Best movie audio problems of 2019

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Avengers: Endgame picture

Audio problem: When the Ancient One is explaining to Bruce that taking the Time Stone will affect their reality, there is a shot from behind the Ancient One where she says "Millions will suffer", but her mouth doesn't move when she says the line. (01:24:20)

Casual Person

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Spider-Man: Far From Home picture

Audio problem: When Happy is talking to Peter in the kitchen at the charity event, from the angle over Happy's shoulder he's talking but the side of his face isn't moving, from that angle we should see his chin move up and down.

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Joker picture

Audio problem: The police officers chase Arthur to the subway. When the subway train starts moving after they just barely got in, the sound resembles the acceleration sound of a R143 subway car, which actually didn't exist until 2001, but it's a much older car, the R32.

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The Irishman picture

Audio problem: During the award ceremony when the (supposedly live) crooner sings Spanish eyes his lip syncing and the audio editing is awful.

Sacha Premium member

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Ford v Ferrari picture

Audio problem: During the last scene with Ken, he is talking to Phil, as he jumps into the J-Car. He starts the car and the sound of the car is not that of a carbureted 7.0L (427) V8 (which is what it should be) but the sound from a 2005-2006 Ford GT. This is the car Ford sold for 2 years as a tribute to the GT40. The start up sound with the supercharged V8 (which is in the GT) is unmistakable. Especially to car people. When he's accelerating the engine/exhaust sound changes to the 7.0L (727) V8. (02:18:51)

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Awake picture

Audio problem: The FBI agent is in pursuit of a suspect in a hospital, once he enters the stairwell he draws his Glock handgun, and a click can be heard for a safety disengaging. Glocks are striker fired, they contain no external safeties that can be manipulated that would cause a sound. A sound can also be heard after the gun is already drawn from the holster, representing a holster draw sound. (00:22:22)

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Knives Out picture

Audio problem: After Harlan knocks over the Go board, Marta says "I'm done with you." When she says that, which is when she puts the two vials on the table, her mouth isn't moving.

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Jojo Rabbit picture

Audio problem: Towards the end Fraulein Rahm sends a child towards the Americans after pulling the pin on a grenade attached to him. He runs offscreen but no explosion is ever heard.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Suggested correction: So the grenade was (thankfully) a dud. Considering they were wearing paper uniforms, it isn't unreasonable to assume they didn't have the highest quality equipment.

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Richard Jewell picture

Audio problem: When Kenny Rogers is singing on stage, several times we see the video screen. The timing is off with the audio. Rogers doesn't have the mic to his mouth at one point but is still singing.

manthabeat Premium member

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