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A Quiet Place Part II picture

Stupidity: If the song "Beyond the Sea" can be continuously broadcast on the radio station as a "cryptic clue" that there are survivors living on the island and the aliens are unable to swim, then someone could verbally announce that information over the radio and otherwise communicate with other humans. The same thing about how Regan's hearing aid incapacitates the creatures. Rather than explaining how to weaponized the high-frequency sound, only the hearing aid's noise is broadcast and anyone hearing it has to figure it out.

raywest Premium member

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Mulan picture

Stupidity: Bori Khan is a skilled archer and a man without honor. He's not fighting fair, and cares just to win, as established and explicitly said. He shoots an arrow at Mulan, the Witch gets in the arrow's way sacrificing herself to protect her...and for no reason whatsoever he does not shoot anymore, giving the chance for the two girls to share their very special dramatic moment together, but creating a colossal plot contrivance. It is a know movie cliche for the fight to 'pause' around the main character, but here we have a sniper who desists completely (he won't shoot anymore) for absolutely no reason. (01:29:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Stupidity: Diana and Steve are both characterized as heroes and highly moral individuals, but they both are perfectly fine, without giving any shadow of a second thought, with the fact that Steve is inhabiting the body of a real person, with a real job and friends, completely innocent and whose life has been taken. We don't ask for a movie to cover every possible nuance, but they make reference to his job, use his stuff, endanger the innocent body and use it 'for pleasure' too. They make a big deal of Cheetah losing her humanity, but what the heroes do is arguably worse.

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: While this is bad writing that makes them unsympathetic, it is not objectively a mistake. They endanger the man through Steve because the entire world is at stake. They have sex using his body because they, like the writers most likely, do not consider it rape because there's no indication that the man is conscious in Steve's body or that he'll ever find out (So closer to date-rape), and ultimately, Diana wanting Steve to stay in the man's body forever, while arguably out of character, is a character flaw they both realise she needs to overcome by the end of the movie.

Not objectively a mistake? Actually I agree! Stupidity entries are in a tab separate from the proper "mistakes" tab for a reason; all those behaviors that are not full plot holes but happen against logic and character, just because they are being a tool for the plot. The movie does not make them unsympathetic by design; that would be good writing, that wouldn't be stupid, it would be human. But no, their love antics are never characterized as problematic or inherently creepy. The choices they make and that are outlined in your comment are glossed over; the movie hides the face of the guy but they both see it when they 'rape' him and when they risk his wellbeing, When she gives up on him she does it to get her powers back, she is not overcoming a character flaw, since the presence of the "other guy" is not addressed even at that moment, even if they see him. (if Steve were in a new body, the scene would have played exactly the same). Nobody could act this blasè.

Sammo Premium member

Everything you've said in the stupidity entry and comment is your opinion (well, probably the opinion of the one YouTube video we've all seen where the guy bashes the film and then others repeat his opinion). Wonder Woman sees Steve, not the man whose body Steve is in. Not to mention we don't hear all their conversations about the situation because it would become clunky dialog. And before she starts losing her powers, the two really had no idea what had happened to the man. But nothing in the film regarding this situation is out of character of the "good guys" because we've never seen them in this situation (nor has anyone actually been in this situation to claim "nobody would act this blasé).


I invite you to rewatch the actual movie and not any youtube video; she sees the guy, they both do; he's never Chris Pine, who is 'canonically' never in the movie as himself. Chris Pine is what we, the audience, see. Look back at the scene of the mirror. They explain it. She says "He's great, but all I see is you." Not meaning that she LITERALLY sees Steve, but that she knows it's Steve and so she thinks of him. He even says, about himself, when he tells her to look for other men, "What about this guy" and she says "I don't want this guy." What's in the movie is out of character for any human being who is not delusional to the point of actually seeing the face of someone else. Which is what the movie needs to turn us viewers into to make the plot work.

Sammo Premium member

Nothing in the film suggested to me she sees the other man after Steve comes back. I was basing my comments on watching the film (the YouTube comment was because this mistake is the same rehashed comment found there). When the camera pans around and the audience sees Steve, I took it to mean Diana sees Steve. When she says "all I see is you", I took that to mean she literally sees Steve. The mirror scene was to show the world still sees the man, but not Diana. But I can understand if others' take away was Diana sees the other man but just knows inside her heart it's Steve.


