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The French Dispatch picture The French Dispatch mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Krementz talks with Zeffirelli while he's taking a bath and asks her to close the bathtub curtain, the cigarette he previously had in the mouth disappears in the next shot when Mrs. Krementz closes the curtain.

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Clifford the Big Red Dog picture

Continuity mistake: The angle of the laptop on the kitchen table changed (and no-one was close enough to have moved it). The laptop was initially more evenly aligned with the edge of the (round) table. A little later, the laptop was not visible, but probably should have been. (00:04:09 - 00:04:44)


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Red Notice picture

Continuity mistake: When Hartley arrives at the Russian prison, as he's led down the corridor the handcuffs are around both his wrists with the double bars facing out, chained at the center, but when the handcuffs are removed in his cell note the handcuff is on the opposite way around his right wrist. (00:22:20)

Super Grover Premium member

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Mortal Kombat picture

Continuity mistake: During the first fight between Mileena and Sonya, Mileena licks the blood off her weapon that she had stuck in Mileena's shoulder. Her ponytail is in front of her. In the next shot she it's at her back. (01:11:04)

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American Night picture

Continuity mistake: The height of the stack of magazines on the coffee table in front of John changes with the camera's view. Front views of John show a high stack of maybe 15 magazines. Side views of John show a much shorter stack of several magazines. (00:25:03 - 00:26:07)


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The Gardener picture

Continuity mistake: While eating dinner, Lauren has a glass of wine setting on a black coaster. After a scene change and return to the dinner table, an aerial view shows the coaster without the wine glass on it (and the wine glass is missing from the table). (00:38:32 - 00:40:18)


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The Mauritanian picture

Continuity mistake: The sunglasses Nancy placed near the center right side of her yellow legal pad changed positions a couple times with camera shifts. Initially, the left lens was almost touching the legal pad and the right lens was at about a 45° angle. Seconds later, the sunglasses were further away from the legal pad. Next, the sunglasses were close and parallel to the legal pad, not angled. (IF Nancy had accidentally bumped her sunglasses with her elbow, they would have been pushed away from the legal pad). (00:18:02 - 00:18:30)


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Red Stone picture

Continuity mistake: The way the pink blanket was folded/draped over Motley's head when he was hiding in the second row seat of Danny's truck changed at least two times. The folds were also different when Jed got into the front passenger seat. Motley wasn't supposed to be moving, so it wouldn't make sense for him to have rearranged the blanket himself. (00:10:35 - 00:11:10)


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Blood Red Sky picture

Continuity mistake: When the terrorists take over the plane we see Eightball brutally stab a secret agent to death, and he gets blood on his face and clothing. In many scenes after this the position and amount of blood can be seen changing.

Jack Vaughan

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The Forgiven picture

Continuity mistake: David's [Ralph Fiennes] glass on the table is filled to within about 1" from the top. When he raises the glass to his mouth, the amount is about 1" lower, which may explain why the lemon slice is now floating diagonally instead of vertically. (00:01:36)


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Copshop picture

Continuity mistake: The white gift box was placed on the car's hood near the passenger side front wheel indentation. When the female cop (Valerie) turned around, the box was at an angle, not parallel, to the indentation. (00:02:21)


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Separation picture

Continuity mistake: Views of Paul falling (pushed) down the stairs showed different positions from the top of the stairs, the landing, and from the downstairs floor. His back ended up on the landing with his legs bent and feet on the third step. (The form/size of the step itself was awkward - there wasn't enough room for Paul's whole foot.) A view from the top of the steps showed his left leg on the landing, bent with his foot under his right leg, which was on the step. A side view showed yet another position. (01:33:33)


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The Card Counter picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, the players are taking their third card of the hand before the dealer reveals their second card. (00:02:40 - 00:03:15)


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Suggested correction: That's not what happened. It was a montage scene. It's not 3 different players, it's the same player and 3 different hands. Notice the card is always dealt to the same spot.


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The Mitchells vs. the Machines picture

Continuity mistake: While the two robots speak with the Mitchells at the dinosaur store, one of them has some orange juice on his face which disappears between shots.


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Phobias picture

Continuity mistake: When Sami was having car problems, her bangs were mostly messy and longer, but suddenly neatly combed straight down a few times, such as after she slammed the hood shut, saw a shadow, and quickly turned around. (00:30:10)


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Being the Ricardos picture

Continuity mistake: Vivian is trying on a red dress in her dressing room when Lucille comes in to talk to her. Throughout the scene as the shots switch back and forth, the dress goes from being pulled up on Vivian's right shoulder, to off the shoulder part way down her arm.


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The Stairs picture

Continuity mistake: The bull horns and skull attached to the front of Doug's SUV were much larger on his way to the site than when he pulled up to the meeting spot. Initially, the horns spanned past the low beams, but were some distance from the low beams on each side when he arrived. The overall size of the skull was noticeably smaller and looked less menacing. (00:20:03 - 00:20:35)


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The Nest picture

Continuity mistake: At the restaurant, the background varies a few times behind Beth and Jack seated at a table. When the background is blurred, a young man can be seen to the left behind Beth, but he is not there when the background is clear. (Despite the different camera angle, he should still be visible.) Instead, two men are seated at the bar counter or an elevated table and a woman behind them is facing the screen. (00:11:47 - 00:12:49)


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Dinosaur Hotel picture

Continuity mistake: Although the amount of alcohol remaining in the bottle had been slightly reduced, the reduction was too negligible to have filled the Game Master's glass to the level shown after his telephone call to Sienna. (00:06:57 - 00:08:46)


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