Best horror movie continuity mistakes of 2019

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It Chapter Two picture

Continuity mistake: When they finally arrive at the bottom of the sewer, Eddie's bandage is on a different cheek. (01:59:00)

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Ma (2019)

Ma picture

Continuity mistake: The IV bag has the name of Louie at first but then changes into something unidentifiable and then back to Louie again.

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Us (2019)

Us picture Video

Continuity mistake: Red is barefoot for a long period in the movie, but when they run to the boat she's wearing barely-visible slippers, presumably to protect her feet while running outside.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Doom: Annihilation picture

Continuity mistake: Dr. Stone mentions there is an emergency exit below the landing pad. He then asks the pilot if there is a camera underneath. In this shot, the pilot has his eyes partly closed and his lips pursed together. It cuts to a close up of him and suddenly his expression is different, with his eyes wider open and his mouth open. (00:19:50)

Quantom X Premium member
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Doctor Sleep picture

Continuity mistake: When Abra is on her bed and her mom wakes her up in one scene, she is without earbuds from the mom's perspective. Then she lifts up her head and has earbuds in a closeup. Back to mom's perspective for a conversation and the earbuds are gone.

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Midsommar picture

Continuity mistake: When Christian takes out his phone to look up Attestupan, he is holding it with his right hand and his left index finger is lightly touching it. Then it cuts to a close-up shot of the phone and it is being held with both hands. (00:57:00)

Casual Person
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The Dead Don't Die picture

Continuity mistake: In front of the motel, Zack pulls the pink suitcase out of the trunk; he does it with Jack holding the bag high up, or all the way down in the second shot. (00:46:00)

Sammo Premium member
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The Addams Family picture

Continuity mistake: Wednesday tosses the cell phone back to Parker. In precarious balance on top of Ichabod, she clutches it to her chest in different spots at the cut. (00:34:20)

Sammo Premium member
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Child's Play pictureChild's Play mistake picture

Continuity mistake: On top of the ladder, the Xmas lights wrapped around Shane change between shots repeatedly. (00:38:00)

Sammo Premium member
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Deadcon picture

New this month Continuity mistake: The girl and guy are in a hotel room and she kisses him good bye. You see her go out of the door and the door handle is on the left side and no chain hanging. Then when you see the door a few seconds later the door handle is on the right and the chain is latched.

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Annabelle Comes Home pictureAnnabelle Comes Home mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the girls bring a birthday cake into Judy's room at the first time, her bed sheet is patterned with what looks like flowers but when Judy is fast asleep the next time, the sheets are plain white. (00:52:30 - 01:15:30)

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Crawl picture

Continuity mistake: After the intro, the protagonist receives a phone call from her sister. When she turns around to check out of the TV screen, one of her fellow swimmers, with quite characteristic purple hair, is immediately seen sitting down. Back to the view from inside the locker, the same aubergine-haired girl is coming from the lockers to the benches, to go sit. (00:03:45)

Sammo Premium member
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Brightburn picture Video

Continuity mistake: When Brandon's dad is telling him about his candy being his secret weapon on him when he was a kid, he's shown with just one in his hand. A couple of shots later suddenly he's got 2.

Quantom X Premium member
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3 from Hell picture

Continuity mistake: In House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects Captain Spaulding had nasty crooked black teeth. In the beginning of this film when he's doing an interview his teeth are super white and straight.

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Killer Sofa picture

Continuity mistake: The inspector is showing the singer the gruesome images of her friend. As he says "It's how we identified the remains", she raises her right hand, but in the next shot it's with the left hand that she's touching her lips. (00:04:45)

Sammo Premium member
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