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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Revealing mistake: An enraged Cheetah almost literally mops the White House floor with Diana flailing her around with the lasso. Wonder Woman is sent back first into a pillar, which disintegrates from the impact. Very good, but not so good is the other piece of pillar that comes down and bounces like rubber by her. (01:51:45)

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Tenet picture

Revealing mistake: When the Protagonist and Neil are walking through the Freeport area whilst the plane is being hijacked, just after the worker fills in the numbers on a keypad and opens the door to the vault, he walks through and is followed by Neil. The Protagonist is shown holding a small cup of espresso and briefly looks around before walking in with them. The interior of the cup can be seen when he does this, and there is no liquid inside of it. (00:40:12)

Casual Person

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Ava (2020)

Ava picture

Revealing mistake: When Ava holds a knife to the gambling woman's neck, you can see the plastic knife bend.

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The Christmas Chronicles 2 picture

Revealing mistake: During the dance number in the airport, Santa grabs a security guard who then starts break dancing. It's obvious this dancer is a stunt double as he's younger and skinnier than the real guard.

manthabeat Premium member

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A Quiet Place Part II picture

Revealing mistake: Emmet held a cigarette lighter, displaying a fairly high flame for a long period of time and even held the lighter sideways in his palm without burning his hand! If it were a real flame, he most certainly would not be able to hold it lit very long and would have burned his hand. (00:24:25 - 00:25:25)


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Half Brothers picture

Revealing mistake: The backgrounds during the pawn shop scenes often change, suggesting the use of a "green screen." For example, the grandfather clock was behind the clerk to his left, then not there, but back again. Sometimes shirts are hanging in the front windows but other times there are other items there. (00:47:57)


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Minari picture

Revealing mistake: The location of and distance between windows on the mobile home should stay the same, but do not. The home's exterior is constructed of vertical boards/slats, which can be used to make a rough estimate of the number (then distance). Initially, there were about 24 vertical boards between the shortest window and the window to its right (on-screen). When David and Anne were close to the house, there were a lot more boards between these windows - closer to 36+. The mobile home was "fabricated". (00:02:18)


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The Toll picture

Revealing mistake: The Uber car's instrument panel did not appear to be functional (indicating it was fake). On the driver's side, the numbers in the two large circles were not discernable, but one had to be the speedometer. On the left side, the arrow pointed to maybe 6 MPH, even when the posted speed limit was 60 MPH. The gauge on the right side stayed at the bottom of the left side at zero. (00:09:50 - 00:13:05)


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Bad Boys for Life picture

Revealing mistake: During the first chase, when the Batmobile joke is said, skidmarks from previous takes are visible on the road.

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Death of Me picture

Revealing mistake: The green screened scene behind the ticket collector on the dock isn't moving. The waves on the water are paused, then the background is moving again in the next scene. (00:08:00)

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Echo Boomers picture

Revealing mistake: When the door is kicked in, it does not sound very loud or like a typical door smashing. An interior view shows the door is about half the width of a standard door and a 3-4' board can be seen falling vertically along the door frame/ wall (then disappears). Instead of hearing someone kicking open a door, the sound more accurately matches what happened: a thin door breaking through a board holding it closed! The "breaking in" scene also has some "stupidities." Stewart (without first trying to see if the door was not locked) uses a cordless drill on the door's lock and a second man then uses his right leg to kick it in (without first seeing if the drill unlocked the door). A third man brought a crowbar, which could have easily eliminated the need for someone to bring a drill or for one of the men to risk a foot/ leg injury by kicking open a door. (00:02:11)


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Vanguard picture

Revealing mistake: As impressive as the CGI lions were, there are almost always giveaways. For example, when Fareeda calls Charlie over and goes to hug him, her left hand and forearm quickly disappear into his mane and go too far in to be realistic. There is also a small but noticeable gap when Charlie's right paw is curled over Fareeda's left shoulder. (00:18:45)


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Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Pet picture

Revealing mistake: Although it appears that Edgar (and later Norman) put his eye up to the hole in the wall to look into the opposite room, the eye is obviously fake. Too much of the sclera (white part of the eye) is showing and the upper eyelid is too far above it; the upper eyelid typically reaches or partially covers the top of the iris (colored part of the eye). Also, the eyelashes go downward instead of being curved upward. (00:18:05 - 00:19:49)


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Spontaneous picture

Revealing mistake: In the opening pre-calculus class, Mara bending over to the side of her desk is what enabled her to avoid being splattered when Kaitlyn - sitting in front of her - "exploded." It was also a cue that the "blobs of blood" were about to be strewn across the classroom. The boy seated at the last desk behind Mara moved his right hand up to his forehead (similar to how one would block sunlight) in anticipation of getting splashed with blood. After some of the "blood" landed on him, he quickly moved his hand away from his face. (00:00:35)


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Freaky picture Freaky mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Millie jumps on her shop teacher's back, the teacher switches from the actor to a stunt double as they begin to tumble about. Noticeably, his hair suddenly gets much darker and has less gray in it. You can also get brief glimpses of his face, and it's obviously not the actor.


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The 2nd picture

Revealing mistake: Vic jumped onto the roof of the white van while it was moving. The van driver started weaving to get Vic off the roof - but Vic could not be seen at all when there was a front view of the van. Even if Vic were lying on the roof, at least part of him should have been visible. (01:04:04)


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Welcome to Sudden Death picture

Revealing mistake: After the kids take their seats at the game, the people behind them change, indicating the use of a green screen. (00:13:00)


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The Hunt picture

Revealing mistake: After "Yoga Pants" unlocks a man's mouth gag, the man starts to unlock hers. Yoga Pants bends her head down and the metal rods in the mouth gag expand and slide out of her mouth before it's unlocked. She pushes her mouth gag back in place until the man removes it for her. (00:12:37)


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The Witches picture

Revealing mistake: In one of the scenes in the ballroom you can see that the thumb claw of the head witch is put on top of her real thumb.

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