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Alone picture

Continuity mistake: The sizes, locations, and smoothness of the pieces of glass remaining in the wall mirror after Aidan smashes it with a bat change. Initially, there were a few large and several smaller jagged-edged pieces around the top and upper-half of the right side. Later, there were four relatively large smooth-edged pieces spaced around the upper half of the mirror - one in each upper corner and one on each side at the middle. (00:15:48 - 00:19:33)


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The Silencing picture

Other mistake: Rayburn pulled an arrow out of his chest - and without much blood gushing out. The rather small amount of blood on the towel and Rayburn's ability to go about business as though he had not been injured is unrealistic and absurd. (00:27:00)


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Spontaneous picture

Continuity mistake: Before Mara goes into the bathroom to throw up, her hair is curled. After she throws up, her hair is almost straight. Mara's hair is curly again after she throws up a second time. (00:12:50 - 00:13:52)


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The Lost Husband picture

Character mistake: Jean rolls, kneads, and flattens the dough a few times, repeating the steps to give the image of still preparing the dough. After the dough was flattened, it was well-shaped (round, higher, and more compact) then flat again. The way she was shaping the dough suggests she was making biscuits, but biscuit dough should not be handled that much (or the biscuits would be flat and not flaky). (00:18:00 - 00:19:00)


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Dolittle picture

Other mistake: There was no blood on any of the items extracted from the dragon's belly (all the armor and the bagpipes were clean).

Tricia Webster Premium member

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The Owners picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, the blue car is parked on the far right of the screen or at least one car length from the doctor's front door. Dr. Huggins says goodbye to the couple with the baby, who walk toward their car. After the burglars-to-be (turned robbers) are shown watching from a distance, the camera returns to the doctor's front door. The blue car is now near the center of the screen and it drives away toward the right of the screen - going past the place it had been parked.


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The Sleepover picture

Continuity mistake: The kids are in the car with their dad, and despite the best efforts from the youngest, they are reached by his teacher. As the dad starts the "You were killing us" joke, his hand is on/off the steering wheel between shots more than once. (00:07:15)

Sammo Premium member

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Words on Bathroom Walls picture

Plot hole: After the incident in Chemistry class, Adam was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Next, Adam found out that he was expelled from school. What happened during Chemistry class was attributed to Adam's "first psychotic break" - which would fall under a medical condition for which Adam could not have prevented or controlled. The Department Of Education has laws protecting students like Adam (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA, enacted in 1975), and the school is required to meet the child's / student's needs. An Individual Education Program (IEP) should have been prepared for Adam by his school, so the expulsion served to further the plot. (00:06:00 - 00:06:30)


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Death of Me picture

Continuity mistake: The amount and location of dirt on Christine's face is inconsistent, ranging from being very thick and obvious to barely visible, if at all. Sometimes it extends down her neck on the right side. When her hair covers most of her face, no dirt is visible - until she turns her head and the hair is away from her face. The intensity and location of the redness on her neck also varies. (00:03:31 - 00:04:48)


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Love and Monsters picture

Factual error: Joel is using a ham radio set to contact his old colony. A shot of the radio set shows it is set to "CW", which is Morse Code, but he is using voice. And the strength meter is on zero. It should be showing the signal strength. (01:24:00)


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Fatman picture

Other mistake: The scraping sound is not coming from the man "scraping" his windshield. The snow is easily brushed off and there is no icy coating below the "fluffy" snow to realistically produce the sound of scraping ice off a windshield. (00:00:35)


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Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula picture

Continuity mistake: When Chul-min is being cornered by the other soldiers at the compound, a man walks up to him with a knife to cut his shirt off. In one shot, the knife is being pointed at a diagonal, but slightly upward position. In the next shot, he is holding the knife in an entirely vertical position. (00:50:02)

Casual Person

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Isi & Ossi picture

Factual error: The movie is set in the year of production, but the "Grazia" issue on the magazine stand, featuring Gwen Stefani, is the March 31st 2016 one. (00:08:00)

Sammo Premium member

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The Toll picture

Other mistake: The entire movie takes place during the overnight dark hours. Limited lighting from the car and flashlight somehow manage to illuminate faces, photos, signs, etc. Filming in the dark surely has its challenges, and there has to be a proper balance between lighting and ability of viewers to see what is happening. The "convenient" lighting would be a "deliberate mistake" except for one factor: A full moon (highly illuminated) is shown without radiating the light expected from a full moon. (00:26:25)


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Blood and Money picture

Other mistake: After Jim shot the doe and found it lying in the snow, there were no visible deer tracks or dripping blood trail leading to the doe. (00:01:25 - 00:02:05)


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Promising Young Woman picture

Deliberate mistake: A shot of the pile of ashes from the fire wherein Cassie's body was essentially cremated showed Nina's half of the broken heart necklace sticking out ABOVE the ashes, which would be impossible. Also, a metal charm on a chain that was around Cassie's neck would not survive the huge fire or be totally clean and unscathed.


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Echo Boomers picture

Factual error: TV reporters said "home invasions" and mentioned trying to find the people who were responsible for the "70 robberies." Lance (in prison), was talking to a woman who was going to write a book and told her he got "twelve years" for "fifteen counts of robbery and vandalism." The crime Lance and the rest of the group were committing fits the legal definition of "burglary" in Illinois (basically, entering an occupied structure with the intent to commit a felony or theft inside; the structure does not have to be occupied at the time of the act). Because there happened to be someone at home during their last (intended) "burglary", this offense would be classified as a "robbery."


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The Haunting of Alcatraz picture

Continuity mistake: Take notice of the desk lamp as Charlie and Al are talking in Charlie's new office. As the camera switches back and forth between their face to face conversation, the green glass cover of the light keeps changing position too. This happens even after Al leaves. This was probably done to keep the light out of the camera during filming. (00:13:50)


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Rich in Love picture

Continuity mistake: The three friends are at the hospital. As Raissa and Katia predicted, Dr. Victor is hitting on Paula. As they follow him, the stethoscope around Raissa's neck dangles differently from her neck between cuts, with the cup on top of her hair or under it, closer to the shoulder. (00:05:35)

Sammo Premium member

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