that Lulu was standing and sliding on appeared to be ice. (01:07:29)


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Ambulance picture

Revealing mistake: When Danny and the others are riding in the "RLC" truck to the bank, the sky is mostly a pale blue (almost white at times), but is suddenly a darker blue between two buildings. After returning to mostly pale blue, the sky turns into a much larger area that is a darker blue, then goes back to pale blue. Suggests filming on different days and/or use of CGI to fill in the sky but failing to use a consistent or similar color. (00:18:25 - 00:18:56)


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The Bad Guys picture

Revealing mistake: This happens in the second ceremony when Wolf didn't press the button to shut off the lights to steal the golden dolphin because of the good comments. Few seconds later, the lights shut off, and you can see that the meteor on the top disappears at the time.

Miguel Campos

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