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Top Gun: Maverick picture

Factual error: The F14 could never have got airborne with such a short clear run unassisted. It needs about 800m, about half a mile.

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Suggested correction: An aircraft carrier is only a 1000 ft long and the F14 launches off them.half a mile would be about 2,500 ft.

This correction is nonsense and shows no understanding how aircraft carriers work. First, the runway on an aircraft carrier is typically around 300 feet. Second, they use a catapult system to launch planes so the planes can get up to the proper speed in time. Without a catapult, the F14 needs 2,500 feet.


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Uncharted picture

Factual error: The Skycrane helicopters have a max takeoff weight of 42,000 lbs. With them weighing in at 19,200 lbs, that leaves 22,800 lbs that they could lift. Even small carracks, the ships, weigh around 180,000 lbs.

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Minions: The Rise of Gru picture

Factual error: The story is set in 1976. "Funkytown" is used in the movie and the end titles. The song was not released until 1980.

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Moonfall picture

Factual error: In the subplot on earth, the heroes' family members are trying to outrun the falling moon's gravity that's sucking everything into the air. So, naturally they duck into a barn, because, of course, gravity can't affect you behind a wall. And sure enough, behind the wall, they're suddenly safe.


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Jurassic World Dominion picture

Factual error: The deer in the forest somehow does not hear the giant dinosaur approaching, so doesn't run away.

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Death on the Nile picture

Factual error: A .22 shot would be 120-140 dB, muffled with a pillow down to 100-120 dB. Only one person heard the second shot? No one heard the third? Plus at the end there's no way a .22 could pass through a male chest cavity, and halfway into a female chest cavity - it's too low power.

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The King's Daughter picture The King's Daughter mistake picture

Factual error: Josephine walks away from her father King Louie 14th, after he tells her she has to marry the young Duke Lintillac for his money. When you look at back of Josephine, you can see a zipper in her skirt. King Louie 14th was King from 1643 until his death in 1715. The first zipper was invented was in 1851. The zipper being used as we know it present day was invented in the early 1890s by Whitcomb L. Judson. (00:55:57)


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Shattered picture

Factual error: The land was snow-covered, but it was raining during the nighttime "bedroom scene." The exterior view the next morning was not what would be expected IF it had rained on top of the already-accumulated snow. There wasn't even any indication that it had recently rained. At another time, the amount of snow accumulated along the driveway was much higher than previously shown although there had not been any obvious major storms - the weather was clear during their excursions. (00:13:38)


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Factual error: Hatchet, the "most dangerous man in the world" would not be transported (via helicopter or any other mode) to the facility/base merely wearing handcuffs, especially in the front without also being chained to ankle shackles. He also would not be shackled to a loose chair once inside the interrogation room. (00:28:40)


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A Day to Die picture

Factual error: Pettis' calculation of the amount Connor needed to replace his asset was way off. He stated, "[Cornell] brought me about 250 [$250,000] a year. He had at least 20 more years of service. Subtract five years he might have spent in prison, so you owe me, what? Six point two million." Pettis was presented as intelligent, but a quick mental calculation of even the full 20 years at $250,000 would total only $5 million (not $6.2 - an odd sum). For 15 years, the total would be $3,750,000. (00:28:45)


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Elvis picture

Factual error: Elvis is filming a Christmas special for TV when he sees the report about Robert F. Kennedy being assonated. RFK was shot June 5, 1968 not near Christmas.

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Suggested correction: The Christmas special was shot in June.

Sacha Premium member

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Assailant picture

Factual error: Henry appeared to punch Jason higher on his left side and more toward the back than where the bruise was later shown to be (closer to his waist). More significantly, the bruise quickly changed colors from red/blue-purple to the entire large area being bluish-purple and deep purple. However, bruises typically take at least one or two days to change to deep purple. (00:45:55 - 00:49:19)


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Persuasion picture

Factual error: Twice during the movie, streetlights are visible: once when lady Russell informs Anne of Wentworth's engagements, and once while Anne is running after Wentworth. (Streetlights, lit by gas, were indeed conceived during the regency period - but they were experimental curiosities, and certainly not yet installed nationwide).

Spiny Norman

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Pursuit picture

Factual error: When they were driving away from the bar, neither Zoe (driver) nor Breslin fastened their seatbelts. Seatbelts are mandatory in New York for the driver and passenger (s) and failure to "buckle up" is classified as a primary offense, meaning no other violation must be observed before police can stop and cite violators. (00:57:25)


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The Contractor picture

Factual error: North Carolina prohibits the tattooing of minors (under 18-years-old) and is not a state that allows minors to be tattooed even with prior consent from a parent or guardian. The Fort Bragg army man gave his son (clearly a minor, about 10-years-old) birthday money to pay for the tattoo and his permission to get a tattoo. (00:14:23)


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Memory picture

Factual error: FBI agent Vincent brought Alex's Alzheimer's prescription to him in the hospital and Alex immediately took at least one. Only the attending doctor, nurse, or other authorized hospital staff member should dispense a drug (prescription or over-the-counter) to a hospital patient. (01:27:40)


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Suggested correction: First off, this isn't a factual error, at best it's an other or character mistake. But hospitals have to constantly remind patients (and visitors) not to bring or take their prescription medication and instead let the doctors and nurses know what they take (or turn over their prescriptions) so the hospital can administer them. But people in real life still take their prescription medication on their own without letting the hospital administer it.


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