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Pilot - S1-E1

Stupidity: Batman and his security guy Luke Fox have the worst IT security in America, since the security network of Wayne Enterprises has had the same password for years, and it is just six letters.

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Sleigh House - S1-E9

Stupidity: Smoke and flames travel up. Why then did Vic attempt and eventually escape by going up the laundry chute? Seems that exit would have been filled with smoke and soon after fire.

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Suggested correction: True, but Vic had no other way to escape as she was surrounded by flames and all exits were blocked by fire. The laundry chute was the only logical way to try an escape from the inferno, desperate as it may be.

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Paths Pt. 1 - S1-E9

Stupidity: Kai sends with a completely nonchalant attitude, his powerless dad to a very vague "Take your Triad back" mission. It ends the way anyone could expect.

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When in Rome - S1-E3

Stupidity: A supposedly covert camera is placed in plain sight on a wall in a crowded room, with a prominent antenna showing, and a blinking blue light. (00:16:55)

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