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Top Gun: Maverick picture

Character mistake: The Admiral refers to Top Gun as Maverick's final post. As Maverick is a Naval aviator, it should be referred to as his final duty station. The army uses the term post.

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Marry Me picture

Character mistake: After the math club students, in unison, cited pi to 3.141592, Percy continued with "65839" - but only the "65" are correct. He should have said "65358..." before being cut off (or "65359" if he was rounding up the last "89793238"). Even though the movie is classified as a comedy, Percy was showing off, but he was wrong. Charlie, Math Club Advisor, also committed a mistake because he stopped Percy by saying "Percy, we got it. Good" (as though Percy was correct). (00:04:29)


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Scream picture

Character mistake: Sam tells Mindy at Martha's, "Come on, it's just a movie", in response to her idea the killers are Stab fanatics making a "requel". In diegesis terms, it makes no sense that Sam questions this motive: Dewey states in a previous scene to her, "Your killer's obsessed with the Stab movies, right?" Contextually, she is Billy's daughter, knows his motive was based on horror film obsession; her would-be schoolmate at Woodsboro High (2 grades above), Charlie (Scream 4), was also a Stab fanatic killer. (00:41:00)

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Suggested correction: Billy says his motive is about Sidney's mother tearing apart his family causing his mother to abandon them. We have no information to go off in terms of his motive other than that. Also, considering Charlie died super fast, and the news was covering Jill when she arrived at the hospital focusing on her as a survivor, it would have been a huge media focus when she turned out to be the killer. I doubt Charlie got much fame. Sam's knowledge is limited to "back in 2011 some kids did this."

Also, where do you get Sam having been in school with Charlie. If Charlie was a senior in high school in 2011, Sam was born in 1997 at the latest after the events of Scream, less likely 1996 which would make her even younger. This would make Charlie 3-4 years older than her. It's entirely possible she knew nothing about his existence until after the 2011 killing spree.

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Eraser: Reborn picture

Character mistake: After Robyn asked Mason who Bud was, Mason said, "Bud was Paul and I's staff sergeant in Afghanistan." [Sic] FBI agents have at least a BA/BS and often advanced (graduate) °. Mason's use of "I's" is not proper and reflects his failure to master basic English. The possessive pronoun of "I" is "my", so Mason should have said "Paul's and my..." (01:35:16)


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Memory picture

Character mistake: Danny told Vincent, "Lab just came back on the pills. Donepezil. Alzheimer's drug. Your shooter's losing his shit." It was too early in the investigation to conclude that the drug belonged to "the shooter." There could have been a witness who ran, an accomplice, or even just a coincidence that someone not involved had dropped his pills. It would be up to the investigators to determine if the prescription bottle belonged to a suspect or "person of interest." (00:55:27)


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Morbius picture

Character mistake: Doctor Bancroft mispronounces "Nobel" when reading the headlines to Michael. She pronounces as "noble." It's a famous award, especially in the field of science and someone as smart as she is suppose up be would know how to say the name.


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Suggested correction: Honestly, I just rewatched the scene in question, and I really wouldn't consider that a character mistake. It's not a super egregious mispronunciation to begin with (the difference between the sound of the words is quite minor), and based on the way she speaks and the fact she has a bit of an accent, it just seems like more of a personal affectation than a character mistake.


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Escape the Field picture

Character mistake: Sam told Tyler, "I work 36-hour shifts, so no time for friends or relationships." There might not be Federal regulations restricting the number of hours a nurse may work in a given 24-hour (or 7-day) period, but nurses have to maintain standards of duty/care and working too many consecutive hours would jeopardize her patients. It is recommended that nurses do not work more than 12.5 hours a day or more than three consecutive DAYS of 12-hour shifts. This gives 4 days OFF for relationships. (00:26:50)


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Bull Shark picture

Character mistake: Nolan said, "Everybody knows that no sharks swim in freshwater" and Spencer said, "They don't come into freshwater", but there are freshwater sharks (e.g, river sharks) and bull sharks (not true freshwater sharks) can survive in saltwater or freshwater. Jacob Harper (National Aquarium) pointed out eyewitness accounts of sharks swimming up the Mississippi River and "bull sharks have kidneys that recycle salt" but did not mention the glands near their tails that help keep salt in their bodies. (00:08:08 - 00:29:50)


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Blacklight picture

Character mistake: After Travis confronted FBI Director Gabriel Robinson (killings and telling him to go public about Operation Unity), Gabriel said, "I am the director of the most powerful organization in the world." There may be interpretational issues regarding the meaning of "power" and what constitutes an organization (versus corporation, law enforcement agency, company, etc.), but the FBI is NOT the most powerful organization in the WORLD (the U.N. is?) and probably not even within the U.S. (01:31:50)


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Vendetta picture

Character mistake: The prosecuting attorney told William, "In the interests of getting this thug [Danny] off the streets as soon as possible, his attorney has agreed to plead guilty to assaulting an officer, possession with the intent to distribute, and resisting arrest, and that's all in addition to his parole violations. We're looking at five to seven [years in prison]." The parole violations alone are sufficient to get Danny off the streets immediately. (00:09:34)


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Men (2022)

Men picture

Character mistake: We see the lead driving on the motorway to get to the cottage. She leaves at junction 6 for Princes Risborough. Which means she is on the M40 that goes to Birmingham. When she arrives the host asks about the drive down and mentions the M4. This is a different road entirely, that goes to Swansea.


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Assailant picture

Character mistake: Erin, a nurse, looked at Jason's bruise in the woods and said, "It's really hard to tell what it is. I mean, could be internal bleeding." Technically, ALL bruises are caused by internal bleeding (but the bleeding doesn't break through the skin). A nurse should know the possible signs/symptoms of internal bleeding (the serious type), such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of balance, change in vision, low blood pressure, etc. and the nurse should have at least checked for a rapid heartbeat. (00:49:20)


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Last Seen Alive picture

Character mistake: The patrol officer who stopped Will for speeding fired two warning shots in the air when Will ran. Patrol officers should not (and generally do not) fire "warning shots." (00:49:57)


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