Best thriller movie plot holes of 2019

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New this month Plot hole: Mending the wounds Junior received in the Colombian mission, Clay asks him "Did you get a look at his face?" And Junior replies "Not really. I saw him at the stairs through a dirty mirror." First big issue; do we have to believe that the guy was sent to kill Henry without knowing how he looks? We do learn later in the movie that Henry has been chipped, but Junior is stalking him as a sniper/hunter and is not using a HUD to track him. Plus, the movie explicitly negated it earlier; Henry himself in Cartagena asked Junior "Did they show you a picture of me?" to which he replied "Yeah, you look old." So Clay's question is really odd and suspect (if anything draws attention on something he should be trying to hide). Second problem; Junior fought Henry in a close-up fight at the end of the chase, the mirror bit was not their only encounter! Why would he lie to his supposed father, especially when he is trying to get answers from him? (00:47:00)

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Plot hole: Grewishka sneak-attacks Alita using his weapon from outside the window. How in the world was the hulking behemoth just standing outside the window without Alita noticing? He surely couldn't have tiptoed into that spot after she arrived, he makes a ruckus for every step he takes. (01:47:10)

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New this month Plot hole: The killer shows up at the scheduled appointment at 8 AM. They kill the idiot blackmailer with an overdose of morphine. Remember, that morphine that supposedly killed Thrombey in 10 minutes. Marta finds the blackmailer at 10 AM...alive, and does CPR on them, keeping them alive long enough for the ambulance to come and bring them to the hospital, even if in critical condition. So we went from "kills in 10 minutes, you can't even try to save him" to "after 2 hours, you are still hanging on"? (01:56:10)

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New this month Suggested correction: Marta injected an absurdly large dose. A smaller overdose would not kill in 10 minutes.

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