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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom picture

Factual error: Owen should be killed instantly by the volcanic ash at the island and he could not run fast enough in order to avoid it. (00:44:15)


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Suggested correction: Volcanic ash is is not deadly to the touch and is not high in temperature. At worst it can be toxic if inhaled for long periods of time. There have been plenty of instances where entire towns were engulfed in ash and the residents were fine. What I think this mistake is referring to is something called Pyroclastic flow which is very deadly at 450°C and can travel 80 km an hour. Volcanic ash can sometimes be residue from pyroclastic flow but doesn't have to be precursors or remnants to it. The film never states whether it's volcanic ash or pyroclastic flow but since Owen as well as the dinosaurs inside survive it can easily be inferred to be volcanic ash.

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Red Sparrow picture

Factual error: The helicopter used during the exchange is a Mi2, which has not been in service with the Russians since the 1970s.

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The Catcher Was a Spy picture

Factual error: USAF is written on the underside of an aircraft's left wing. The U.S. Air Force wasn't created until later. Flight operations were still conducted by the U.S. Army.

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Suggested correction: The plane actually has "USAAF" written on the wing: United States Army Air Force.

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Ready Player One picture

Factual error: The third key Easter egg was actually a color-changing flashing pixel in the Atari Adventure game. You had to grab the purple bridge (they looked like outward facing brackets) and go into a box in the lower left corner of the blue maze and move along the bottom left corner. In the movie, it was picked up in the invisible maze. The wall you walk through then flashes along with the pixel, and you may move through it as shown in the movie to see the author's name.

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Robin Hood picture

Factual error: Dobermans were not introduced until the 1890s, let alone their ear cropping. (01:00:15)

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Avengers: Infinity War picture

Factual error: Peter sneaks off the bus using the emergency exit window, which would have triggered an alarm when he released the red safety latch, ruining his stealthy escape.

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Rampage picture

Factual error: When the jet is taking off from Whitman Air Force base in Missouri, there is a mountain range in the background. There are no mountains in that part of Missouri (highest point in Missouri is about 1700 feet). (01:10:30)

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout picture

Factual error: The three plutonium spheres appear to be about six inches (15 cm) in diameter. At that size, and at 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter, they would weigh about 102 kilos (220 pounds), far too heavy to be carried around so easily.


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Black Panther picture Black Panther mistake picture

Factual error: During the mid-credits scene T'Challa is addressing the United Nations about Wakanda's true nature. A Welsh flag can be seen among the other nation's flags, which would suggest that Wales is a separate nation from The United Kingdom - not the case.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Deadpool 2 picture

Factual error: The 7 barrels Wade is on are only 55 gallon drums, totalling 385 gallons, not the 1200 he states. He is also on kerosene, which is not high octane fuel and burns way more slowly than shown. (00:01:53 - 00:02:37)

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Adrift picture

Factual error: On two occasions a ring neck dove lands on the sailboat. The sailboat is making way to Hawaii. Ring neck doves are indigenous to Africa, not Hawaii. They are also not an introduced or invasive species in Hawaii.

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Peter Rabbit picture

Factual error: The rabbits are underneath the landrover, and they get shot out the back whilst holding on to the axle. Land rovers have an enclosed axle with a hub enclosing the diff, so this would not be possible.

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Roma picture

Factual error: The radio clip included in the breakfast scene, belonging to XEQK station (La hora exacta) is actually from the early 80s when the advertising campaign "es hora de invertir en Valores Banobras" (which slogan can be heard) was running then.

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Blockers picture

Factual error: Right at the start of the film, it shows the girls going up for the first day of school which would have been around Fall. It shows tulips blooming in the garden, but tulips only bloom during the spring. (00:00:55)

Quantom X Premium member

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Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot picture

Factual error: Jonah Hill references "Chucky" from the movie Childs Play. This movie's period is set somewhere in the late 1970's. The movie Childs Play didn't come out until 1988.

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Incredibles 2 picture

Factual error: When Elastigirl receives her new bike she discovers it's electric. Later, when she is rescuing the train, the bike hits a mountain and is destroyed in a fireball. What is making the fireball? It's electric so there is no gasoline/diesel to make a fireball, and a lithium explosion doesn't look like that. (00:33:30)


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The Equalizer 2 picture

Factual error: They are filming in Brussels and the leaving Mercedes 190 has indeed a Belgian license plate. But it is a fake plate that has a mistake... It shows 1-N82-63X but a license plate in Belgium has always a combination of 1-xxx-123 where the first part always has letters and the second part numbers. Numbers and lettters are never combined. Also it is missing the mandatory sign to prove authenticity. (00:48:30)

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Skyscraper picture

Factual error: It is absolutely impossible that the fire suppression system would still be operational at the end of the film. The fire would have destroyed all those systems ages ago, and even if the extinguishers / sprinklers themselves are resistant to fire, I doubt very much the cables that hook them up to the building's computer system survived intact.

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Death Wish picture

Factual error: When Kersey finds his throw down gun and proceeds to practice with it, a bullet ricochets back at him. Lead will reflect off objects and continue in the same general direction or flatten out on a surface but will not bounce back at you. If it did, indoor shooting ranges would kill all of their patrons on a daily basis.


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