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Midsommar picture

Trivia: During the feast in which Christian finds a pubic hair inside of his food, look closely at the drinks on the table. While the camera never calls direct attention to this, if you look closely, Christian's drink is very slightly darker than everyone else's. Earlier in the film, the camera briefly passes over a mural that depicts a woman collecting menstrual blood in a cup. (Along with the image of a woman cutting off pubic hairs, like the one Christian found in his food.) It seems Christian's drink has been laced with something he didn't expect.

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It Chapter Two picture

Trivia: Director Andy Muschietti has a cameo as a customer at the pharmacy where Eddie picks up his prescription.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Child's Play picture

Trivia: "Child's Play" creator Don Mancini has no involvement in this remake, and has openly stated that he's against it, as the original movie series is still going. Several other key cast and crew members from the original series have also expressed their disapproval of the film.

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Doctor Sleep picture

Trivia: When we see Abra's house, the number on the front is 1980. That was the same year the original Shining was released.

Gavin Jackson
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Leprechaun Returns picture

Trivia: Series star Warwick Davis reportedly turned down the opportunity to star in the film. He stated that as he now has children, he wanted to focus on non-horror projects for the time being. Though he also hinted that he would like to return to the genre once his kids get older.

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Happy Death Day 2U picture

Trivia: Spoilers. In the end, Dr. Butler and his wife Stephanie are revealed to be the killers. They were actually the killers in the original script for the first film, but the ending was changed several times until the final version seen in theaters with Lori being the killer. The original idea was recycled into this film, since the dimension-hopping angle of the story allowed the presence of a new version of the killer.

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Zombieland: Double Tap picture

Trivia: When Tallahassee and Columbus are navigating the abandoned mall, they pass a poster for "Garfield 3."

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Us (2019)

Us picture

Trivia: Spoilers: Among the video-tapes seen next to the TV after the opening credits are "C.H.U.D." and "The Goonies." This is quite relevant to the plot, in which it is revealed that the doppelgangers come from beneath the ground in a series of tunnels that used to be run by the government. "C.H.U.D." is about mutant creatures that live underground and have began to rise up and attack, like the doppelgangers, and "Goonies" takes place largely in underground tunnels and caverns, much like the film's climax.

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Pet Sematary picture

New this month Trivia: In both the book and the 1989 film, it is little Gage, and not his sister Ellie, who dies and returns as a murderous undead.

Erik M.
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Brightburn picture

Trivia: In one scene dangling from the car keys in the ignition is a Jason hockey mask - iconic for another superhuman maniac who's virtually unstoppable.

Erik M.
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The Lighthouse picture

New this month Trivia: The movie was filmed in a full-frame aspect ratio and in black and white in order to help put the audience into the film. The aspect ratio was chosen in to make the film feel more confined and closed in. And it, along with the black and white filmstock, also helps the film feel aged and older.

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3 from Hell picture

Trivia: Each film in this franchise features an actor who died either shortly after filming, or the film's release date. Dennis Fimple, who played Grandpa Hugo, died shortly after production wrapped on "House of 1000 Corpses." Matthew McGrory, who played Tiny, died 5 weeks after "The Devil's Rejects" was released. Finally, Sid Haig, who played Captain Spaulding, died 5 days after "3 From Hell" was released.

Phaneron Premium member
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The Dead Don't Die picture

Trivia: Hermit Bob examines a gravestone and leaves; the name on it is Samuel M. Fuller, homage to the filmmaker of the same name and always considered by Jarmusch as one of his favourites. (00:57:40)

Sammo Premium member
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The Russian Bride picture

Trivia: Nina's visiting Uncle is killed in his car by Karl's mute servant Hagen, who causes a car accident and then proceeds to set him on fire. Hanging on the rear view mirror is a Happy Face that gets a splotch of blood on it, reminiscent of The Comedian's iconic pin in The Watchmen.

Erik M.
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