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Venom picture

Plot hole: At the angle of descent and the speed it was traveling (still burning from reentry even), when the space shuttle crashed in the opening of the film, it would not have left much of anything behind. The kinetic explosion that would have resulted would have downed the forest around it for a good distance leaving a crater, and the clean up crews would have been lucky to find any piece of the ship itself still intact bigger than a football. Much less been able to find any discernible remains of the crew. Yet bodies were being taken out in still relatively good condition. And probably most unbelievable is that the glass containers holding the Symbiotes were not even broken.

Quantom X Premium member
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Suggested correction: Since this is in the Marvel universe the capsule could have at least partially been made of Vibranium or Adamantium.

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A Quiet Place picture

Other mistake: The construction of a staircase does not require a large nail at the site shown on the steps. Furthermore when Emily snags her clothes basket on the stairs it lifts a small nail up. How did it grow into a 2 inch fat nail?

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Overlord picture

Factual error: During the plane ride into France, the Paratroopers are holding/carrying their weapons by their sides. In reality, their weapons (M1 Garands, B.A.R.s, etc.) would be carried in special "bags" strapped to their parachute harness. This not only protected their weapons, but also secured them to their person.

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The Nun picture

Continuity mistake: When Sister Irene's habit is ripped at the back, you can see a bra strap on her left shoulder which disappears when she is seen at the front and when the camera is closer to her back (when she has the pentagram carved into her).

Andy Benham Premium member
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Bird Box picture

Continuity mistake: When she is in the boat she takes off her blindfold entirely, but after some talking the blindfold is around her neck all of a sudden.

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The Open House picture

Character mistake: When Logan tries to use both his and his mom's phones after her fingers were broken by the Man in Black, he throws them in disgust when he finds the SIM cards have been removed. However, every cell is capable of placing a 911 call regardless of whether a SIM card is present or not.

Len Mulaski
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Day of the Dead: Bloodline picture

Revealing mistake: Baca is using a pistol to shoot the zombies towards the end and still has this same pistol at the end. When he's on the ground about to shoot himself to stop from turning, it shows a close up of his pistol which reveals it's a 6mm BB gun. (01:20:15)

Quantom X Premium member
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Hereditary pictureHereditary mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the dinner scene, just before Peter asks his mother if she's okay, the meat on his plate, (apparently chicken) is sitting with the mounted end up. It cuts to his mother then back to him without him moving, and suddenly the meat has flipped upside down the other way. And it flips around several times through this scene. (00:56:55 - 00:58:00)

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The Meg picture

Continuity mistake: When Jonas is swimming the tracking gun out to where the Meg is circling, he dunks his head under water to look for the shark. When he surfaces, his earpiece has changed ears. When they cut back to him, it's moved back to the correct ear.

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Halloween picture

Other mistake: The officers working at the Smith Grove Sanitarium have "police" on their uniform patches. When Michael Myers was boarding the bus to be transported to a different sanitarium the bus had a Corrections Department decal. Since corrections officers run prisons and jails along with sanitariums, the uniform patches should have said corrections, not police.

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The Predator picture

Plot hole: As the evolved Predator's ship takes off it leaves Casey Bracket alone in hilly forest terrain. The ship then flies a long distance before crashing and the Predator and McKenna start fighting, just for Bracket to show up and help out of nowhere. Impossible for her to cover that distance that fast in hilly forest terrain.

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The Cloverfield Paradox picture

Continuity mistake: In the car at the start, when Hamilton says it's like the fourth blackout today, Michael corrects her and says it's the fifth. When he says this, he is leaning forwards some as he looks up out the windshield with his mouth partly open. It cuts to a different angle and suddenly he's leaned back in his seat fully and his mouth closed. (00:01:30)

Quantom X Premium member
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Lords of Chaos picture

Other mistake: During the murder in the stairwell, an old woman opens her apartment door outward, and Varg kicks it shut. Apartment doors always open inward, as did Euronymous' apartment in the same building.

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Hell Fest picture

Continuity mistake: After Asher is separated from Quinn he's looking around a room with a flashlight and finds the killer. We can see the killer's eyes but a few shots later there is mesh over the eye holes of the mask. (00:52:15)

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Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell picture

Revealing mistake: When the final graboid is approaching the trap they set for it, the path it is going to take is blatantly visible despite a small rise setup to block the view.

manthabeat Premium member
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Slender Man picture

Continuity mistake: In the basement when the girls are talking, one mentions to Chloe that she and Carl would make an adorable couple. Chloe's left arm is stretched up above her head in this shot. But in the next shot when she corrects her on the guy's name, it's suddenly down by her lap. (00:06:10)

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Batman: Gotham by Gaslight picture

Continuity mistake: As Big Bill is walking towards Batman threatening him, they are standing where the Robins are to Batman's right and the old man and woman are to his left. Each group down at the end of the alley at each doorway respectively. When Bill swings a punch at Batman, Batman ducks away moving towards the right towards the Robins. But in the next shot he's suddenly moving backwards towards the left to the old man and woman. (00:04:55)

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Mandy picture

Factual error: This movie takes place in 1983, but the Dollar Bill Mandy is using as a bookmark is from 2009. (00:17:40)

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Daphne & Velma picture

New this month Continuity mistake: Spencer makes his "Pie" gesture in different ways (fingers spread out, fingers adjoined) between the two wider shots and the narrow angle one. (00:09:15)

Sammo Premium member
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Constantine City of Demons: The Movie picture

Continuity mistake: As the film starts, young Constantine is smoking a cigarette with a close up of his fingers. The camera angle changes and suddenly his fingers are in noticeably different positions. Most obvious is the finger nails are facing towards his left and then his right. (00:00:30)

Quantom X Premium member
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