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Brahms: The Boy II picture

Continuity mistake: Brahms was quite clean for having been buried under dirt and leaves. No dirt fell off Brahms' body when Jude pulled him out of his "grave" and there did not appear to be dirt in his hair. When Sean (Jude's father) held up Brahms, the doll looked relatively clean - or cleaner compared to when Liza (Jude's mother) started to wash him. (00:14:10 - 00:15:45)


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Death in Texas picture

Continuity mistake: The appearance of Grace's house by the front door (to the left of the screen) changes from the time Billy is standing along the road to when he meets his mother half-way. At first, the side of the house is mostly white; it is mostly brown thereafter. The garage area to Billy's left also changes color from brown to white. (00:05:22)


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Arkansas picture

Factual error: It would not be possible for Kyle to see the woman breast-feeding - and certainly not as shown. Kyle was driving an SUV in the left lane and Swin was the front-seat passenger. When a car was approaching the SUV from the right-hand lane and the rear passenger area was approximately side-by-side at the SUV's passenger window (which is DARK-TINTED!), Swin looked toward the car, but his face was right in front of the frame around the windows - he would, at most, see the woman's left shoulder... and the baby was feeding "on the right." I doubt Kyle would have been able to see any part of the woman when he turned his head to look. At most (and this is unlikely given the height of the SUV), he might have gotten a partial glimpse of the woman's left shoulder and only after the car she was riding in was in front of the SUV's windshield (but still in the right-hand lane). (00:07:20)


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Songbird picture

Visible crew/equipment: Sara is at the front door video intercom. As the man from the Department of Sanitation is leaving, you can see crew/equipment visible in the reflection. (00:27:15)


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Hubie Halloween picture

Revealing mistake: When Maya Rudolph and Tim Meadows are in their car at the drive-in theatre, whilst Maya Rudolph says "We got Hubie Dubois spying on everybody", there is a close-up shot of the wing mirror with Hubie's car reflected in it, along with several other cars and a building in the background also reflected. Despite being a reflection, any text or numbers reflected in the mirror are not reversed. The number plate on Hubie's car is spelled out forwards, and the sign "Salem Drive In" on the building in the background is spelled forwards also, and not reversed as they normally would be in a reflection. (00:49:17)

Casual Person

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French Exit picture

Revealing mistake: When the black cat was going up the staircase and got to the first landing, it turned its head to look directly at the camera, then continued climbing the staircase. (00:08:13)


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Mighty Oak picture

Other mistake: The toaster oven's timer rang and Oak opened the door and picked up two pieces of toast with his bare hands without showing the slightest hint that the toast or the toaster oven was hot. (The toast actually looked cold and hard). (00:11:15)


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Run Hide Fight picture

Other mistake: The weapon which the gunman is holding is a WWII era Nazi MP38/40 submachine gun. The weapon from the magazine housing to the end of the barrel (muzzle) is completely bent down about 25-30°. There's no way the weapon would shoot as straight as it was shooting earlier if at all. I highly doubt the firing pin/bolt can even make contact with the primer of the bullet in the magazine. The weapon looks cartoonish if anything. (00:48:30 - 00:50:00)

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Soul picture Soul mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: In the Spanish release, the name of the family store is written in Spanish, but inside the place it's in English everywhere. This is a very common mistake in foreign kids' films released in Spain.

Sacha Premium member

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Airplane Mode picture

Continuity mistake: After the announcement from her boss that she is scheduled to 'marry' her quasi-fake BF, Ana goes to the gym to meet her friend. When they are talking, she says "it's been forever, it's already kind of worn out." Ana's ponytail is in front of her shoulder, and goes back behind her back in the next shot. (00:10:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Greenland picture

Audio problem: When Allison is on the freeway, a group stops and helps. She asks where they are going. Her mouth says something different.

manthabeat Premium member

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All Day and a Night picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the flashback, Jahkor gets thrown to the ground. The legs of the bully in the close-up cast a shadow over Jahkor's body. Cut to the next shot, and the shadow is away from Jahkor in a blatant change of direction of the light of the scene. (00:09:35)

Sammo Premium member

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2067 picture

Continuity mistake: Within a scene, Xanthe's disheveled hair often has a different number of curls/waves (especially on the sides) and the tightness/ looseness varies. Sometimes some strands of curls look like loops sticking out sideways; sometimes her hair looks almost straight on one side. The nature of the curls may vary with front and back views at times. In one scene, she had about three loose waves on the left side of her hair then suddenly it looked almost braided (many waves). (00:07:21 - 00:07:51)


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