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The Gentlemen picture

Continuity mistake: When Pierce's wife is walking in her auto shop they pan down to show her red Louboutin heels, then they cut to her walking in her office, and when they show her shoes again they have a tan sole.

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Bloodshot picture

Factual error: When Ray leaves his wife Gina and his car is hit by the truck he should still be in England, but when he is being chased through the streets he is in South Africa, the cops in the car are not in English police uniforms or vehicle, police livery is incorrect, and all vehicles have South Africa plates, not English number plates.

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Hamilton pictureHamilton mistake picture Video

Continuity mistake: Angelica has flowers on her dress. During the wedding, they disappear and reappear between shots.

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The Old Guard picture

Plot hole: Nile checks the gun Andy gave her and realises it's empty, which in turn leads her to realise that Booker was setting them up, because he gave that gun to Andy in the first place. No way that Nile, a marine, and Andy, a timeless warrior, somehow both missed the noticeable difference in weight between a fully loaded pistol and an empty one.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Suggested correction: That is only true if you handle the same gun all the time. Throughout the movie they shoot dozens of different guns, all with their own loaded/unloaded weights. Different guns are also made of different materials, and mixture of materials, which would change the weight. Different guns are also balanced differently, depending on the materials and manufacturer. The weight difference in a lot of the guns they were carrying between loaded and unloaded were between 3.5oz-7oz (which is not that much). With all the different guns they use and carry throughout the film, it is not a mistake that they wouldn't catch it. Also, Nile is used to carrying an M16 or M4, not the handgun used in the film so she would have no way to know the loaded vs unloaded weight. They would also not expect someone in their team to betray them, so there's no need to check the weapons (although you should check any gun that is handed to you).

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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga picture

Factual error: During the performance by Sweden there are 7 people on stage, meaning this entry would be disqualified due to the rules of the contest which state no more than 6 people are allowed on stage.

Lukas Clarkey
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Spenser Confidential picture

Factual error: The Corvette owned by Bentwood is not a Z06 as shown in the movie. It is a C7 Stingray and can be identified by the Stingray logo on the side of the car.

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Underwater picture

Other mistake: *Spoiler Alert* The strength of the underwater suits is wildly inconsistent. Rodrigo's suit almost immediately cracks and implodes, killing him. Paul's suit is easily ripped open by the creatures, also killing him, but Norah is repeatedly slammed into the sea floor by one of the creatures and her suit remains remarkably intact.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Suggested correction: It is stated by one of the survivors that one of the helmets was damaged. Rodrigo had the damaged one.

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Birds of Prey picture

Continuity mistake: A pile of drugs gets blasted up with powder flying everywhere yet there's none on the ground seconds later.

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The Invisible Man picture

Continuity mistake: When Cecilia is talking to her ex-husband at the dinner table towards the end of the movie, the food on the plate is situated differently from shot to shot as they converse.

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Project Power picture

Visible crew/equipment: While on the Genesis, when Robin finds Frank she asks if he's bulletproof, then Alpha 5 contacts ops to open hatch 26, and as Frank and Robin walk over to the monitor, a white T-mark is visible on the floor. (01:20:40)

Super Grover Premium member
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A Fall from Grace picture

Visible crew/equipment: The diner flashback has possibly one of the worst handling of extras ever. The lady behind Crystal Fox keeps glancing at the camera and playing with her food in very unnatural fashion, but it's the guy with glasses behind Mehcad Brooks that truly shines; throughout the scene he drinks from an empty glass and, even more obvious, eats invisible food from his fork, usually throwing a glance right at the camera every time he does so, looking like he's about to crack into a laugh at the absurdity of it. It's such a bad performance that one really wonders if he was trolling Tyler Perry or something. (00:32:25)

Sammo Premium member
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Fantasy Island picture

Continuity mistake: The girl that wanted her bully in high school to be tortured filmed the torturing with an iPhone XR then was later holding an iPhone X before the movie ended.

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Tenet picture

Continuity mistake: The protagonist, Neil and Kat are in the back of the yellow ambulance in the parking garage. Neil checks on Kat, after that he removes plastic gloves from his hands and throws them into the trash right next to him, 2 cuts later he again crumples a pair of plastic gloves. (02:00:00)

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Suggested correction: People doing procedures change gloves all the time. There is nothing suspicious about using 2 pairs of gloves in 3 minutes.

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The Call of the Wild picture

Factual error: When John Thornton is in the bar, Hal comes up and punches him in the face. They fight and argue, and Thornton proceeds to say that Hal "sucker punched" him. However, the term sucker punch was first known to be used in 1926 while Call of the Wild was published in 1903. The story itself took place in the 1890s.

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Le Prince oublié picture

Revealing mistake: The nefarious villain has just revealed to Prince Charming that he has kidnapped the princess, and shows her to the crowd as a big burly smurfy monster is holding her. The crowd in unison gasps and looks horrified...except an extra who just can't keep a straight face. (00:07:35)

Sammo Premium member
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Mulan picture

Plot hole: The 'avalanche scene' in this remake is mind-boggling. For starters, the Witch single-handedly holds the whole Chinese army at bay splitting in a zillion of flying creatures - a power level completely inconsistent with the rest of the movie.To the annoyance of being pounced by little birds, the army gets in turtle formation, apparently just waiting it out. The Rourans somehow are ready for this and have a trebuchet set up - despite the fact that they are nomads, conquered the forts infiltrating them, and they were skirmishing a moment before. They throw flaming boulders with such precision that they are able to target each single 'testudo', multiple times, with the soldiers just sitting there with no reaction.To save them, Mulan is able to sneak behind them UNSEEN, by horse, with a bunch of extra helmets she somehow carried, set them in place, and fool them. Any of these convoluted operations would have taken an impossibly long time.

Sammo Premium member
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The Haunting of Alcatraz picture

Continuity mistake: Take notice of the desk lamp as Charlie and Al are talking in Charlie's new office. As the camera switches back and forth between their face to face conversation, the green glass cover of the light keeps changing position too. This happens even after Al leaves. This was probably done to keep the light out of the camera during filming. (00:13:50)

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The Last Thing He Wanted picture

Factual error: After the intro, Elena McMahon is at a press conference addressing the mining of ports in Nicaragua. It is set in the spring of 1984, as the captions and Rosie Perez say, and yet Anne Hathaway delivers the sick burn on the Secretary of State George Shultz using the infamous "I am a Contra too" pseudo-quote by Reagan who originated in a speech (not 'on TV' as she states) delivered in March 1986.

Sammo Premium member
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The Lovebirds picture

Continuity mistake: First argument. Leilani shouts "Why are you being so loud right now?", with a hand behind her neck. She does not start the next shot in that position, she puts her hand there only a second later. (00:04:05)

Sammo Premium member
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Scoob! pictureScoob! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Simon Cowell arrives at the table, the ketchup bottle disappears in the wide angle and reappears in the close-up.

Sacha Premium member
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