Best thriller movie revealing mistakes of 2019

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The Irishman picture

Revealing mistake: When Frank kicks the grocery store owner in the face twice his kicks miss by far.

Sacha Premium member
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Joker picture

Revealing mistake: The sign with "everything must go" breaks a second before it hits Arthur.

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6 Underground picture

Revealing mistake: With a sharp turn, 6 manages to cause a car crash as the cars fly around scaring off a guy with a Ronaldo shirt. Take a look at the shot when the cars are flying towards the camera, with an obelisk in the middle of the frame. You can see that something 'explodes' on the ground way before the car on the right lands crashing into a stand full of footballs. (00:04:25)

Sammo Premium member
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Midsommar picture

Revealing mistake: When the Hårgas begin eating their meal after Dani is crowned May Queen, there is a shot of Dani just after the Hårgas pick up their knives and forks where she is looking over at Christian. Sitting next to her is a woman who cuts her food with a knife and fork, raises the fork to her mouth and takes a bite, but there is no food on the fork. She is just miming the actions. (02:13:15)

Casual Person
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Alita: Battle Angel pictureAlita: Battle Angel mistake picture

Revealing mistake: After breaking Zapan's nose, Alita jumps on the table of two guys and trash talks them into a fight; before they attack, the two bottles of beer on the table are different, one being the generic red and white Cerveza, the other with a peach colored label. When she kicks the CGI bottles, those are two identical Cerveza ones. (01:01:15)

Sammo Premium member
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The Highwaymen picture

Revealing mistake: When Hamer goes to the gun store and obtains all of his weaponry, the gun counter guy and boy carry the weapons out to his vehicle. The weight of the weapons would be too much for one to carry all at the same time and the boy is supposedly carrying that large box of ammo, which would have contained over a thousand rounds, but he's carrying it like a box of feathers.

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum picture

Revealing mistake: When John and his opponents fall through the glass floor, he ends up lying on the opponent who has a karambit in his hand, when John gets up he touches the blade and you can see that it's made of rubber as the blade bends and wiggles. (01:48:43)

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Captive State picture

Revealing mistake: When Anita goes to destroy their getaway car you see her pour gasoline all over the roof and hood. Then when she lights it on fire it's only burning inside the car. (01:06:40)

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Gemini Man picture

Revealing mistake: A major selling point of the movie is the CGI technology used to de-age Will Smith. The effect works for the most part of the movie, including scenes in daylight, but in the last handful of minutes, maybe because of the plain 'happy-ending' light used, maybe for budget reasons, the face of Junior is thoroughly unconvincing, with a dramatic drop in quality in textures and modelization. (01:44:30)

Sammo Premium member
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