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Peter Rabbit picture

Other mistake: When Tom is being hit with the fruit, he is being hit high enough for Bee to see the fruit but doesn't react to random fruit hitting Tom. (01:00:15)

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Overboard picture

Other mistake: When Kate is taking the Medical-Surgical Nursing Exam, there are 2 separate #23 questions at the bottom of the page. (01:09:30)

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Ocean's Eight picture

Other mistake: When Helena Bonham Carter removes the necklace from its case, the clasp of the necklace is obviously closed (or at least it should be-otherwise it would slip inside the case itself from the raised mount that it is kept on in the case when the case is being carried) ; she is carrying the top of the necklace (where the clasp is) in her left hand while her right hand carries the bottom of the necklace. Had the clasp been open in the case, her arm and hand motion when she picks it up with her fingers would not have been so smooth. She goes over to Anne Hathaway with the clasp obviously opened (because we see her put the necklace around Hathaway's neck rather than over Hathaway's head) and then she closes it. When she tries to open it a few minutes later the security guard informs her that she cannot open it; that it can only be opened with a special security magnet - which he then proceeds to use to unlock the clasp. In other words, the necklace would have needed to be opened by the security guard to begin with before Helen Bonham Carter could put it around Anne Hathaway's neck. (01:01:05)

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Stan & Ollie picture

Other mistake: Just after signing the contract, you briefly see Stan in his hotel room. The smoke from his cigarette is moving downwards.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet picture

Other mistake: Vanellope steals a car from the Slaughter Race game and speeds off. Shank, the main character of the game, commandeers another car and chases Vanellope. When Shank's car is seen in Vanellope's rear-view mirror, the image is not reversed. Shank appears to be driving from the passenger seat.

Steven Lee
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Suggested correction: We see the mirror and it in fact is a mirror image of Shank driving.

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Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation picture

Other mistake: In the second film, wedding photos of Mavis and Johnny only showed Johnny, since vampires don't show up in photographs. However in this third film, this is forgotten about and when Mavis takes pictures underwater at the volcano, Dracula is seen in the photo.

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Blockers picture

Other mistake: Outside the prom when Hunter is trying to convince Lisa and Mitchel to not go in and stop their daughters from getting laid, they turn around when they hear the honk of a car behind them where two people are having sex as if they bumped the car horn. However this is impossible as as soon as they turn around, the two people are in the back seat right behind the driver's seat, nowhere near the steering wheel to honk it, even with a foot. (00:35:45)

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Daphne & Velma picture

Other mistake: The second time we see the 'French toast' scene, Daphne says the line on top of the stairs in a different way from the first. She is simply standing with both feet on the penultimate step, while the first time around she began saying the line when one of her feet was still in motion. It also takes her twice as long, no cuts, to get to the bottom of the stairs. (00:04:30 - 00:16:30)

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Crazy Rich Asians picture

Other mistake: Peik Lin is driving Rachel to the Young family residence. As they are driving, the navigation system starts prompting her to make a u-turn because there's nothing out there but jungle. Peik Lin brings the car to a stop, seemly indicating that they are lost and unsure where to go. The guards suddenly appear and then eventually give her the go ahead to go through a very visible gate. The gate is prominent. If the gate were that visible she and Rachel wouldn't have wondered if they were lost or in the wrong place.

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween picture

Other mistake: After Sarah gets Slappy into the locker he could see Tyler from inside but the problem is that the angle and the height of the vents are wrong for that perspective.

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The Christmas Chronicles picture

Other mistake: When Kate and Teddy go outside to see Santa, the time on the camera doesn't change after a minute.

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Suggested correction: Movie time and real time are not the same unless stated such as the show 24.

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