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Terminator: Dark Fate picture

Question: When Dani and Grace are in the vehicle that drops out the back of the then is it possible that the plane is able to nearly come down upon them if it was moving in a forward motion at a great speed in opposite direction? The plane would naturally have gone down miles away from them and not nearly collided with them.

Answer: The simplest answer is, this is a movie, and movies often exaggerate, change, or fabricate details that logically could never occur in real-life. This is a perfect example of a deliberately faked action sequence that is contrived solely to entertain the audience by employing a 'suspension of disbelief.' It's more exciting and suspenseful to be able to see the plane crash, even though, as you point out, it realistically would be miles away by that time.

raywest Premium member

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The Dead Don't Die picture

Question: Why would Cliff and Ronnie just let themselves die killing zombies when they could've driven off to seek refuge?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: It was in the script that they would die. Ronnie stated he knew it would end badly because the director gave him the full script ahead of time.


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Answer: None of the cast of The Lion Guard was cast in the film, so why would Oyelowo have been? Ejiofor was cast because, in the words of director Jon Favreau, he "is just a fantastic actor, who brings us a bit of the mid-Atlantic cadence and a new take on the character. He brings that feeling of a Shakespearean villain to bear because of his background as an actor. It's wonderful when you have somebody as experienced and seasoned as Chiwetel; he just breathes such wonderful life into this character."

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Hobbs & Shaw picture

Question: After they've defeated the villain Shaw says "you forced me to kill my own brother." Am I missing something? Last we saw in Fate of the Furious his brother was alive and well.

Answer: I believe he was referring to the villain being once like a brother to him.

Quantom X Premium member

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood picture

Question: Was it intentional that Joe Namath and Ann Margaret's names were each repeated twice on the screen as Sharon Tate walked into the theatre? (01:08:00)

Answer: Yes, though the intention was not Tarantino's. What is onscreen is the trailer of the (real) 1970 film "C.C. and Company", which starred (as you might have guessed) Joe Namath and Ann-Margret. Said trailer showed their names twice, a stylistic choice that emphasized the film's stars, and Tarantino used the unaltered trailer in the film.

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Cats picture

Question: Much is said about the infamous first released version with Judy Dench's real hand instead of a CGI paw, but I'm watching that same version now and ALL of the cats have real human hands. How is this not also a mistake? Or is it that the mistake is Dench's ring on her finger? Do the actors' human hands change to paws in the CGI-fixed second version?

Sacha Premium member

Answer: The issue wasn't about her hand looking human but, as you mentioned, that she was wearing her own ring, which was digitally removed in the revised version.

raywest Premium member

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World picture

Question: Why was this movie a Universal Studios movie, when the others were DreamWorks?

Answer: Universal Pictures (which is owned by NBCUniversial) bought DreamWorks Animation in 2016. However, this film is still a DWA production, it was just now distributed by Universal Pictures. All films have been produced by DWA, but they all used different distribution companies.


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Yesterday picture

Question: If there was no Beatles, where did the toy yellow submarine come from?

Answer: Believe it or not, the Beatles did not invent the idea that a submarine could be yellow, and yellow toy submarines were sold for children to play with.

Answer: It is just a toy submarine molded or repainted in yellow. Only the 'stalker' fans know the reference to the Beatles song.

Answer: I think it was so those 2 people that knew of the Beatles could prove they knew the Beatles song, since presumably that was a song Jack forgot about.

Answer: None of these answers explain why it's shaped the same as the submarine from "yellow submarine." It's a specific shape that didn't exist before the Beatles, so shouldn't exist.

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Captain Marvel picture

Question: How did Mar-vell get the tesseract?

Answer: Howard Stark relinquished custody of it to her. For a full history of the Tesseract see here:

ctown28 Premium member

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum picture

Question: How was John expected to kill Winston? It's made clear killing anyone on continental grounds results in death, so why was the adjudicator insisting John kill Winston whilst inside the continental? Wouldn't he technically be excommunicado all over again for breaking the most important rule?

