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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Character mistake: Barbara is in her office looking for the one item they need help to identify when Diana walks in. She says "OK, item number 23." She suddenly finds it saying "here it is" and reaches in the box to grab the Dreamstone. The ticket says item #24. (00:22:18 - 00:22:50)

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Bill & Ted Face the Music picture

Character mistake: The Rufus hologram states that he first brought the phone booth to the Chosen Ones (Bill and Ted) in 1989, referencing events of the original film. While that was the year the first movie came out, it took place in 1988 (indicated by the opening title card and dialogue throughout the movie).


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Ava (2020)

Ava picture

Character mistake: The protagonist is a flippant murderer who was a genius honor student in college and undoubtedly rehearsed the lines she uses for her victims. Sadly, when she says "You know, Croesus once said 'Count no man happy until the end is known'" she is not doing a good job; it's not Croesus uttering that line, but (according to Herodotus) Solon, TO King Croesus. (00:03:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Spenser Confidential picture

Character mistake: A radio report refers to a character with two different police ranks with 15 seconds apart in the same broadcast - first as a Police Chief and a few seconds later as a Captain. (00:21:28)


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The Lost Husband picture

Character mistake: Jean rolls, kneads, and flattens the dough a few times, repeating the steps to give the image of still preparing the dough. After the dough was flattened, it was well-shaped (round, higher, and more compact) then flat again. The way she was shaping the dough suggests she was making biscuits, but biscuit dough should not be handled that much (or the biscuits would be flat and not flaky). (00:18:00 - 00:19:00)


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Fantasy Island picture

Character mistake: Near the end while in the caves Maggie is the first to go missing, but they use the name Gwen multiple times, the actress' actual name.

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Spiral: From the Book of Saw picture

Character mistake: Zeke makes the bold claim that "John Kramer didn't target cops." This is completely and utterly false, and a cop like him should know better. Kramer repeatedly targeted cops. In fact, both "Saw II" and "Saw IV" have officers (Detective Mathews and SWAT Commander Rigg) as Kramer's main target.


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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga picture

Character mistake: When the camera pans to the frame containing the picture of Lars with his departed mother, the caption says "In memory of our beloved mother Mirra Gunnarsdottir", with a plain O. On the cross, her name is Mirra Gunnarsdóttir. It's two different letters, and it'd be pretty strange to honor the memory of your mother printing a photo with her name in the wrong form. (00:01:10)

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The Silencing picture

Character mistake: The new sheriff ("Alice") told Rayburn that she has only been sheriff for a couple months and was still catching up on active cases. Rayburn replied, "Yeah, my daughter's case is far from active." The sheriff then told Rayburn, "My training is very different from the officers around here" - meaning college-educated (Ivy League?), more professional, more effective, and modern. Despite this, some of the sheriff's actions (e.g, walking unannounced into suspects' houses and/or without a proper warrant; questionable "probable cause"; shooting Rayburn to protect her brother) fell far short of the ideal. Perhaps most significantly, the sheriff gave Rayburn a warning shot and told him not to kill Dr. Boone... then she stood back and merely watched Rayburn push Dr. Boone into the pitfall and close the doors while knowing the doctor was severely injured and dying. These things do not show her purported superior training. (00:21:43 - 01:25:34)


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The War with Grandpa picture

Character mistake: After the dodgeball game ends Jerry asks the referee if skyzone had a bar, but in the background he's already walking away.

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The Doorman picture

Character mistake: NYPD officers have their guns drawn toward the elevator in the Carrington Hotel. When the door opens, Borz, wearing an unbuttoned Carrington jacket - but not the hat or white gloves that the doormen wear - is told by an officer to "hold it" and states that he's "just a doorman." The officer backs up and allows Borz to leave. A police officer would not simply accept the word of anyone in this situation. The person would be handcuffed and detained until the situation is under control and the police determine he was not (or was) involved. (01:24:41 - 01:35:02)


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The Wolf of Snow Hollow picture

Character mistake: John shot at the "werewolf" but wasn't successful in hitting it. Instead of pursuing the werewolf, who he supposedly was determined to catch, he let it run away. Alcoholic or not, a sheriff's deputy should have done everything possible to try to capture the creature that was terrorizing the small town. By not even attempting to follow the werewolf, John missed the one opportunity he - or anyone else - had thus far to potentially put an end to the senseless and tragic murders of young ladies. (00:55:35)


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Suggested correction: Dude's daughter was attacked and bleeding from the head, of course he didn't pursue it.

Suggested correction: He didn't go after the wolf because his daughter was hurt, and his (albeit misguided) parental instincts took over. It's not at all a character mistake for him to prioritize making sure his daughter is all right over chasing a perp. Most parents would probably do the same thing.


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The Night Clerk picture

Character mistake: Bart is sitting on a bench outside the hotel. After Detective Espada talks to the Mercer hotel manager/owner, he goes to talk to Bart. Bart has blood on both hands and lower left sleeve. Detective Espada is supposed to be investigating a fresh murder case that puts Bart at the scene, but he does not confiscate Bart's bloody clothes, conduct a gun powder test on Bart's hands to check for residue, or take him to the police station for formal questioning. Espada did not follow police protocol. (00:17:36)


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Don't Tell a Soul picture

Character mistake: The prescribing doctor or a nurse should have given Matt/Joey's mom instructions on the proper use of an oxygen mask, but she did not demonstrate this. She picked up the mask, put it over her nose/mouth, and immediately inhaled ONCE followed by removing the mask. About a minute later, she repeated these ineffective steps. Instead of inhaling the oxygen, she was most likely simply inhaling "regular air" in the room - she did not keep the mask on long enough to enable release of oxygen.


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Bad Boys for Life picture

Character mistake: Following the killing of a DEA forensics agent [guy sniped on the boat], a newspaper clipping is shown on screen. Underneath the headline of the article, "Assassinations" is misspelled from omitting an S in the second set of S's. However, if you read the article, you will see the word is correctly spelled in the first paragraph. (00:20:28)


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