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First Man picture

Factual error: The interior shots of the Gemini and Apollo Spacecraft show worn and dirty panels, knobs, switches and circuit breakers. The movie most likely used some original cockpit trainers, but in reality the astronauts were flying brand new spacecraft that were spotless.

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The Catcher Was a Spy picture

Other mistake: Recreated newsreel of a trip to Japan by Moe Berg before Pearl Harbor attack shows copyright date of MCMXLIV (1944) in the lower left corner, 3 years after the attack. (00:16:25)

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Bohemian Rhapsody picture

Factual error: In a scene in 1980, Brian May is teaching everyone the beat for his new song "We Will Rock You." However that song was released in 1977.

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Green Book picture

Factual error: Opening scene shows NYC 1962 as a 1964 Chevy Impala rolls by.

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Stan & Ollie picture

Other mistake: Just after signing the contract, you briefly see Stan in his hotel room. The smoke from his cigarette is moving downwards.

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Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot picture

Factual error: Jonah Hill references "Chucky" from the movie Childs Play. This movie's period is set somewhere in the late 1970's. The movie Childs Play didn't come out until 1988.

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On the Basis of Sex picture

Continuity mistake: When RBG leaves for court (about 30 minutes from the end the movie) her brooch is on the right lapel of her black suit and when she gets out of the cab, it is on her left.

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Welcome to Marwen picture

Continuity mistake: When Roberta comes over to give Mark the doll he left at the shop, we see an animated sequence just before this. The character in the animated sequence gets her top ripped open. In the real life version, the doll has more of its shirt ripped open.

manthabeat Premium member

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BlacKkKlansman picture

Factual error: In the bar scene there is a sign for Genesee beer. That brand never went west further than Pennsylvania.


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Gotti picture

Revealing mistake: Gotti breaks into an apartment to kill a man he has unfinished business with. Gotti shoots him three times and there is a blood spurt shown every time he is shot. However, Gotti is shown standing in one fixed position, and the blood is shown spurting at three different angles. The first shot hits his abdomen and blood spurts on the wall in front of him. The second shot hits the left side of his head and blood spurts to the wall beside him. The third shot hits the back of his head and blood spurts on the wall in front of him. This could not be possible if Gotti was shooting him from one fixed position. (00:11:00)

Casual Person

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City of Lies picture

Revealing mistake: When Poole arrives at the accident scene, both vehicles involved are in different positions. Kevin's SUV is partly in front of the Food Mart. Frank Lyga's car is about twice as far away from the SUV, the front is angled outward, and it isn't even close to the curb. Also, there are parking spaces to the right of the Mart, but not the handicapped parking that was there earlier. (00:19:26)


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The Happy Prince picture

Revealing mistake: The paddle steamer on which Wilde crosses the Channel has her name "Waverley" visible on the bow. The Waverley, the world's last seagoing paddle steamer, was launched in 1946, 46 years after Wilde's death. Replacing the name with the name of a real paddle steamer of the era would probably have been a good idea.


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Lords of Chaos picture

Other mistake: During the murder in the stairwell, an old woman opens her apartment door outward, and Varg kicks it shut. Apartment doors always open inward, as did Euronymous' apartment in the same building.

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Suggested correction: Euronymous' apartment door opens outward into the hallway, at least in the final scene it does when he's trying to get away from Varg.

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Driven picture

Factual error: Second scene, caption says "1977 southern California" but she's driving a white 90's Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Fwd station wagon.


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Colette picture

Continuity mistake: When Willy is in bed looking at photos with the camera behind his ear, his cup of coffee is directly in front of his hands. A moment later when the camera shifts to in front of him, his coffee is way off to his side, nowhere near his line of sight. (01:00:12)


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