Answer: Winston had broken the rules by allowing John to escape in the first place before trying to kill him. This effectively nullified the Continental's immunity while Winston was in charge do to himself breaking the rules. Therefor, John would not be breaking any further rules by killing him on the Continental grounds as it had been desanctified, and thus John would have been cleaning it to allow it become such once more and clearing his own name.

Quantom X Premium member

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Answer: After Lou was hit in the head by the trumpet player, it's unclear what happened to him. Moses is supposed to kill Lieberman, so presumably he was eventually murdered.

raywest Premium member

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Sonic the Hedgehog picture

Question: This is a two part question: firstly if Crazy Carl was onto Sonic why didn't he find any of Sonic's quills when Tom found one without even looking for one? Secondly: what happened to the ring that Sonic threw and bounced of the robot, did he get it back, or will it play a part in getting Robotnick back in the possible sequel?

Darth Crucible

Answer: First, it seems Sonic doesn't shed his quills that easily. Tom found one just by sheer luck. Second, yes that ring is likely going to play a part in the sequel.

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Glass picture

Question: How was Elijah getting out of his room in the first place? I know he has free roam of the facility after killing the guard and taking his keycard, but I don't recall the movie explaining how he was getting out earlier in the movie?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He's picking the locks on the doors, bypassing the keycards.

Answer: At one point, Elijah's mother mentions that he caught a glimpse of and instantly memorized a blueprint of the psychiatric hospital when he was first committed, and he used that knowledge to short-out the hospital's electrical system one time (before they started heavily sedating him). It seems likely that Elijah was able to somehow hotwire electronic door locks, using his knowledge of the hospital's electrical system. Later, he used a master keycard taken from the guard.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Not only that but, it was shown in the first movie that Elijah was very good at manipulating people so he could have convinced somebody to let him out.

Answer: The movie doesn't explain. But given what we know about Elijah from "Unbreakable" and this film, it's really no surprise he managed to find a way out - he's psychotic, but he's also a genius.


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Missing Link picture

Question: When exactly is the movie set? I mean what time frame.

Answer: 1886. The Statue of Liberty began being reassembled in April 1886 and was completed in October 1886.


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Jumanji: The Next Level picture

Question: What does "follow the flame to the desert fruit" mean?

Answer: In the building with the Jumanji berry tree, there were flames on the wall. By following the flames on the wall, Ruby was able to get to the tree, rather than try to cross the waters somehow.


Answer: The flame is Bravestone's "old flame" the Lady in Red, who leads them to the desert fruit, the Jumanji Berry.

Sierra1 Premium member

That's what the characters thought it was, but that's not what the clue entirely was.


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1917 picture

Question: Does Schofield throw away his canteen after he pours water over his eyes? In any event he has it again to fill with milk at the abandoned farm house.

Answer: He puts his canteen back after he poured water over his eyes. You can tell because after he gets up it's hanging on his side again.


Answer: He sets his canteen on the ground next to him after washing his eyes / face. It is on his belt the next time we see it for the scene with the milk.

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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie picture

Question: In Jesse's parents house, the height chart is scrawled on the door frame. Did they move back into the family home?

Answer: Unless I'm forgetting the show mentioning them moving, I believe the Pinkmans stayed in the same house. The house Jesse lived in and later bought under their noses after their expensive remodel was Jesse's aunt's house.

Phaneron Premium member

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Deadwood: The Movie picture

Question: This movie takes place around 10 years after the show and was filmed around 12 years after the show ended. Why then do so many of the characters look like they have aged 20 years in that time? I understand a hard lifestyle can age a person, but could it be that drastic?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: The actors are over a decade older, and older people age at an increasingly faster rate than when they were young. The film may also have been been filmed differently opposed to how the TV series was made. Different technology and types of film produce variations in color, shadowing, sharpness of detail, etc. that may show the actors' physical features in higher definition. Different make-up and lighting can also change the actors' appearances. This may or may not have been a deliberate choice, but it's the result. If the movie was intended for theatrical release (possibly for overseas markets) and not only to be aired on TV, it would have higher-quality production.

raywest Premium member

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