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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Other mistake: Fireworks use heated metals to produce the various colors seen when they explode - Iron, Nickel, Cryolite, magnesium and copper filings. Flying a jet engine through exploding fireworks would cause serious damage to the engine.

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Suggested correction: Diana had conjured an invisibility shield around the jet that would likely protect it from the fireworks.

raywest Premium member

Agreed, the spell does obviously do more than just make the plane invisible. When looking at the invisibility of Themyscira, the spell obviously filters out the atmosphere and only can't keep out solid objects like planes and ships.


If the cloak of invisibility "filters out the atmosphere", how is the air needed to run the engines getting in?

It filters the atmosphere, not keep it away. So it keeps the atmosphere that comes in clean.


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The Gentlemen picture

Other mistake: When Fletcher is talking in the garden, the steaks for the BBQ are taken out of a freezer, but when placed on the BBQ, they are not frozen.

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Suggested correction: He could've defrosted the steaks in the microwave prior to coming back outside.

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The Invisible Man picture

Other mistake: The van used by Cecilia to chase Tom should be damaged because of the crash, but it was not.


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The Old Guard picture The Old Guard mistake picture

Other mistake: Near the start, instead of showing bullet casings drop they show full bullets drop from the gun on the ground. (00:12:44)


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Suggested correction: The shell casings appear to be unfired, but this is only because of the lighting and angle. Upon closer examination they are empty 5.56mm brass as they should be.

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Underwater picture

Other mistake: *Spoiler Alert* The strength of the underwater suits is wildly inconsistent. Rodrigo's suit almost immediately cracks and implodes, killing him. Paul's suit is easily ripped open by the creatures, also killing him, but Norah is repeatedly slammed into the sea floor by one of the creatures and her suit remains remarkably intact.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Suggested correction: It is stated by one of the survivors that one of the helmets was damaged. Rodrigo had the damaged one.

Actually, that's not completely accurate. She says something like "Faulty, I knew they were faulty." That also doesn't account for the fact that the creatures tore Paul right out of his suit, but couldn't seem to do the same with Norah.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

His suit was faulty. He noticed a crack when he first picked it to put it on.

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Tenet picture

Other mistake: When the protagonist is making the exchange via the BMW and tries to slip the Algorithm into the passing car (himself), the window of the car is up, so there's no way he could have thrown it in. (01:19:55 - 01:33:55)

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The New Mutants picture

Other mistake: In the credits of the movie, the creator of the original comic's name is misspelled as "Bob Macleod" when it should read "Bob McLeod."


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Monster Hunter picture

Other mistake: Capt Artemis offers Tony Jaa's hunter character an intact partial Hershey bar that she pulls from her pants pocket. The film takes place in a brutally hot desert that would've turned that chocolate bar into chocolate goo not long after the start of the film. If the heat hadn't melted the bar, it would've been smooshed by the continuous hand-to-hand combat between the two characters. (00:45:22)


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Alone picture

Other mistake: The Volvo the woman is driving has a front Oregon license plate numbered 643 ODS, but her rear license plate is 902 CSM. (00:02:55 - 00:03:45)

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Mighty Oak picture

Other mistake: Vaughn was sleeping in the back seat of the van with his head leaning on Gina's shoulder. When the collision occurred, his body somehow straightened up and went head first between the front bucket seats, through the front windshield, and he was ejected/killed. Based on his sleeping position in the van, he should have rolled forward and been kept in the back seat by hitting the front seats. A sleeping person is also less likely to be injured/killed because the body doesn't stiffen preparing for impact. If the accident actually happened as portrayed in the movie, Vaughn's body should have had visible cuts and be covered in blood, not just have a small amount of blood coming out of the side of his mouth. (00:07:53)


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Free Guy picture

Other mistake: In the frame you can see the girl is playing on a newer Macbook, she is using a wired headset but the headset is not plugged into the laptop, you can also see she is using a wired gaming mouse, and the USB cable is just sitting there not connected to anything. The Macbook is USB-C only and the mouse is USB-A.

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The Wolf of Snow Hollow picture

Other mistake: The rectangular area of skin cut from the dead deer's rear side was not wide enough (or at the correct angle) to encompass the killer's entire bloody hand print; it would have missed the "pinky" finger (and possibly the tips of the second, third, and fourth fingers). Because the fingers were spread out, a shape more like an inverted isosceles trapezoid (or a much wider rectangle) would have been necessary. (00:42:52 - 00:44:09)


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Unhinged picture

Other mistake: Fred was doused with lighter fluid and set on fire while strapped in a chair and his entire upper body was subjected to intense flames for at least a couple seconds. The chair was shoved several feet toward the door where a police officer was standing and started trying to smother the flames before they were off camera, but it can be assumed that it would take a few more seconds (at the least) to extinguish the flames. If he survived, Fred would have extensive burn scars, disfigurement, excruciating pain, have to undergo an unknown number of corrective surgeries, and face long-term rehabilitation. Later that day (within a few hours?), Rachel received a phone call and told her son Kyle that his uncle Fred was "going to be okay"! It was way too soon for anyone to know that and it defies logic. (00:59:30)


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The Croods: A New Age picture

Other mistake: In the Croods a guy was handing out bananas and gave one to Grug which he threw away. But in this film he does everything to get this mystical fruit that he hasn't had since his childhood.

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The Vanished picture

Other mistake: An aerial shot of the woods is green instead of showing Fall foliage. When they are leaving, there's just as much - if not more - green leaves on trees than when they got there and it is after Thanksgiving (late November when there should be Autumn foliage, if any, on the trees). (00:18:29 - 01:24:13)


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Enola Holmes picture

Other mistake: Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard says "I'm a close personal friend of Sherlock Holmes" and "he doesn't have an assistant." Both are incorrect. Doctor Watson is renowned for being Holmes' personal friend, assistant, and chronicler. Lestrade has always been a client or rival, never a personal friend. (00:58:06)


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Suggested correction: In the novels he doesn't have a sister at all. Every version of Sherlock Holmes modifies the source material somewhat. Might be in this version Watson doesn't exist, or they've not started working together yet. Or indeed Lestrade is simply hyping himself up as a person friend when they're actually rivals.

Which novels? Sherlock novels or Enola novels? In both, Doctor Watson does exist. Yes, the film makers **could** have changed it in the film, but when such a thing happens, there is both the burden of establishing the deviation and justifying it. This film rides the Sherlock Holmes gremlin and uses it to attract viewers; plus, understanding parts of it needs a modicum of Sherlock Holmes preknowledge. As such, it is reasonable to expect it to take its burden of establishing and justifying deviations more seriously.


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The Witches picture

Other mistake: When the white mouse runs to save the brown mouse, he runs at normal speed, but the witches move in slo-mo for reasons unknown. (00:47:23)

Sacha Premium member

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Run Hide Fight picture

Other mistake: The weapon which the gunman is holding is a WWII era Nazi MP38/40 submachine gun. The weapon from the magazine housing to the end of the barrel (muzzle) is completely bent down about 25-30°. There's no way the weapon would shoot as straight as it was shooting earlier if at all. I highly doubt the firing pin/bolt can even make contact with the primer of the bullet in the magazine. The weapon looks cartoonish if anything. (00:48:30 - 00:50:00)

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Spontaneous picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie when Mara is driving away in Dylan's milk truck, she looks into the driver's side mirror and sees a perfect image of her parents standing in the driveway. Considering her parents were standing on the passenger side of the milk truck before she pulled out and given that she is driving away from a cul-de-sac, Mara could not possibly be able to see her parents in her mirror as shown. (01:32:30)


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