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Top Gun: Maverick picture

Continuity mistake: In the first scene when Maverick enters the airbase on his motorcycle it is mid-morning based on the sun and shadows. When he takes off in the test jet it is pre-dawn.

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Suggested correction: The movie sequencing/reveal is shoddy for this. Prior to him uncovering the motorcycle and heading out he slaps the calendar on the wall where it says, If I recall, "Mach 8." the day before on the calendar says something like "training" or "physical test" or something (I honestly forgot). That happens the first day ("afternoon") as shown with him on the treadmill; he sleeps on-base to get up "pre-dawn" and that's when the admiral arrives and he takes off.


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Thor: Love and Thunder picture

Continuity mistake: The snacks that Darcy drops on the table by Jane repeatedly change and rearrange themselves in subsequent shots.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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The Lost City picture

Continuity mistake: When Daniel Radcliffe presents a special item he has put on white gloves, then a second later his gloves disappear. He no longer handles the item with gloves throughout the rest of the movie.

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Scream picture

Continuity mistake: After the sheriff is killed Sam and Dewey leave to go to the hospital and it's daylight. On their drive to the hospital it's dark out. Then when they take Dewey's body out of the hospital and Gayle shows up it's suddenly light again.

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Suggested correction: You can see the sun setting at several cut sways during their drive, and Tara's room is getting naturally darker as the hospital scene plays out before Ghostface arrives. Then when the scene of Gale arriving in the morning takes place you can tell it's sunrise outside, meaning the events of the hospital took place overnight.

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Uncharted picture Uncharted mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Chloe, Nate, and Sully rest and talk about wine, Sully holds the glass differently between shots. One shot it's by the stem another by the foot/base.


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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness picture

Continuity mistake: When America and Wong jump through the Star Portal just before Wanda destroys Mount Wundagore, you can see they will travel to Kamar-Taj. However, when America opens another Star Portal to retrieve Dr. Strange from the destroyed universe, they are standing back on the snowy mountain top.


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Suggested correction: If these moments were back-to-back, this may be a mistake. Problem is, there is quite a gap of time that passes between the two scenes... as in, almost 5 minutes of screen time, which might translate to even more time in-movie, as we don't know how long Strange waits to wake up Palmer, who is passed out when the scene cuts back to them. It's entirely possible and even likely that they returned to the mountain top in the meantime to see if they could find any traces of Wanda.


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Jurassic World Dominion picture

Continuity mistake: In the scenes where Ellie and Grant are flying to the Biosyn facility via helicopter - all the interior shots show them flying over a solid layer of clouds. However, in all the exterior shots of their flight, there is a not a cloud in sight.

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The Gray Man picture

Continuity mistake: As the "lone wolf" escapes on the bike, there's a fancy swooping camera shot which tracks him, cutting to a shot from the front just as he scythes between two dark cars and past a police car. In that quick shot a woman suddenly appears cowering by the police car who wasn't there before.

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Interceptor picture

Continuity mistake: When Captain Collins sits down at the computer console early in the film, the mouthpiece on her headset constantly changes position.


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Minions: The Rise of Gru picture

Continuity mistake: In the final battle, Kevin (as a rabbit) runs up a wall and smashes his foot into tiger Sven's head. Sven's helmet is not on his head in this shot, but in the very next shot his helmet is back on.

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Fallen picture

Continuity mistake: Before Abraham stands near the wooden cross, there are piles of wood and a blue/white water hydrant (?) behind him. When he stands and takes a step, only one pile of wood is visible. After he takes a few diagonal steps behind the cross and turns around, he is standing in front of his house that was not there. (The house should have been visible when he was sitting near the cross). (00:45:51 - 00:46:12)


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Assailant picture

Continuity mistake: The angle (from diagonal to more horizontal) and appearance (from bloody and jagged to a continuous thin line) of the cut on Zoe's forehead changed within a short amount of time. (00:47:16 - 00:47:43)


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The Bad Guys picture

Continuity mistake: Snake swapped the Love Meteorite for the Love Meteorite Lamp. How did Prof. Marmalade continue controlling the 200,000 guinea pigs without the Meteorite as the power source?

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Elvis picture

Continuity mistake: In the house of mirrors Parker's cigar is in his mouth but it suddenly disappears between shots.

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The Contractor picture

Continuity mistake: The tattoo artist is almost finished drawing the American flag on the boy's upper right arm. After he wipes it and there's a quick camera shift, the tattoo is less complete - the stripes are bloodier, more jagged, and of unequal width like they were earlier. (00:14:31)


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Everything Everywhere All at Once picture

Continuity mistake: When Evelyn is fighting the girl with the dog in the office, the dog changes color when it gets kicked, likely because it's a fake dog.

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Family Camp picture

Continuity mistake: When the roasted marshmallow landed on the back of the camper's head, it was relatively flat and spanned from the middle top to the right top/side with some charred marshmallow splattered almost to the center of the man's head. After a camera shift, the marshmallow was sticking up near the right top of the man's head, was shaped like a whole marshmallow, and was still largely white instead of mostly black/charred. (00:35:19)


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The Bob's Burgers Movie picture The Bob's Burgers Movie mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the huge sinkhole appears in front of Bob's Burgers, there are numerous striped safety barriers on the street, and in the following shots the direction of the stripes change to the opposite direction on some of the barriers. (00:11:30)

Super Grover Premium member

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Memory picture

Continuity mistake: The second time Randy's nude body was shown lying face down on the bed after Alex killed him, his buttocks were arched/curved more and higher (not as flat). (01:07:21)


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