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Factual error: Moving vehicles with officers inside are not saluted except when the car is an official one displaying the flag of a general officer. (00:13:55)

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Factual error: The Deputy Chief Constable wears the rank insignia of the lower rank of Assistant Chief Constable. She also wears her medal ribbons in the wrong order: Diamond Jubilee Medal, Golden Jubilee Medal and Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. The Golden Jubilee Medal should actually be worn first.

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Maybe I'm Crazy - S1-E2

Factual error: When Judy gets home and the key isn't working she looks at her iPhone and sees a long list of calls to Steve's mobile phone. This is wrong. IPhone just shows the name once per day and the number of calls in between brackets.

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Hard Times - S1-E3

Factual error: Aziraphale cites the only prophecy from Agnes Nutter that he could find as one for 1972, "do not buy Betamax" (a reference to the home video format war). Betamax was only launched in 1975 starting in Japan, so this advice wouldn't be of any use until 1976. (And these prophecies were completely, even ludicrously accurate, so that excludes any explanation that she was simply a few years off, because she was never wrong). (00:19:10)

Spiny Norman
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The Crystal Calls - S1-E9

New this month Factual error: At the end when Skeksis enters the crystal chamber, in the overhead shot you can see 22 arcane symbols around the crystal when there should only be 18, one for each exiled skeksis. (00:45:53)

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New this month Factual error: Almost none of the senior police officers wear the correct medal ribbons. Brian Moore and Pat Geenty wear the Order of the British Empire, which neither had. Geenty wears the General Service Medal, for military service in Northern Ireland, although he was never in the armed forces. Moore does not wear the Queen's Police Medal, which he was awarded in 2009. Both wear the Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2011, although it was not awarded until 2012. Andy Parker wears an unidentified ribbon (possibly intended to be the Queen's Police Medal, which he was awarded in 2010, but looking nothing like it) and the Golden Jubilee Medal, but does not wear the Diamond Jubilee Medal or the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal to which he was also entitled. Mike Veale and Ray Hayward wear no medal ribbons at all, although both would be entitled to the Golden Jubilee Medal and Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (and Veale also to the Diamond Jubilee Medal after 2012).

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Factual error: An FBI briefer is talking about the hijacking of a passenger airliner. He calls it Flight 6175. The airplane has 6175 stenciled on the nose. Those are usually the last four digits of the airplane serial number, used by maintenance and dispatchers to designate a particular aircraft. It is not the flight number of any given trip. (00:04:45)

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The Czech List - S1-E2

Factual error: Will is asked by Jai to place his wrist watch - which is filled with explosives - against a wall. He does, and it somehow sticks to the vertical concrete wall. An adhesive back would have been noticed by Will, as it was against his skin on his wrist. Not to mention that an explosion in a contained space that small would have deafened them both, or worse. (00:35:05)

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Vichnaya Pamyat - S1-E5

Factual error: Dyatlov puts pressure on his subordinate, threatening to fire him. In the USSR it would be very hard for him to do so, because of strong labor unions. So it's unlikely that fear of being fired would force the worker to violate safety precautions.

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Done and Doff - S1-E12

Factual error: The sleeves on Col. Turnbull's uniform shirt are a ridiculous length. Her sleeves are three-quarter length and down to her elbows while the other female Marines have uniform shirts with half sleeves.

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The Dark Tunnels - S1-E6

Factual error: When they go to 1954, the hamburger drive in says it has frappes. Not invented till '57, and not in the US public eye until at least 45 years later.

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Misspent Youth - S1-E2

Factual error: Kai checks out his phone repeatedly and the date indicated is "Wed, Aug 22." Just a scene after, Jenny is shown with an August 2019 calendar in the background. August 22 2019 was a Thursday, not a Wednesday. (00:06:00)

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