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The Lion King picture

Other mistake: When Pumba is singing and they show him as a baby warthog farting in the water killing the butterfly, it is actually a baby Red River hog that is portrayed.

Tricia Webster Premium member
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Rocketman picture

Other mistake: During one of the recording studio scenes, there's a short segment that shows a bunch of VU (audio level) meters close up. The very first meter in that sequence is not a VU meter. Its from of an old HF (High Frequency) Amateur Radio transceiver; The scale is marked for RF, SWR, and ALC. I'm suspecting that someone involved with the post production editing is a Ham.

Stephanie Donnell
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Blinded by the Light picture

Other mistake: The lead is loaned cassettes of 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' and 'Born in the USA' by his mate and then quotes a lyric from 'The River' which he hasn't listened to yet.

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Joker picture

Other mistake: When Arthur is suffocating his mother, she is still connected to the tube of oxygen that runs directly to her lungs, so she wouldn't suffocate. (01:21:05)

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Suggested correction: Hypercapnic is when there's too much carbon dioxide in your blood, even if there's a normal amount of oxygen. Hypercapnic leads to acute respiratory failure where the lungs can't release oxygen into the blood. This can result in death fairly quickly.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood picture

Other mistake: When Cliff fights Bruce the doors are already dented before Bruce gets tossed into them.

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Knives Out picture

New this month Other mistake: During the revelation of the second death, when the killer opens the toxicology report they just retrieved, the date is revealed; it says it was issued on 09/27/2018. But the events of the movie happen in November (it's Sunday 18th Nov when Marta wakes up with all the reporters at her door). It should also be noted that when a close-up of the report was shown earlier (when Ransom was looking at the anonymous letter brought by Marta) that copy had a big stamp in a corner saying 11-17-18, that in this copy is totally absent. (01:56:55)

Sammo Premium member
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Richard Jewell picture

New this month Other mistake: At the beginning of the press conference with Richard's mother, one of the photographers is using a Canon EOS 1D, which did not come out until 2001.

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The Irishman picture

Other mistake: Russ pours olive oil on a salad, says it is the best vinegar, and after the next cut he grabs the olive oil again.

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Midsommar picture

Other mistake: When Dani is on her phone after trying to contact her parents, the phone is shown on the Recents page listing the most recent calls she has made. The most recent call listed is Home, where she just called and left a message. Then it is followed by Terri, then Mom, then Christian, then Dad. Each of the calls are shown to have been made 1 minute ago. The message she left after calling the house phone lasted about 45 seconds. Then after the call, she looked back at her email for a few moments before going back to her phone. No way could four additional calls have been made all within the span of one minute and still leave a message on the house phone. (00:03:15)

Casual Person
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Gemini Man picture

New this month Other mistake: When junior is chasing Henry, Danny and Baron can be seen watching the chase, this would be impossible considering it wasn't long before Henry left the house after spotting Junior, and how would they have known which way Henry would go. (00:40:20 - 00:42:16)

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