Best crime movie stupidity of 2018

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Den of Thieves picture

Stupidity: At the end of the movie during the shootout. Cops would not engage in automatic gun fire with dozens of civilians in direct cross fire. Why not get a chopper and chase them down a bit maybe in an open area with fewer civilians? Then maybe engage in gunfire.

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Death Wish picture

Stupidity: After Paul is shot, he takes medical supplies from the hospital to his office. However, he doesn't think to take Lidocaine, or some other local anesthetic, knowing that the procedure will hurt.

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Daphne & Velma picture

Stupidity: During the ghost chase montage, why would Velma look for her glasses with her hand in midair instead than on the ground? No matter how nearsighted you are, the closest wall, or obstacle, is meters away and you'll never find your glasses anywhere but the floor. She does it for a longer time than anyone would. (00:52:40)

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