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The Happytime Murders picture

Trivia: When Melissa McCarthy is leaving the precinct angrily she is pointing to all the police staff and insulting them. However, when she gets to one of the cops, she says "I would have f*cked you", she is actually speaking to her husband in real life, Ben Falcone. (01:01:05)

Tricia Webster Premium member
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Den of Thieves picture

Trivia: The black body armor that Gerard Butler wears in this movie actually has a patch on it next to the word Sheriff that says "fuck you". (02:13:45)

Quantom X Premium member
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Skyscraper picture

Trivia: When Will is fighting Ben he smashes him against a table and the floor using the "rock bottom", his signature move from the Rock's wrestling days.

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Hotel Artemis picture

Trivia: There is a message left at the end of the credits of the film reading "The staff at the Hotel Artemis hope you enjoyed your stay and that you'll return soon." (01:33:20)

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Holmes & Watson picture

Trivia: According to numerous news outlets, movie theaters throughout the US reported an "astonishing" number of walk-outs during the film's opening weekend.

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Game Night picture

Trivia: In the scene where Max and Annie talk about their potential future child, there's a throwaway line about child-actors not amounting to much later in life - a bit of an inside joke, as Max is played by Jason Bateman, the rare child-actor whose career actually improved after he became an adult.

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Ocean's Eight picture

Trivia: Sandra Bullock speaks German at the Met Gala - she's actually fluent in German, having lived in Germany and Austria for the first 12 years of her life. She gave an award speech in German once:

Jon Sandys Premium member
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