Best thriller movie mistakes of 2019

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Captive State picture

Revealing mistake: When Anita goes to destroy their getaway car you see her pour gasoline all over the roof and hood. Then when she lights it on fire it's only burning inside the car. (01:06:40)

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Annabelle Comes Home pictureAnnabelle Comes Home mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the girls bring a birthday cake into Judy's room at the first time, her bed sheet is patterned with what looks like flowers but when Judy is fast asleep the next time, the sheets are plain white. (00:52:30 - 01:15:30)

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Escape Room picture

Other mistake: While in the pool room, Zoey falls off the wall onto a portion of floor that hasn't collapsed yet and loses consciousness. This area is next to the section of floor that collapsed first. Jason jumps down to help Zoey. As he is helping her up, and onto the wall, that section of floor collapses, forcing him to grab the wall to avoid falling 20-ish stories with the floor. As he looks down drop, the section of floor that fell first is amazingly back intact. (00:59:20)

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Midsommar pictureMidsommar mistake picture

New this month Continuity mistake: In the first meal scene, when Josh asks Pelle for a translation of what the Hårga was singing and Christian asks for one as well, Dani is shown eating out of a bowl and holding a fork, then lowers the bowl and fork as Christian says "Yeah, thanks. That would be amazing." It then cuts to a different angle, where Dani suddenly has food on the fork and the bowl is raised again. (Director's Cut). (00:47:25)

Casual Person
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Gemini Man picture

New this month Continuity mistake: After the two protagonists escape, the bad guy and the DIA director assess the situation. Linda Emond is holding the tablet in her lap after Clive Owen angrily handed it back to her; it is positioned 90° differently between shots though. (00:24:50)

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Cold Blood picture

Continuity mistake: When the guy leaves the motel, he only grabs his jacket, but when he's outside, he has a helmet in his hand. (01:14:55)

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The Parts You Lose picture

Continuity mistake: After Wesley has intimidated the snot bully, he comes back home and finds the police. Sitting at the table, his mom holds his arm and says "Wesley, Mr. Chambers asked you a question." Mary Elizabeth Winstead has her right arm on the table, close to her body. Change of angle and she is holding the coffee mug instead. (00:45:10)

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Cold Pursuit picture

New this month Continuity mistake: Right after the scene where Nels saws up his gun, he walks into a store with his arms folded. His hands are down close to his stomach. When it cuts to the next angle, they are much higher at his chest. (00:26:51)

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