Best drama TV character mistakes of 2017

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Old Wounds - S1-E1

Character mistake: After Mercer's speech to the entire crew he dismisses everyone except for the senior staff but everyone, including the senior staff, starts walking away as if they were dismissed as well.

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Suggested correction: They were walking away, but not as if they were dismissed. The group of senior officers and Mercer are in a completely different part of the room (or possible an entirely different room). Notice the doorway where Mercer is standing. At the beginning, he's in the doorway and it has a white boarder and a 2nd set of doors. Then he's standing in front of a doorway with a blue boarder and no 2nd set of doors.


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Taboo picture

Show generally

Character mistake: The quote on the wall in Bethlem: Mens sana in corpora sano. 'Corpora' would be feminine, whereas 'sano' is masculine. So it should be Mens sana in corporE sano.

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