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Ralph Breaks the Internet picture

Trivia: When Ralph and Venellope arrive in the internet they are bombarded with pop up ads. One of those ads features a picture of a woman with short brown hair. That woman is Aunt Cass from the Disney animated film, "Big Hero 6." In addition, Baymax from that movie makes a cameo appearance at, "Oh My Disney!"

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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies picture

Trivia: The Titans first encounter Slade while he's stealing a power crystal. They mistake him at first for the Marvel character, Deadpool and proceed to argue back and forth about him being Deadpool or not. With him saying that he's not Deadpool, that actually Deadpool should be saying he's not Slade. This is a joke and reference to the fact that the designer of Deadpool based his looks, abilities, and character originally off Slade/Deathstroke because he wanted to draw Deathstroke. Until Deadpool's backstory and personality were changed to what we know him as today.

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Incredibles 2 picture

Trivia: While a sequel was rumored for years, series creator Brad Bird has stated that he would only make an "Incredibles 2" if he could come up with an idea that he felt was just as good as the original. It took 14 years for the film to finally be released - the longest gap between a Disney/Pixar film and its sequel.

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Sherlock Gnomes picture

Trivia: When Watson falls from a tower in the museum courtyard, he yells a Wilhelm scream.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse picture

Trivia: Stay for a scene after the credits.

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The Death of Superman picture

Trivia: There are several mid credit scenes in the film setting up characters for the follow up film, Rise of the Supermen. The first being the Superman Clone waking up and breaking out of Lex's lab, the second is John Henry Irons building his metal suit before taking up the mantle of Steel, the third is Superman's ship from when he was an infant flying to the north pole and creating the Fortress of Solitude with a mysterious figure dressed as Superman hovering before it, and the last being the Cyborg Superman flying towards the camera from space. (01:17:55 - 01:20:40)

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