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Alita: Battle Angel picture

Alita: I do not standby in the presence of evil.

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The Irishman picture

Jimmy Hoffa: You always charge a guy with a gun! With a knife, you run away.

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Joker picture

Social Worker: Is something funny?
Arthur Fleck: I just thought of a funny joke.
Social Worker: Do you mind telling it?
Arthur Fleck: ...You wouldn't get it.

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It Chapter Two picture

Mrs. Kersch: You know what they say about Derry. No one who dies here ever really dies.

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Us (2019)

Us picture

Jason Wilson: It's us.

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Annabelle Comes Home picture

Ed Warren: Did it work?
Lorraine Warren: The evil is contained.

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Pet Sematary picture

Jud Crandall: Sometimes, dead is better.

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Hustlers picture

Ramona: Doesn't money make you horny?

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Midsommar picture

Simon: So we just going to ignore the bear then?

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6 Underground picture

One: I feel like a Jedi.

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Brightburn picture

Mr. Breyer: Maybe there is something wrong with Brandon. He may look like us. He's not like us.
Mrs. Breyer: I will never turn against our son.
Mr. Breyer: He's not our son.

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum picture

Winston: Jonathan, what have you done?

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Black Christmas picture

Kris: You messed with the wrong sisters.

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Glass picture

Elijah Price: This is not a cartoon. This is the real world.

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Escape Room picture

Games Master WooTan Yu: When a horse wins the Kentucky derby it doesn't get a prize.

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Crawl picture

Dave: We can defeat these pea-brained lizard shits.

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Escape Plan: The Extractors picture

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Wu Zhang: You were supposed to protect my daughter with your life. If you did your job right, you'd be dead. (00:13:24)

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Knives Out picture

Benoit Blanc: I suspect foul play. I have eliminated no suspects.

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Official Secrets picture

GCHQ Woman: Someone in this building has betrayed their country. If you are found to have withheld information, you will be charged with a breach of the Official Secrets Act.

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Ad Astra picture

New this month
Roy McBride: The zero G and the extended duration of the journey is affecting me both physically and mentally. I am alone. Something I always believed I preferred. I am alone. But I confess it's wearing on me. I am alone. I am alone.

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