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The Rookies picture

Revealing mistake: After most of the people trying to hang onto other people holding onto the ascending helicopter fell off, a downward view from the helicopter showed a man effortlessly hanging onto the landing skid and a woman just as effortlessly grasping his jacket's shoulder. (00:02:50)


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Color Out of Space picture

Revealing mistake: When Nathan and Theresa are talking on the front porch, the background is fake (and mostly blurred). The white picket fence just doesn't look real. A hanging plant on the porch sways a little from wind but the two nearby trees (leaves/branches) are stationary. Next, one tree gets a gust of wind while the other one does not and the remaining trees in the background do not show any movement. (00:13:50)


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Jexi picture

Revealing mistake: When they're playing kickball the first time (when Phil sucks at it), the shots change from either the sun rising/setting to fog and cloud cover.


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Guns Akimbo picture

Revealing mistake: The animated screw on Miles' thumb moves differently than his hand, although it should be attached to it. (00:48:44)

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Skyfire picture

Revealing mistake: A lot of the CGI was quite good and, even if not totally realistic, was interesting and exciting to watch. However, the man supposedly rappelling (or abseiling) down the mountainside was obviously not there - his feet didn't touch the mountain. (00:36:10)


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Shedding picture

Revealing mistake: There's definitely more than one cat playing "Panda", but how many can't be determined because Panda's entire body is not shown at once. "All" of them (maybe a whole litter?) have various distinctive black spots on a mostly white body. Watch for the amount of black on a cat's face and whether or not the diagonal black fur on the right side covers the entire eye or only half and if there's a black spot toward the nose. Also, look for how much black is on its side, back, behind its legs, etc.


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Phil picture

Revealing mistake: When Phil approaches Michael's grave, water ("rain") has already accumulated only in front of the grave. When Phil is kneeling by the grave, streams of "rain" fall behind him and in front of him, but not directly on him. (00:25:03)


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Shaft picture

Revealing mistake: When Shaft thinks about the address of the drug supplier, he stares at a newspaper clipping on the wall. The clipping is zoomed in close for over 1 second, and it's more than enough to spot the famous words "Lorem ipsum..." at the beginning of the article, revealing the clip to be just a movie prop with the industry standard filler text jibberish. (00:27:10)

Sammo Premium member

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Kim Possible picture

Revealing mistake: Ron leans against a barrel and sets in motion a series of events leading to an explosion. For being able to tip it with such a modest push, it is obvious it was empty (confirmed also by how it bounces). (00:02:20)

Sammo Premium member

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Synchronic picture

Revealing mistake: The fire Steve made when he "traveled in time" back to the Ice Age was obviously fake (computer-generated). The logs were arranged like a teepee and the "fire" was contained to the inner sides - flames did not spread toward the outer edges. Moreover, the fire was built on top of snow/ice but there was no melting under or around the fire.


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Alita: Battle Angel picture Alita: Battle Angel mistake picture

Revealing mistake: After breaking Zapan's nose, Alita jumps on the table of two guys and trash talks them into a fight; before they attack, the two bottles of beer on the table are different, one being the generic red and white Cerveza, the other with a peach colored label. When she kicks the CGI bottles, those are two identical Cerveza ones. (01:01:15)

Sammo Premium member

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Charlie's Angels picture

Revealing mistake: In the semi-POV shot showing Elena's face as the SUV rams into their getaway car, the passenger window is open - which would make no sense in the heated car chase with bullets flying all over the place, and is not consistent with the rest of the scene either. Just helps filming. (00:24:35)

Sammo Premium member

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The Dead Don't Die picture

Revealing mistake: When the zombie crawls into the hardware store breaking through the bottom part of the barricade, you can already see on the wood plank the line where the wood is supposed to snap in half. (01:05:20)

Sammo Premium member

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American Hangman picture

Revealing mistake: Although the background scenery in the basement (behind the judge and Ron) changes with camera views, what is shown rarely (if ever) corresponds to the correct size and angle/location that would be expected. For example, the file cabinet in the corner behind Judge Straight shows up in different places, some very close to him and others at a distance; its size is not proportionate. Sometimes, the brick wall is directly behind the judge but to the right (of the screen) at other times. (00:03:28 - 00:11:29)


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Random Acts of Violence picture

Revealing mistake: It was pouring when Adam, Hannah, and Megan got out of their SUV to talk to the Man and try to get help with the flat tire. As they stood there, no "rain" was hitting them and it became obvious that their partially wet-looking clothes were "pre-wet" - they returned to the SUV with the same amount of "wetness." Also, the rain was coming down in straight streams, all parallel. (The water flow appeared to be slightly angled to make the artificial "rain" look more natural).


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Yesterday picture

Revealing mistake: During the interview, you can see a monitor with the lyrics of "Something", even though he is supposedly improvising.

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Suggested correction: This is a deleted scene. It is in the extras on the DVD but it is not part of the movie.

Peter Harrison

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The Good Liar picture

Revealing mistake: There is a large "Inglorious Basterds" poster on the wall of the building (to the left of the screen) when Roy and Betty stop at the bench along the sidewalk. The poster should still be visible when they resume walking, but there is a window in its place. (00:10:57)


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The Fanatic picture

Revealing mistake: The five dollar bill that was tossed toward Todd's bucket but landed on the rim and hung over the side was obviously fake (not legal tender). (00:18:20)


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