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Rev (2020)

Rev picture

Continuity mistake: Mikey and his friend are smoking the same inch-long joint by the back door which gets passed back and forth - no way they could keep holding/smoking it for that long given how short it was to start with. (00:04:50)


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Airplane Mode picture

Continuity mistake: After the announcement from her boss that she is scheduled to 'marry' her quasi-fake BF, Ana goes to the gym to meet her friend. When they are talking, she says "it's been forever, it's already kind of worn out." Ana's ponytail is in front of her shoulder, and goes back behind her back in the next shot. (00:10:00)

Sammo Premium member

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The Owners picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, the blue car is parked on the far right of the screen or at least one car length from the doctor's front door. Dr. Huggins says goodbye to the couple with the baby, who walk toward their car. After the burglars-to-be (turned robbers) are shown watching from a distance, the camera returns to the doctor's front door. The blue car is now near the center of the screen and it drives away toward the right of the screen - going past the place it had been parked.


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Dream Horse picture

Continuity mistake: The shape, amount, length and width of the white down "Dream Alliance's" face varied, as did the height of his white "boots", indicating that the same foal/horse was not used throughout the movie. The white on the foal's and adult Dream Alliance's face and lower legs looked painted on at times. Before Dream's first race, black tape was used on his lower legs, apparently as an attempt to make a different horse's higher white boots less or not at all noticeable. (00:32:42 - 00:35:51)


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The Courier picture

Factual error: During one scene, a police siren can be heard in the background. However, this was 1960/1 and police sirens were not introduced into the UK until 1963. Before that, police cars had bells.


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Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula picture

Continuity mistake: When the 3rd platoon returns to the hideout, just as Sergeant Hwang says "Private Kim! Isn't it beautiful?", he is standing next to a tall soldier with long hair that is tied back. The shot changes to a different angle and the sergeant is now standing a foot or two ahead of the tall soldier. (00:43:31)

Casual Person

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Le Prince oublié picture

Revealing mistake: The nefarious villain has just revealed to Prince Charming that he has kidnapped the princess, and shows her to the crowd as a big burly smurfy monster is holding her. The crowd in unison gasps and looks horrified...except an extra who just can't keep a straight face. (00:07:35)

Sammo Premium member

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Love and Monsters picture

Factual error: Joel is using a ham radio set to contact his old colony. A shot of the radio set shows it is set to "CW", which is Morse Code, but he is using voice. And the strength meter is on zero. It should be showing the signal strength. (01:24:00)


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French Exit picture

Revealing mistake: When the black cat was going up the staircase and got to the first landing, it turned its head to look directly at the camera, then continued climbing the staircase. (00:08:13)


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Rich in Love picture

Continuity mistake: The three friends are at the hospital. As Raissa and Katia predicted, Dr. Victor is hitting on Paula. As they follow him, the stethoscope around Raissa's neck dangles differently from her neck between cuts, with the cup on top of her hair or under it, closer to the shoulder. (00:05:35)

Sammo Premium member

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The Sleepover picture

Audio problem: When Kevin enters the car he says hi to his dad, and as it pans to the other side the dad says hi, but you can see he does not talk and it is not his voice. (00:06:04)

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All the Bright Places picture

Continuity mistake: Theodore rides once the tiny rollercoaster; the cart comes to a full stop and his left foot is in the space between the bars, but in the next shot the left foot is on the outside. (00:48:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Six Minutes to Midnight picture

Continuity mistake: When the girls are standing on the beach with the flares to guide in the German aircraft they are in two rows just a few metres apart. The view from the aircraft shows them much further apart, wide enough for the aircraft to land between them.

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My Spy picture

Other mistake: In the scene with a leak in the kitchen, the woman fixes it by turning an isolating tap above the leak. However the water would have been travelling up the pipe to the kitchen tap and so that wouldn't have stopped the leak. (00:34:00)


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Gourmet Detective: Roux the Day picture

Factual error: The film consistently mistakes Absinthe ban with Thujone ban. The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) lifted the ban on Absinthe in 2007, 13 years before the events of this film. Thujone is still banned, and Absinthe products must contain less than 10 mg/kg Thujone content.


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Greenland picture

Audio problem: When Allison is on the freeway, a group stops and helps. She asks where they are going. Her mouth says something different.

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The Lovebirds picture

Continuity mistake: First argument. Leilani shouts "Why are you being so loud right now?", with a hand behind her neck. She does not start the next shot in that position, she puts her hand there only a second later. (00:04:05)

Sammo Premium member

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I Care a Lot picture

Other mistake: Fran is unconscious near a gas stove as Marla comes to save her. As Marla is trying to move her, Fran moves her leg even though she is supposed to be unconscious.

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Songbird picture

Visible crew/equipment: Sara is at the front door video intercom. As the man from the Department of Sanitation is leaving, you can see crew/equipment visible in the reflection. (00:27:15)


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Fatman picture

Other mistake: The scraping sound is not coming from the man "scraping" his windshield. The snow is easily brushed off and there is no icy coating below the "fluffy" snow to realistically produce the sound of scraping ice off a windshield. (00:00:35)


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