Best sci-fi movie character mistakes of 2019

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Character mistake: Right at the beginning of the movie, introductory technobabble. "In this canister, there's a solution of protons. The canister is attached to a rotor circuit that generates the protons to the speed of light." I believe the science genius and creator of time travel mixed up the words "generate" and "accelerate" here. (00:00:50)

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Character mistake: Brad Pitt has control jets on his space suit - he uses them to accelerate him back towards his ship at the end, but somehow doesn't think to turn himself around and use them to slow down, hence slamming into the ship at great speed. Given the skill he demonstrates every other time in the movie, this only seems to happen for the sake of a dramatic arrival.

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Suggested correction: It is not unfeasible that he used the RPS fuel to accelerate and had none left, since he already wasted a certain amount after his father pulled him away from Lima station.

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Character mistake: Hellboy's stone hand is on the wrong side when he's fighting the first giant. (00:32:50)

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