She sees that guy at the party, and only through Steve's words she then realises it's him, which the movie portrays from then on by showing Steve to us. The earlier part of the mirror scene is even more clear. He says; "Look at you. It's like not one day has passed." And she replies jokingly "I can't say the same thing about you." He does not look the same! And he in fact then goes to the mirror saying, "Right, right, right." and comments on the look of "He." So yes, I do firmly believe that it's what the movie says. If I may; the fact that some people on Youtube posted a video saying some things does not mean that anyone else supporting a specific idea - which does have a foundation in what the movie said, as I hope I clarified - did not reach the same conclusion and should be dismissed because they are lazily rehashing hersay. Glad you at least see where I come from, even if you may have not read the movie facts the same way I did.

Sammo Premium member

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Unhinged picture

Stupidity: The guy who offered to help Rachel go to her car at the gas station and get away from road-raging Tom walked directly in front of the path Tom would be taking to leave. When the guy realised Tom was going to run him over, he went onto the road instead of toward the store where he would be safer. Also, the guy - knowing Rachel's situation - foolishly told Tom that he got his plate number, which served to aggravate Tom into driving into him. (00:32:15)


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The Lost Husband picture

Stupidity: At the outdoor market, Libby told her old girlfriends that she'd "be right back" and went into a stall in the women's room. Soon, her girlfriends came in but stayed in front by the mirror. Without bothering to look if anyone (particularly, Libby) was in one of the three stalls, they started talking negatively about Libby (e.g, " Ugh, what is it about her that is so irritating?", "I feel sorry for her", "She looks like she's wearing a Halloween costume", "She's like a lumberjack"). (00:55:08 - 00:56:00)


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Birds of Prey picture

Stupidity: So if Harley Quinn drove the truck to blow up the plant, wouldn't she have had to drive through all the cop cars at the bar murder scene? We know it was the same street because the cop gives the necklace to the detective. (00:10:58)

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife picture

Stupidity: Spoiler: Everything goes well in the end and all the ghosts (and returning demigod Gozer) are sucked into a giant ghost trap. In fact everything goes so well that the trap selectively spares one specific ghost so it can have a lengthy farewell scene, hug and smooch every single character at leisure and leave on its own terms.

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: The other ghosts were above the traps. The one specific ghost was not. Every time a ghost has been trapped they have been above the trap. In the first movie they even have to move slimmer to position him to be trapped.

This trap cluster was designed to cover an area, If Gozer could get away simply because he/she was standing one foot to the right or left of the nearest trap, the plan was flawed to begin with.

Sammo Premium member

Even if Gozer stepped away from the traps, the Ghostbusters could simply wrangle her into the traps with their proton packs.

Suggested correction: That particular ghost was not standing near the traps. Granted, the traps pull in the ghosts floating over the farm, but those spirits were in direct line with the trap laser beams, that ghost you reference was standing safely away.

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Don't Tell a Soul picture

Stupidity: After stealing the candy tin full of money, Joey gave it to Matt. Standing in front of the house, Matt opened the tin to see all the cash ($12,600). Joey asked him if anyone saw him, and Matt replied, "No. Let's go before they do." Instead of "hiding" the candy tin in his backpack, Matt carried the tin out in the open - and soon ran into a man wearing a security guard uniform.


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The Hunt picture

Stupidity: Crystal knows she is being hunted and in a very dangerous life-threatening situation yet, after she kills "Ma and Pops" in their Main Street Market, she grabs only a few shotgun shells out of the open box instead of taking all of them or as many as she could find. Also, she walks some distance to the store but did not take anything to drink or eat. (00:27:00 - 00:27:55)


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The Old Guard picture

Stupidity: When they're tied up in the lab it's not that hard to escape. They have this loose straps with clips. (01:35:40)

