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Bloodshot picture

Factual error: When Ray leaves his wife Gina and his car is hit by the truck he should still be in England, but when he is being chased through the streets he is in South Africa, the cops in the car are not in English police uniforms or vehicle, police livery is incorrect, and all vehicles have South Africa plates, not English number plates.

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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Factual error: The video games Operation Wolf and Rampage were visible in the Family Amusement Center arcade during the opening. However, this would not be possible during the movie's 1984 setting since Rampage wasn't released until 1986 and Operation Wolf wasn't released until 1987. (00:12:48)


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Enola Holmes picture

Factual error: The old percussion double barrel shotgun is firing modern shotgun shells, which would never work or fit in that gun, and furthermore are also made of plastic, wrong for the era.

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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga picture

Factual error: During the performance by Sweden there are 7 people on stage, meaning this entry would be disqualified due to the rules of the contest which state no more than 6 people are allowed on stage.

Lukas Clarkey

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Spenser Confidential picture

Factual error: The Corvette owned by Bentwood is not a Z06 as shown in the movie. It is a 2014 C7 Stingray and can be identified by the Stingray logo on the side of the car.

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Underwater picture

Factual error: The "hard suits" the divers wear have soft, relatively normal gloves and soft joints. More akin to a football uniform with armor over spandex. They are at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, at 36,0000 feet below sea level. The pressure is over 7,000 psi. Without a hard suit, they would instantly be crushed.

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The Last Thing He Wanted picture

Factual error: The USMC Embassy Guard is an enlisted Marine Sgt. He is wearing a Commissioned USMC Officer's cover (hat) that has gold braid and gold oak leaf motifs on the visor. (01:20:15)


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Capone picture

Factual error: vWhile on the fishing boat, the flag flown has 50 stars, while the movie is set in 1941. The US didn't have 50 states, and thus that flag, until 1959. (00:30:08)

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Let Him Go picture

Factual error: The Blackledges' car has a license plate that starts with 34. Montana uses the first two numbers on their plates to identify the county that the driver lives in. 34 is the number for Sheridan County which is in northeastern Montana where there are no mountains in sight, but the Blackledge ranch is set near the foothills of a mountain range as you would see in western Montana.

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Tenet picture

Factual error: When first sucking a bullet from the wall into his gun, he then opens the previously empty magazine to find the bullet. Given he didn't work the slide (forwards or in reverse), the round should not be in the magazine, but in the gun's chamber ready to fire. (00:14:00)

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Spiral: From the Book of Saw picture

Factual error: It is later revealed that Detective Banks partner faked his death by killing a meth-head junkie with the same tattoo as him. He included the junky's filleted skin with the same tattoo in a box with his badge to make it look like the other kills. Police, firefighters, first responders all provide DNA into a data bank to be identified in case something tragic happens and their remains are recovered. William Schenk's DNA would not have matched that of what was in the box.

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Suggested correction: William knows that the cops will find out that he's not really dead one way or another. After all, he literally confronts Zeke and reveals he's still alive, knowing there's a good chance Zeke wouldn't take his offer to join him. All he's really doing is throwing off the cops and buying himself a few days when they think he's dead. (Since it can take a few days for DNA analysis to happen.) By the time they figure out he's not dead, he'll have already finished his game and disappeared. Which is ultimately what happens... he finishes his final game with Zeke and Marcus, then gets away.


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The Call of the Wild picture

Factual error: When John Thornton is in the bar, Hal comes up and punches him in the face. They fight and argue, and Thornton proceeds to say that Hal "sucker punched" him. However, the term sucker punch was first known to be used in 1926 while Call of the Wild was published in 1903. The story itself took place in the 1890s.


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Becky picture

Factual error: Apex, played by Robert Maillet (a retired professional wrestler 6'11" and 350 pounds), forcefully slams Becky (played by 5' tall fifteen-year-old Lulu Wilson who probably weighs under 100 pounds) horizontally with her back hitting the ground from waist-high yet Becky is able to get up with no incapacitating injury that would be expected. Becky also manages to brutally kill him (as well as the three other neo-Nazis).


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Ghosts of War picture

Factual error: During the movie, which is set during World War II, an American soldier says he always liked scary movies and gives Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy and I was a Teenage Werewolf as examples. The problem is, those movies did not come out until 1955 and 1957. (00:48:00)

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Suggested correction: As a spoiler, this movie isn't actually set in WW2. The WW2 part of this movie is a simulation with soldiers from modern times. It's shown that the simulation is imperfect and breaking down, so things like mentioning those movies from a future year fits in with what's going on.

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Unhinged picture

Factual error: In the opening scene, Tom Cooper ("The Man") uses a hatchet or tactical tomahawk to break through the front door of a house and then bludgeon to death his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. The boyfriend was whacked over the head one time and, after falling to the floor, two more times with The Man leaning over his body. The man proceeded to the adjacent room to bludgeon his ex-wife an unknown number of times. He was able to exit the house with no visible blood on his body or clothes, which would be impossible after bludgeoning two people with a hatchet or tactical tomahawk. (00:03:15 - 00:04:02)


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Free Guy picture

Factual error: The plot's main conceit hinges upon coders, the art department, and the user-end network team constantly working live at the same time in the same room, as well as developers actively writing code, rebooting servers, and chasing players in-game to get rid of problematic players. No real game company could operate this way. Game content patches wouldn't change the network experience, and in-game aesthetic changes like the ones they make in seconds would require weeks if not months of development.

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Greenland picture

Factual error: It would be virtually impossible to get from Atlanta, GA to Thule (Qaanaaq) Greenland in the time-span presented by the movie. The distance from Atlanta, GA to Ottawa, Ontario is approximately (direct) 1,200 miles which would take about 17 hours of driving, not counting breaks and side trips. The distance from Ottawa to Thule is approximately 2,200 miles. Plane type? Taking a guess, range of about 900 miles. Even with no fuel limitation, flying time approx 10 hours.

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The Wolf of Snow Hollow picture

Factual error: The force with which Paul thrust the knife into John's stomach, plus the amount of time that the knife was digging into John's stomach as Paul suspended him against the wall, would cause a severe, incapacitating injury - or death. John should have been rendered incapable of even crawling along the floor, but he managed to get up soon thereafter and chase/ fight with Paul in the woods. Miraculously, John also did not seek or undergo any treatment for the stab wound. (01:14:14)


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Boss Level picture

Factual error: The pilot is flying from the left-hand seat. Helos are flown from the right side. (01:23:00 - 01:25:00)

Movie Medic

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