Best horror movie mistake pictures of 2019

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Continuity mistake: When Pelle is explaining how the HÃ¥rgas roles work depending on their age, as he says "And finally from 54 to 72, you become a mentor", Christian is behind Pelle facing towards him. The shot changes angles, Christian's body is in a different direction and then turns his head to face Pelle. The shot changes angles again and Christian is now suddenly looking upwards. (00:53:30)

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Midsommar mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: On top of the ladder, the Xmas lights wrapped around Shane change between shots repeatedly. (00:38:00)

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Child's Play mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: When the girls bring a birthday cake into Judy's room at the first time, her bed sheet is patterned with what looks like flowers but when Judy is fast asleep the next time, the sheets are plain white. (00:52:30 - 01:15:30)

Annabelle Comes Home mistake picture
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