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Top Gun: Maverick picture

Other mistake: During the training scenes, aviators are told to keep a 500 to a 1000 ft safety bubble around them at all times. In multiple scenes you can see where they are almost flying in a wingtip formation.

Movie Medic

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The Batman picture

Other mistake: When Batman is video calling the Riddler and passes the phone over to the D/A, you can see Batman's face still looking at the phone in the reflection of the Riddler's glasses.

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Scream picture

Other mistake: The Reporter states it has been 25 years "almost to the day" since Billy and Stu died (1996), making it September 2021. Tara is a high school senior, and her older sister, Sam, Billy's daughter, is stated multiple times as 5 years older, 23 at best. Many Easter eggs on Richie's laptop state STAB 8 is a 2021 release, which was "last year" according to Sam and Mindy in separate scenes, making the film set 2022, 26 years ago. Sam is 1-2 years younger than she should be, or Tara is 20. (00:57:14 - 01:47:18)


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Uncharted picture

Other mistake: Sully climbs up the helicopter chain in the final scene with a bag full of gold. Assuming modest dimensions of 30x30x30 cm for his backpack, that means that he was carrying at least 40 kilograms of gold on his back, but he tosses it around like it's full of fluff. And when he hits Braddock in the face with it later, he's tossing 40 kilos of gold at high velocity at her face, but she shows up later without a scratch.

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Everything Everywhere All at Once picture

Other mistake: In the hot dog finger universe, everyone uses their feet for dexterous things, like playing the piano...but the pianos themselves are still designed exactly like our universe, at waist height where it's convenient for playing with hands, but very uncomfortable to play with your feet.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Thor: Love and Thunder picture

Other mistake: In this movie Korg has two biological fathers (he calls them that way); his race appears to be formed by males that reproduce by holding hands in lava pits. However, the first time Thor met Korg in Thor: Ragnarok, his backstory was that he started a revolution that failed because just his "mum and her boyfriend" showed up.

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: It is possible among the Kronans, that one of the males is still called mum and use female pronouns. It's also possible that despite the fact 2 males can breed, it does not exclude females from existing.

Suggested correction: I see no reason why Korg couldn't have had a mother figure in his life, and not necessarily being of the same race. Technically speaking, he never specifically stated that his mom is who conceived or gave birth to him. I have no doubt that the writers didn't plan this, but it also doesn't create a contradiction.

Phaneron Premium member

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The Northman picture

Other mistake: When Amleth is having his vision of the valkyrie near the end, she appears to have dental braces on her teeth when the camera is up on her face as she is screaming.

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Suggested correction: These are not braces, they are teeth "tattoos." Vikings would sometimes literally file horizontal grooves into their teeth for decorative purposes. The actress likely has not had her teeth filed for this one role so it seems what you are seeing is some sort of makeup application. But it is definitely not braces that were accidentally left in the shot.


I can confirm this. In the film's commentary track, the director mentions that they are grooves carved in her teeth, and how he's seen YouTube comments asking why they have braces.


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Death on the Nile picture

Other mistake: In the origin story of Poirot's facial hair, we see the damage on his cheek is massive, well into the cheekbone. His girlfriend says he'll grow a moustache to cover it, and surprisingly, it works - nevermind the fact that scar tissue wouldn't grow hair. When we see the scar without the moustache, while smaller than the initial damage, it still extends into the cheek at the level of the nostrils in a way that the 'stache couldn't seamlessly cover like in the rest of the movie and its prequel.

Sammo Premium member

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Fallen picture

Other mistake: Abraham's wife appeared to hit him with the vase on his right shoulder, but Abraham put his hand on the side of his head. (00:58:35)


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The Contractor picture

Other mistake: The woman told James that Salim Mohsin was 42 and conducted research at a private laboratory. The part about Mohsin being "professor emeritus" of virology at Humboldt-Universitat seems contrary to his age (42) and the common meaning of "professor emeritus", which is retired and collecting a pension. It might also be unusual for a tenured professor conducting research at a university to leave in order to conduct research at a private lab. "Other" mistake because not sure of emeritus in Germany. (00:29:33)


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Agent Game picture

Other mistake: Visser was face-to-face with Omar when she shot him in the neck (looked more like it would be in his mouth before the camera shift) yet she did not get any blood splatter on her shooting hand, face, or clothes. There also wasn't much blood on Omar considering he was hit with a near-contact if not actual contact shot. (00:45:41 - 00:47:12)


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Memory picture

Other mistake: A bottle of prescription pills dropped onto a cement parking garage floor is not likely to have its cap come off (unless it was already loose). If the cap does come off, the pills (especially round ones) are not likely to settle around the bottle, but the police photo showed the pills clustered around and in close proximity to the bottle. Also, Alex - a professional assassin - did not bother to at least pick up the prescription bottle that had his name and other identifying information on it. (00:44:30 - 00:48:30)


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Shattered picture

Other mistake: Montana, like other states, has an "open container" law which prohibits public drinking or carrying an open container of alcohol on public streets/sidewalks, but Chris and Sky left the bar carrying and drinking bottles of beer, casually strolling down the sidewalk. Sky, who works in the bar, surely knows that customers may not leave the premises carrying open bottles of beer and an on-duty employee should have stopped them. Wealthy Chris might not have cared about the misdemeanor offense/fine.


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Fortress: Sniper's Eye picture

Other mistake: It isn't clear whether Robert's gunshot wound was an "entrance" or "entrance and exit" and if the nurse or surgeon? wearing scrubs committed a character mistake - "We were worried, given how deep the bullet penetrated" but Sasha "heard the bullet passed through Robert's shoulder." "Penetrating" means the bullet entered but stayed inside the body; "Perforating" means the bullet passed through the body. In general, perforating gunshot wounds tend to be less serious and therefore less "worrisome." (00:06:23 - 00:07:42)


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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 picture

Other mistake: When Robotnick, Stone, and Knuckles are eavesdropping on Sonic and Donut Lord's text conversation, the third text is supposed to be from Sonic but it appears as Donut Lord's text, on the wrong side of the conversation. (00:40:00)

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Dog (2022)

Dog picture

Other mistake: Lulu's "K-9 ORTHOPEDIC VERIFICATION CO" radiograph report when she was 2 years 6 months old stated "of hip dysplasia was recognized. The hip joint" [other information not visible]. If Lulu had early signs of hip dysplasia, it would be expected that she would be experiencing some difficulty walking, running, jumping, etc. a few years later, but there were no indications that Lulu had any such problems. (00:00:54)


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Gasoline Alley picture

Other mistake: James told Det Vargas he left the bar "2:30, give or take" and Vargas responded, "bar closes at 2:30 [AM]." When Star approached James at the bar, she said, "When I see a guy alone at the bar at three in the morning..." It is questionable if Detective Vargas was correct about the closing time. Traditionally, bars in L.A. closed at 2:00 AM. CA's Business and Professional Code on serving alcoholic beverages apparently now allows serving alcohol until 3:00 (not 2:30) AM - was this in effect? (00:04:33 - 00:11:50)


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Catwoman: Hunted picture

Other mistake: The positions of Isis the cat's tail (body language) did not match her facial expression/eyes when she set off the motion detectors and alarm. Isis' eyes/face had an angry/mean/annoyed look. Most views of Isis on the video monitor showed her tail in friendly/content, confident, alert, relaxed, and non-threatening positions (i.e, vertical or horizontal to the ground). The diagonally upward tail is non-threatening but maybe unsure about something. (Perhaps cartoon cats have unique body language?). (00:07:40)


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