Best adventure movie audio problems of 2018

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Black Panther picture

Audio problem: At the start of the movie the Black Panther gets shoes that are silent when he runs. Half way through the movie when he runs up the spiral ramp you can hear his foot steps. (01:00:00 - 01:01:00)

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom picture

Audio problem: The sound for the Cessna 208 that our characters take to Isla Nublar is that of a piston engine prop plane, while the plane is actually a turboprop plane. The start-up and cruising sounds are significantly different from what it should be in real life. (00:20:00)

Daniel Yee
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Holmes & Watson picture

Audio problem: On the Titanic, Mrs. Hudson is tying Watson to the cogs. Shortly before she leaves him, she says a line but her lips do not match up with the audio, revealing that the line has been dubbed.

Casual Person
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Ready Player One picture Video

Audio problem: Parzival starts to walk away from the Office Party recording as Halliday says "Why can't we go backwards for once." Parzival stops and turns around, telling the Curator to stop and go back right as Halliday finishes saying "Really put the pedal to the metal you know?" The Curator then replays that same recording over again. However the timing is off - it is actually two different recordings of the actor saying these lines and not the same message replayed. He says it a full second faster the in the replay. (00:24:55 - 00:25:25)

Quantom X Premium member
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