Best mystery movie factual errors of 2018

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Factual error: At the point where Jared Leto is released from prison he is picked up in a 1960 Black Chrysler Imperial. As the camera rises it shows the date as 1954. The car is used a few more times in the movie.

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Factual error: During the plane ride into France, the Paratroopers are holding/carrying their weapons by their sides. In reality, their weapons (M1 Garands, B.A.R.s, etc.) would be carried in special "bags" strapped to their parachute harness. This not only protected their weapons, but also secured them to their person.

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Factual error: Spoiler: In the scene toward the end of the movie when the dad is burned alive, his skin is completely black but his clothes are still on and intact, just blackened. With fire hot enough to completely blacken the skin, it would have burnt the clothes completely off (or at most they would have been shredded rags). (01:51:25)

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Factual error: When Dominica is tasked with swapping Intelligence using a laptop in the hotel, she is using floppy discs which is highly unlikely in the realm of international espionage. Not only do they not hold enough info at only 1.44MB each, but laptops have not had floppy drives for quite some years and this movie is supposed to take place in 2017.

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Factual error: The gazette clipping at the beginning of the movie where Velma wrote her disdain for Carol is dated Thursday, March 25. Neither year when the story could be taking place based on other hints had March 25 happen on a Thursday. (00:03:50)

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Factual error: The robbery flashback scene is at least 15 years previous to the main story, placing it circa 1953. The big lettering on the armored car uses Helvetica font, which did not exist until 1957.

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Factual error: There are no law enforcement agencies referred to as "Mounties" in Alaska, or any elk.

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Factual error: When Buster joins the card game in the saloon, he looks at the hand of the player that had just left. Given the circumstances in the saloon, the cards cannot be spot clean and white as fresh snow. Also, they seem to be plastic cards, which did not exist yet back then.

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Factual error: Though the movie is playing with historical events for "laughs," it should at least be pointed out for the record that Queen Victoria died in 1901, and the Titanic didn't launch until 1912 (and its construction didn't even start until 1909). So, obviously, there's no way Victoria could have toured it before its maiden voyage. (And the movie acknowledges that it's supposed to be THE Titanic since it shows Moriarty reading a newspaper reporting that it sank, to say nothing of the Billy Zane cameo).

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