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A Quiet Place picture

Other mistake: The construction of a staircase does not require a large nail at the site shown on the steps. Furthermore when Emily snags her clothes basket on the stairs it lifts a small nail up. How did it grow into a 2 inch fat nail?

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Searching picture

Other mistake: When the detective sends the traffic cam footage, a Gmail alert pops up. However, the dad is currently using Margot's computer, not his. He previously logged into Margot's gmail account on this computer so any alerts received would be Margot's mail, not his.

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The Hurricane Heist picture

Other mistake: The hurricane winds blows cars around, but the actors can walk against the wind and climb cellphone towers. Plus the hurricane "eye" hits the town, but trucks ride out on a road with dry leaves and dust.

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout picture

Other mistake: When Benji takes off the Wolf Blitzer mask, he continues to talk with the anchorman's voice until he takes off the voice altering tape too, but when Walker realises that he is not talking to Solomon Lane and proceeds to rip off the mask, Benji talks with his own voice without taking off the tape.

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Reprisal picture

Other mistake: The movie takes place in Cincinnati Ohio. Subtitles state the robbery is in July. At the end of the movie the subtitle states "6 months later" which would be in January, but the scene shows short sleeves, no coats, and sunshine. There is no sunny, short sleeve weather in Cincinnati in January.

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The Equalizer 2 picture

Other mistake: As York is entering Dave's apartment, and Dave is guiding Miles to the secure room, the entry door of the apartment appears to have only a chain lock and presumably a door knob lock. Standard stuff for apartments, and Dave surely is not relying on this for security or awareness, but It seems inconsistent with the high-tech and defense-first nature of the movie. (01:26:30)

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Bird Box picture

Other mistake: For the most part we see Malorie floating in the boat going with the river. However, numerous times we see her rowing against the tide. Even blindfolded you would be able to tell you are rowing against the flow by the resistance on the paddles.

Ssiscool Premium member

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Insidious: The Last Key picture

Other mistake: At the end of the movie Lorraine has to remind Elise that she helped her once, implying they haven't seen, or spoken since. When Elise first meets Josh in the 1st insidious she tells Josh that her and Lorraine have been friends for a long time, implying they talk or see each other regularly.


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Red Sparrow picture

Other mistake: Dominica breaks her left leg and then holds her crutch (and the golf club) in her left hand. This is a frequent Hollywood mistake. If you are using a walking stick or a crutch, you hold it on the strong side, then the natural swing keeps it in sync with the injured leg and improves balance.

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The Clovehitch Killer picture

Other mistake: When Tyler is in the bathroom brushing his teeth, he is facing a wall-sized vanity mirror. The mirror should not be able to reflect the window along the adjacent wall (along the right side). Also, regardless of what angle of Tyler the mirror is reflecting, it reflects the same image of the wall. (00:30:26)


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Hotel Artemis picture

Other mistake: In the close-up of the gun freshly printed, there's a bunch of molten plastic by the gun cylinder and the grip. Waikiki retrieves it right away, bare handed, and the bed is completely clean too. (01:03:25)

Sammo Premium member

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Hunter Killer picture

Other mistake: When Glass is walking around the sub before leaving Scotland we see 2 men in their bunks. Just as the camera pans in to look at them, a third man in the corridor can be seen to stand aside and let the camera pass before continuing. Captain Glass is not near this sailor at the time. (00:08:50)

Ssiscool Premium member

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The Toybox picture

Other mistake: After Steve slides open the middle window near Olivia, a small puff of air and some small waves of the right curtain panel can be seen, but not nearly as much or strong as would be expected. The left curtain panel was largely stationary. With the window completely open, the right and left panels of the thin curtains should be blowing inside the RV at an angle or even be flapping outside of the RV. (00:10:45)


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The Mule picture

Other mistake: When Earl is walking toward his seat in the auditorium's third row at the "Glam Cosmetology Graduation", up to four seats can be seen in rows #2 and #3, but five seated graduates can be seen in row #1. Row #1 is closer to the camera than the other rows, so four or fewer graduates should be visible in row #1, not five. (01:07:20)


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5th Passenger picture

Other mistake: The spacesuit on the cover of the film looks almost nothing like the suits that are actually in the film itself.

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Fifty Shades Freed picture

Other mistake: During the Honeymoon Montage at the beginning of the film, there's one moment where Christian and Ana are on The Fair Lady boat and Ana's wearing a spaghetti strap shirt/dress and Christian's wearing a blue denim shirt. This would if not later on in the movie we see Ana slipping on this shirt and Christian in the blue denim shirt, AFTER the montage scene even though it hasn't happened yet. This is even more evident by a deleted scene - The Hickey/Apology Scene - which takes place just before Ros called to tell Christian and Ana about the fire at GEH. So, basically, they wore these clothes before it was actually shown in the movie.

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Peppermint picture

Other mistake: At the very beginning when Riley shots the dude in the head, the blood comes out but the bullet does not break the glass.


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Lords of Chaos picture

Other mistake: During the murder in the stairwell, an old woman opens her apartment door outward, and Varg kicks it shut. Apartment doors always open inward, as did Euronymous' apartment in the same building.

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Suggested correction: Euronymous' apartment door opens outward into the hallway, at least in the final scene it does when he's trying to get away from Varg.

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Never Look Away picture

Other mistake: The man who shows Kurt around the Dusseldorf Art Academy (and later becomes his friend) introduces himself as Harry Preusser, but during the end credits, his name is listed as Gunther Presseur. (01:54:25 - 03:04:00)

Casual Person

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