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BlacKkKlansman picture

Factual error: In the bar scene there is a sign for Genesee beer. That brand never went west further than Pennsylvania.


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Holmes & Watson picture

Factual error: Though the movie is playing with historical events for "laughs," it should at least be pointed out for the record that Queen Victoria died in 1901, and the Titanic didn't launch until 1912 (and its construction didn't even start until 1909). So, obviously, there's no way Victoria could have toured it before its maiden voyage. (And the movie acknowledges that it's supposed to be THE Titanic since it shows Moriarty reading a newspaper reporting that it sank, to say nothing of the Billy Zane cameo).


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Game Night picture

Factual error: Max could not have been accidentally shot when Annie drops the revolver. She dropped it when she was startled by firing it into the ceiling so the hammer would still be sitting on the spent/empty shell casing. The trigger or hammer must be pulled back in order for the cylinder of a revolver to rotate to the next live chamber.

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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society picture

Factual error: The plane used in the film to take Juliet back to London towards the end of the film is a replica of a Dakota C-47. She is painted with black and white "invasion stripes" on both the upper and lower surfaces of the wings - approved in May these were only widely put into use for D-Day in June 1944. After one month the upper surface stripes were ordered removed, and by the end of 1944 they were ordered completely removed. By 1946 when the film is set they would have been long gone from any serving aircraft still flying.

Andrew Upton

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Den of Thieves picture

Factual error: There is no Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles.

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Sicario, Day of the Soldado picture

Factual error: In the police shoot out scene, you can see that the plate carriers the actors are wearing are really empty. Brolin sticks his hand into Forsing's vest after he was shot, the vest easily folds away. You can also see in various shots how theirs vest bend with their bodies, in a way they wouldn't if they had plating in as they should to protect from bullets.

Movie Medic

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Mary Poppins Returns picture

Factual error: When Mary and the children go to the bank the long shot of the bank shows a statue that was not erected until 1994.

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Welcome Home picture

Factual error: The opening scene shows Cassie and Bryan booking their holiday on a laptop. The dates that they book the holiday home are between May 5th 2018 and May 12th 2018, which means the movie is set in 2018. But later in the movie, when Cassie finds the video of Bryan with the two women on his phone, the date is listed as "Sunday, May 7", and May 7th 2018 was a Monday, not a Sunday. (00:01:05 - 01:10:55)

Casual Person

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Bel Canto picture

Factual error: An ambulance is shown. This movie is supposed to take place in a latin country. But the ambulance says "Ambulance" in English, and worse, it also says "Riverside County." Also, the red cross emblems on the attendants' backs say "Comite" in Spanish, "International" in English, and "Geneve" in French. (00:28:55)


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A Simple Favor picture

Factual error: Detective Summerville tells Sean that his wife got a rental Kia from Budget paying in cash. But Budget does not allow the initial cost to be paid in cash; the payment must come from credit or debit card, cash can be used only as the last payment when you return the car. (00:37:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Kursk picture

Factual error: When the saturation divers open the outer hatch on Kursk, they drop a glow stick. When they do, it falls to the floor on the submarine, indicating the inner hatch was open. The inner hatch of Kursk was closed, later opened by an ROV.


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The Happy Prince picture

Factual error: Wilde and Bosie meet at a railway station that is just signed "Rouen." There were then two main railway stations in Rouen: Rouen-Rive-Droite and Rouen Saint-Sever (or Rouen-Rive-Gauche). Neither would have a sign saying just "Rouen."


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Daphne & Velma picture

Factual error: The gazette clipping at the beginning of the movie where Velma wrote her disdain for Carol is dated Thursday, March 25. Neither year when the story could be taking place based on other hints had March 25 happen on a Thursday. (00:03:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation picture

Factual error: The female Frankenstein tries to set Dracula up with during the wedding reception is referred to as his "right arm's cousin" but the big arm that looks like Frankenstein is her right arm. (00:08:10)

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Suggested correction: Frankenstein wasn't saying she had the other half of his right arm (i.e. his left arm), just that the 2 arms came from 2 people who were cousins.


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The Bouncer picture

Factual error: When Lukas takes Sarah to school (on Friday or only a couple days after taping his laceration), the laceration is much smaller (practically healed) and there are only three strips of tape. A laceration as wide as the one Lukas had would not heal within a couple, few, or even several days. Also, the way Lucas taped his laceration would not yield the same/similar results as sutures (even closure and faster healing with little scar). (00:15:43 - 00:16:31)


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I Can Only Imagine picture

Factual error: The shop owner shows him a tape of the Joshua Tree by U2 and says it is the best concert he has seen, but the Joshua Tree wasn't released until 1987.

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Stockholm picture

Factual error: "Polis" is written on two police vans outside the Stockholm bank Taj (Ethan Hawke) is robbing, but police in Sweden are "polismyndigheten" or commonly known as "polisen" (the police). The word "polis" actually means "city." Also, police in Sweden have traditionally used Volvo cars or wagons, not mini vans. (00:13:03)


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Suggested correction: Actually all police cars in Sweden have the word "POLIS" on them.

Suggested correction: This is a picture from the event in the movie. Https:// The Swedish Polis during the '60 and '70 used VW Beetles, VW vans, Porsche 911 and others. Not just Volvos.

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Hold the Dark picture

Factual error: There are no law enforcement agencies referred to as "Mounties" in Alaska, or any elk.

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The Dark picture

Factual error: The police officer that shows up does two stupid things in a row that real police would never do. When investigating a kidnapping, he calls in what the car was they were looking for. Which he sees. Instead of calling for back up, or even mentioning to dispatch that he found a car that looks like it, after coming from a murder scene at a gas station and following a map left behind to this spot, he approaches the car alone, without calling for back up, or drawing his weapon. Shortly thereafter, he finds the kidnapped boy inside the car, who tells him the man who took him is in the house. The officer then proceeds to go into the house alone to look for a dangerous kidnapper without waiting for backup, even mentioning to the kid that his partner is on the way. (00:32:00 - 00:33:35)

Quantom X Premium member

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Eruption: LA picture

Factual error: Cat hot wires a modern car. Cars newer than around 2004 are largely impossible to hot-wire. Modern vehicles come with a chip in their key fobs which are required for the ignition to start at all - no amount of hot-wiring can bypass these. (00:43:00)


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