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The Lion King picture

Plot hole: Scar tells the pack he didn't make it to the gorge in time to help Mufasa. However Zazu was with them at at the gorge. He could have easily told Serabi or any of the other lions on the numerous times he spoke with them, exposing Scar.

Ssiscool Premium member
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Suggested correction: Actually, Zazu wouldn't honestly say that Scar was lying; he left Scar at the gorge, but for all he knows, when Scar talks about not getting to the gorge in time, Scar could just mean that he couldn't find a safe path into the gorge to help Mufasa and Simba escape.

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Captain Marvel picture

Plot hole: When Vers arrives at the bar, Nick Fury is already there. She went straight to the bar after stealing the bike, while Fury needed still to learn about the theft, link it to the case, with investigations taking place to maybe (only possibility that would not depend on the vehicle being reported) figure out that Pancho's was the destination from examining the search history of the browser. Fury went there by car. His boss also explicitly says to work on the case alone. Amazing he could be there with such timing.

Sammo Premium member
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New this month Suggested correction: Vers probably got lost and had to wander around to find the place.

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Child's Play picture

Plot hole: The Vietnamese sweatshop is structured in a way that makes no real sense: the workers seem to be randomly in charge of everything and nothing instead of having specialized, streamlined tasks. Already makes no sense that a low level employee would be able to reprogram a state of the art AI chip, it makes even less sense from a production standpoint that he'd also be given a disassembled doll, dress it, etc.

Sammo Premium member
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Men in Black: International picture

Plot hole: Spoiler. Agent M points out as highly suspicious that the twin assassins knew the location of Vungus, and High T backs her up on this, saying that only a handful of MIB officers could have leaked that information. High T also established that those aliens were part of the Hive collective. It turned out that they were not part of the Hive, and the Hive connection was made-up entirely by the villain himself...which is the Hive! What he did was absurdly counterproductive to his cause: nothing except the report he himself made up connected the Hive at all with the case.

Sammo Premium member
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Stuber picture

Plot hole: The 'real' villain needs Vic to investigate the drop and be there, so he'd be killed in an incriminating spot. Problem is, the boss also throws in a deadly ambush by a whole gang early in the day; if they killed Vic, Vic would have not been where the boss needed him to be. Even more absurd is the fact that the boss is also aware in advance that Vic is having Lasik that day, making it the worst day ever to pick for such a scheme. There was basically no chance Vic could pull off the investigation in that state, and even in the unlikely (it does happen in the movie!) case that he'd manage to show up blind as a bat at the drug deal and get killed as intended, nobody investigating would ever believe that someone with a major drug deal on his hands would have gone through eye surgery the same day.

Sammo Premium member
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Avengers: Endgame picture

Plot hole: One of the big sources of tension in the heist is the fact that they supposedly have a limited number of Pym particles, as stated by Scott Lang. So after the test run they only have enough for everyone to take one round trip through time. Cap and Tony use their return supply to go to 1970, which is why they needed to steal more particles to get back. However, Ant-Man's shrinking tech is also based on the Pym particles, and his shrinking suit seems to work without restriction in 2012. They also have enough to both shrink the Benetar in 2023 and re-grow it in 2014. So either Scott is mistaken about how many Pym particles he has, or he is lying about them. And before someone says they calculated the number of particles it would take for the shrinking during the mission before assigning them to the team members, Scott discusses the limited supply before they had any plan of what they were going to do in the past.

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Suggested correction: Shrinking for those more common actions would not eat up as many Pym particles as say, shrinking enough to go sub atomic, as well as controlling where you're going and doing time travel.

Quantom X Premium member
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Terminator: Dark Fate picture

New this month Plot hole: Sarah turns up on the bridge to fight the Rev-9, we later learn that she is texted the location of where to be as when the terminators travel though time it causes a gravitational anomaly, and this is where she needs to be. The Rev-9 had been there ages killing Dani's dad etc, Sarah would have no idea to be on the bridge after the terminator has chased them though the town - she can't possibly know that location.

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New this month Suggested correction: Sarah is very skilled at fighting Terminators. She receives the coordinates but knows that many other real-world factors may impede her progress to those coordinates, so she makes efforts to prepare for that. Also, the coordinates that she received for the Rev-9 may very well have told her to fight it on the bridge because the T800 who sent those coordinates knew that Sarah would also then be able to rescue Dani and Grace, and eventually meet up with him as a result.

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Dark Phoenix picture

Plot hole: There are two timelines in the X-Men franchise - the original films and the prequels, up until Days of Future past, which alters the future, and at the end reveals that Jean Grey, Professor X and Cyclops are all alive, rather than dying as they did in X-Men 3. The "new" timeline is then followed in Apocalypse and this movie, giving them a bit of leeway to make changes, much like the new Star Trek movies. Only problem is...Jean Grey dies in this movie! So no way her older self can be around in DoFP.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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New this month Suggested correction: Bryan Singer confirmed that the end of Days of Future Past with Jean Grey being alive is one of many timelines, there are more than 2 timelines in this universe, meaning that despite all the X-Men being alive in the future at the of Days of Future Past, they can still all die in other movies like in Logan and Dark Phoenix.

Suggested correction: I think you might have missed the final shot in the movie, when the camera pans up from Charles and Erik playing chess and the Phoenix firebird is shown flying across the sky/stratosphere, implying that, much like the Phoenix's legendary namesake, Jean had risen from the ashes so to speak. There is precedent for this in the comics, plus there were supposed to be more X-Men movies after this one until the Disney/Fox merger happened.

Phaneron Premium member
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Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Plot hole: Joker douses everyone in Arkham with the Ooze mixed with the water sprinklers. One of the first ones to mutate is Mr. Freeze, despite wearing a suit and helmet that keep him hermetically sealed from the external environment at the 0 temperature he needs.

Sammo Premium member
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Adventures of Aladdin picture

Plot hole: Aladdin and Zamir plan how to infiltrate the castle. There's a window that "seems particularly inviting" in their words. "A man standing on another man's shoulders should be able to make it without effort", Zamir says. So we see Aladdin land inside. And then, Zamir. Whose shoulders did Zamir climb to make the jump? It was just the two of them. (00:59:40)

Sammo Premium member
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Spider-Man: Far From Home picture

Plot hole: Spider-man and Mysterio fight the first Elemental. On the bridge, the elemental beats Peter Parker and he is wet. This could not be, because the water elemental is a hologram. Spider-man couldn't get wet from a hologram. (00:21:35)

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New this month Suggested correction: In addition to holograms, Mysterio uses drones to cause real damage. Otherwise, his con would be figured out very easily. In this case, the hologram obscures drones that blast water from the canal (or possibly even collect water and spray it) which then get Peter wet.

Phaneron Premium member
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Rim of the World picture

Plot hole: The girl in the basement of the JPL building comes across a locked door with a combination lock. She hits a few buttons and the door opens. There was no way she could know the combination. She is at JPL for the first time in her life and everybody - except her three friends she came with - is dead. (01:23:20)

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Alita: Battle Angel picture

Plot hole: Grewishka sneak-attacks Alita using his weapon from outside the window. How in the world was the hulking behemoth just standing outside the window without Alita noticing? He surely couldn't have tiptoed into that spot after she arrived, he makes a ruckus for every step he takes. (01:47:10)

Sammo Premium member
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The Silence picture

Plot hole: Within only a few days, cults have formed looking for fertile women? Not remotely likely.

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Suggested correction: Exactly how is this not remotely likely in a fictitious horror film involving an outbreak situation (and state of emergency) that has never happened before. It's not a plot hole when irrational, terrified, or crazy people do irrational, terrifying, crazy things.

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