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The Call of the Wild picture

Factual error: When John Thornton is in the bar, Hal comes up and punches him in the face. They fight and argue, and Thornton proceeds to say that Hal "sucker punched" him. However, the term sucker punch was first known to be used in 1926 while Call of the Wild was published in 1903. The story itself took place in the 1890s.


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The Croods: A New Age picture

Other mistake: In the Croods a guy was handing out bananas and gave one to Grug which he threw away. But in this film he does everything to get this mystical fruit that he hasn't had since his childhood.

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Extraction picture

Factual error: Both Nik Khan (Golshifteh Farahani) and the Colonel (Shataf Figar) are shown lining up their targets perfectly with the cross hairs in their rifle scopes. This is a common error in films. In real life, adjustments are made for wind and gravity, and the target is almost never lined up exactly in the crosshairs. Not only that, everyone in the film using sniper rifles makes several perfect kill shots, all on the first attempt and all without a spotter. Useful for movies, but extremely unlikely in real life.


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Godmothered picture

Continuity mistake: Jane Curtin is teaching to a rather seasoned class. One of those old hags says sarcastically "Because we really never do anything." As she says it, notice Eleanor turning towards her momentarily. She then turns completely, facing the opposite way, but at the cut she is repeating the turn from the beginning. Moreover, Moira's mouth closes after she says "Enough!" but the following shot on Curtin shows her still jaw-dropped. (00:04:05)

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Minari picture

Continuity mistake: Monica's station wagon and the moving van Jacob drove to their new property in Arkansas are not parked in the same positions moments after their arrival. Initially, both vehicles are at some distance from the mobile home (or trailer) and are roughly parallel. When the camera shifts to a view from the vehicles toward the mobile home, the vehicles are suddenly a lot closer and their front ends are angled toward each other. (00:02:13)


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The Rental picture

Continuity mistake: Views of Michelle's car wreck were inconsistent. When the car veered to the right and was headed toward the tree, the driver's view showed most of the car was to the left of the tree trunk. On impact, it looked like the right side headlight hit the middle of the tree trunk. Michelle got out and a rear view showed the tree trunk roughly lined up with the steering wheel (i.e, more than half of the car was to the right of the trunk). After impact, both headlights were shining in front of the tree.


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The Empty Man picture

Continuity mistake: James lit the cigarette he gave Amanda, and she was shown taking one puff. Amanda tells part of the Empty Man story and the ashes on the tip of her cigarette are the same when she takes a second puff. After continuing the story for about two minutes, the length of the ashes still have not increased when Amanda is about to take the third puff. (00:37:21 - 00:39:53)


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The Lovebirds picture

Continuity mistake: During the diner scene, once Leilani covers the imaginary bodycam and starts talking about his murderous beard, her hand position keeps changing between shots, together with the phone's position, sometimes close to her body, other times closer to the fries. And the phone is in an entirely different spot in the close-up when it starts vibrating. (00:16:35)

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All the Bright Places picture

Continuity mistake: Theodore rides once the tiny rollercoaster; the cart comes to a full stop and his left foot is in the space between the bars, but in the next shot the left foot is on the outside. (00:48:00)

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Vanguard picture

Deliberate mistake: Zhang crushed and smeared several long red-hot peppers (cayenne?) in his hands to use as a makeshift weapon against thugs when rescuing Mei Mei. After Zhang smeared and pushed peppers into one thug's eyes, it is unlikely he would have been able to retain as much of the crushed peppers in his palms as he did. Also, holding the peppers in one or both of his palms would have interfered with grasping the second thug and redirecting his gun (without sliding off). (00:08:00 - 00:08:50)


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The Half of It picture

Continuity mistake: In the first shot of the choir (three students harmonizing on a note) the girl in pink holds the sheet with her left hand at the corner and the right hand in the middle. Cut to the wide shot, and she has the left hand in the middle and the right hand at its respective corner. (00:03:50)

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I Still Believe picture

Continuity mistake: The protagonist just arrived to his college. Long shot as he gets off the taxi, and to the right of the frame you see a group of 3 girls crossing the street and walking on the lawn. Cut, and the 3 girls have yet to cross. (00:07:00)

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The War with Grandpa picture

Revealing mistake: During the trampoline scene, there's a side shot of Grandpa jumping high. It is a very obvious stuntman for De Niro who looks nothing like him.

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Coffee & Kareem picture

Continuity mistake: Kareem's mom is talking to her coworker about the fact that her son asked for James to pick him up at school. When she mentions that it's not seen as the coolest thing to date a cop, and a white one at that, her friend goes from hand low, to smoking with that hand, to drinking from the cup, in the span of a few words and a couple quick cuts. (00:09:45)

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Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash picture

Factual error: Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane crashed in the early evening in October 1977. Injured crash survivor Artimus Pyle, tended to the severely injured people and later was able to walk through the swamp and the woods in the dark to get help, but in the movie when the plane crashes and Pyle's search for help it's a bright sunny day.


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Gourmet Detective: Roux the Day picture

Factual error: The film consistently mistakes Absinthe ban with Thujone ban. The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) lifted the ban on Absinthe in 2007, 13 years before the events of this film. Thujone is still banned, and Absinthe products must contain less than 10 mg/kg Thujone content.


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The Trial of the Chicago 7 picture

Audio problem: When we are first introduced to Hayden lecturing the classroom, the shots from behind do not match the sound with the movement of his jaw.

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Proximity picture

Continuity mistake: Isaac is wearing tan or khaki pants but the video of him getting "beamed up" to the spaceship shows dark blue pants. (00:18:15)


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The Doorman picture

Character mistake: NYPD officers have their guns drawn toward the elevator in the Carrington Hotel. When the door opens, Borz, wearing an unbuttoned Carrington jacket - but not the hat or white gloves that the doormen wear - is told by an officer to "hold it" and states that he's "just a doorman." The officer backs up and allows Borz to leave. A police officer would not simply accept the word of anyone in this situation. The person would be handcuffed and detained until the situation is under control and the police determine he was not (or was) involved. (01:24:41 - 01:35:02)


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The 2nd picture

Continuity mistake: Early in the film when Jake gets in his car to head off to pick up his son, his seatbelt is on although there is no sight of him putting it on, then, as he pulls away the seatbelt is off.


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