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The Silencing picture

Stupidity: Molly was being hunted and didn't know if she could trust Rayburn when he encountered her. Rayburn told Molly that he wanted to help, wouldn't hurt her, put a blanket around her, and even carried her in the woods for some distance. When he put her on the ground (along with his backpack and rifle) to go find the rope to open the pitfall doors and had his back turned, Molly got out from under the blanket and hid nearby. Rayburn quickly found Molly, and Molly made a lame attempt at attacking him with some kind of club. The next day when Rayburn and Molly were in Rayburn's house and her hunter showed up and attacked Rayburn, Molly grabbed Rayburn's rifle and fired several shots at the hunter. Molly obviously knew how to use a rifle, so it was asinine for her to have hidden from Rayburn the previously night without taking his rifle (or the blanket). (00:36:22)


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2067 picture

Stupidity: After Ethan "lands in the future", his spacesuit catches fire. He removes his glass head cover (so he can enjoy the smoke in his face?). Instead of following the well-known "drop and roll" technique for smothering/ putting out the flames, Ethan stood there and patted the flames on his wrists and legs with his gloved hands, but the flames were spreading. His next idea was to remove the spacesuit. After a short struggle getting it off, Ethan was no longer "on fire" - so now he dropped and rolled. (00:29:39)


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The Toll picture

Stupidity: Cami is afraid of her Uber driver Spencer and thinks he has been stalking her. When he leaves, she sits in the back seat but doesn't bother locking the car doors. When Spencer returns, he is able to get in the driver's seat without using a key. (00:30:55)


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The Vanished picture

Stupidity: Throughout the entire movie the police just don't seem to be doing their job. From the beginning they never taped off the RV as a possible crime scene, for 4 days every night the police always have their cherries on, and they are standing in front if the lake looking in the same spot about 50 yards away from the RV. They never searched the buildings on the grounds; which the mother searched and found the sicko responsible for making filthy movies. They also never searched the trash. Doesn't jive. (00:00:01 - 01:50:55)

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Deep Blue Sea 3 picture

Stupidity: Dr. Emma Collins and Shaw were in the water with Sally the Great White Shark. Emma put her right hand over Sally's nose and pushed her back. Sally swam forward and Emma pointed her index finger at Sally's nose then pushed her back again. Emma told Shaw, "If you stay calm and redirect" and "Don't try this at home" before Sally pushed Emma with her nose on Emma's stomach and rammed her into an underwater object. Emma was the instigator, goading a Great White Shark. Emma could have been killed. (00:05:10)


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The Doorman picture

Stupidity: While in Romania, Ali was a marine sergeant who was able to single-handedly take down multiple villains approaching from all sides by accurately firing one shot per villain and using vehicles for protection. At the Carrington Hotel in New York, Ali and villain Borz run toward each other while repeatedly firing their guns, to no avail. They meet in the middle, Borz knocks Ali onto the floor, then waits until Ali stands up before resuming the fight. A little later, Ali is on the floor again and tosses a hand grenade toward Borz's feet, and Borz just stands there and gets blown up. (01:28:18 - 01:28:51)


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Alone picture

Stupidity: A zombie is climbing up the apartment wall and is almost at Aidan's balcony railing. Instead of trying to push the Zombie off while he had the advantage (and there was a surfboard on the balcony that could have been used), Aidan ran inside and locked the door to the balcony. This furthered the plot and added excitement by having zombies coming at Aidan from multiple directions. (00:43:09)


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The Wolf of Snow Hollow picture

Stupidity: When Liz sees the dead deer blocking her lane, instead of merely going around it (using the opposing lane on a rural road without jeopardizing her safety), she exits her vehicle - leaving her three-year-old daughter unattended in the back seat - to "look" at the deer. This furthers the plot by giving the "werewolf" opportunity to attack and kill her... as well as her daughter Miley. (00:42:35)


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Lucky picture

Stupidity: This lady lives in the United States, she obviously doesn't have a criminal record, she can go buy a handgun or rifle, heck she can buy a handgun and rifle and extra magazines and ammo to defend herself, but she chooses golf clubs and baseball bats and mace. (00:00:01 - 01:20:00)

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Underwater picture

Stupidity: Norah is an experienced engineer and handywoman, still, she doesn't even bother herself for a second to at least TRY to fix the faulty escape pod.


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