Best movie continuity mistakes of 2021

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Black Widow picture

Continuity mistake: During the opening scene when the family is driving down the road, a newer McDonald's can be seen on the right-hand side.

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Sing 2 picture

Continuity mistake: The three white rabbits in the opening scenes have red, purple, and pink sunglasses. In the revealing shot for Rosita, two of them are wearing purple and one of them is wearing red. In the next shot, their glasses return to normal.

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings picture

Continuity mistake: The right side mirror on the car is broken off by a tree in the maze, then returns. (01:06:20)

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Planet Dune picture

Continuity mistake: While driving the spaceship, Lt Astrid's hair keeps switching back and forth from her long parted strand hanging loose in front to being secured (hairsprayed?) diagonally near her right ear. (00:20:50 - 00:22:30)


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Fear of Rain picture

Continuity mistake: On her first day back in school, Rain is wearing sneakers it without socks. Later, on her way home from the pharmacy after school, she's suddenly wearing socks. The rest of her outfit (plus a jacket) is identical. (00:13:05 - 00:18:35)

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The Virtuoso picture

Continuity mistake: The chairs at the counter in Rosie's Cafe are neatly paced with their backs against the counter (with the one on the far right out a little) when the Virtuoso enters, but some positions change during his stay. For example, the middle one and the last one are pulled back at different times. No one at the cafe is moving them. (00:31:17 - 00:31:55)


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Don't Look Up picture

Continuity mistake: Leonardo DiCaprio's phone is shown attached to his car dashboard. He gets out of his car, all the while, looking up toward the sky. The next scene shows him grabbing his phone from his pocket while standing outside his car. (01:36:06 - 01:36:56)


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Venom: Let There Be Carnage picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" scene, Eddie already poured the orange juice and put it down before Venom messes with the radio and fridge. We see then symbiote's tentacle pass in front of Eddie's hand, which is suspended in mid-air still pouring. Then we cut back to the original angle and Hardy is about to drink from the glass, the orange juice carton well set on the table. (00:23:05)

Sammo Premium member

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Mortal Kombat picture

Continuity mistake: During the first fight between Mileena and Sonya, Mileena licks the blood off her weapon that she had stuck in Mileena's shoulder. Her ponytail is in front of her. In the next shot she it's at her back. (01:11:04)

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American Night picture

Continuity mistake: The height of the stack of magazines on the coffee table in front of John changes with the camera's view. Front views of John show a high stack of maybe 15 magazines. Side views of John show a much shorter stack of several magazines. (00:25:03 - 00:26:07)


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West Side Story picture

Continuity mistake: When Tony is below Maria's fire escape, there's a shot of her back with her fingers grabbing the platform. Shot changes to Tony's POV where she moves her hand and changes her grip. Then shot goes back to the previous angle of her still with the same grip.

Sacha Premium member

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The Mitchells vs. the Machines picture The Mitchells vs. the Machines mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While at Dino Stop, Katie convinces her dad not to play it safe and to take a chance to save the world. Rick agrees and extends his left hand for the "all hands, Mitchell family on three." In the closeup we see Katie put in her right hand, but in the wide shot Katie's left hand pulls out. Also, note that in the closeup both Katie's and Aaron's positions between their parents are switched. (00:45:00)

Super Grover Premium member

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Red Stone picture

Continuity mistake: The way the pink blanket was folded/draped over Motley's head when he was hiding in the second row seat of Danny's truck changed at least two times. The folds were also different when Jed got into the front passenger seat. Motley wasn't supposed to be moving, so it wouldn't make sense for him to have rearranged the blanket himself. (00:10:35 - 00:11:10)


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The Gardener picture

Continuity mistake: While eating dinner, Lauren has a glass of wine setting on a black coaster. After a scene change and return to the dinner table, an aerial view shows the coaster without the wine glass on it (and the wine glass is missing from the table). (00:38:32 - 00:40:18)


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The Nest picture

Continuity mistake: At the restaurant, the background varies a few times behind Beth and Jack seated at a table. When the background is blurred, a young man can be seen to the left behind Beth, but he is not there when the background is clear. (Despite the different camera angle, he should still be visible.) Instead, two men are seated at the bar counter or an elevated table and a woman behind them is facing the screen. (00:11:47 - 00:12:49)


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Copshop picture

Continuity mistake: The white gift box was placed on the car's hood near the passenger side front wheel indentation. When the female cop (Valerie) turned around, the box was at an angle, not parallel, to the indentation. (00:02:21)


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Separation picture

Continuity mistake: Views of Paul falling (pushed) down the stairs showed different positions from the top of the stairs, the landing, and from the downstairs floor. His back ended up on the landing with his legs bent and feet on the third step. (The form/size of the step itself was awkward - there wasn't enough room for Paul's whole foot.) A view from the top of the steps showed his left leg on the landing, bent with his foot under his right leg, which was on the step. A side view showed yet another position. (01:33:33)


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Blood Red Sky picture

Continuity mistake: When the terrorists take over the plane we see Eightball brutally stab a secret agent to death, and he gets blood on his face and clothing. In many scenes after this the position and amount of blood can be seen changing.

Jack Vaughan

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The Unholy picture

Continuity mistake: When Fenn finds the doll in the tree trunk cavity, shadows are cast in several different (contradictory) directions. If Fenn's shadow was in front of him, he was walking west toward the dead tree; north would be to his right. Examples: The tree's trunk and one branch were casting shadows to the south moments earlier and Geary and the tree were casting shadows to the northwest a little later. Geary's shadow was cast westward when Fenn took his photo with the doll. (00:04:28 - 00:06:47)


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