Best TV plot holes of 2018

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Danger, Will Robinson - S1-E10

Plot hole: At the end, when Maureen is searching for John in orbit, she only radios him after Will sees him clinging to the floating wreckage. Before that, she only used sensors aboard Jupiter to try and locate him. She makes no attempt at radio contact for any survivors, which would have quickened the rescue. John can also radio her back, but he did not attempt to call for help.

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Suggested correction: The suit radios are fairly short range. This is seen on a number of occasions, such as when they need an extension antenna when stuck in the tar to contact others. The distances in space between the damaged Jupiter and Jupiter 2 are huge, and much further than the distance from the chariot stuck in tar back to Jupiter 2.

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The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi - S2-E6

Plot hole: When announcing the 14 deaths, they make a generic statement to the friends and family of everyone in the pods, without first telling the affected families directly?! There's no way this would be dealt with like that - not least as they all then seem shocked that the parents start a riot/panic about whether their children are dead or not. Anyone with half a brain cell would have seen that coming a mile off. Not to mention that later on we discover one of the parents STILL hasn't been told if his daughter's alive or not. If this was a coverup or otherwise secret they wouldn't have said anything - there's no reason to announce the deaths but not clarify who died.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Outsider - S2-E6

New this month Plot hole: The FBI is looking for a "very tall" guy who has been identified as such by various witnesses and by their own expert due to the entry angle of a fatal bullet wound - 6'5" at least. They send Elena into a bar near the end of the show to meet the Albanian perp who when he arrives is barely average height.

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