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The Greatest Showman picture The Greatest Showman trivia picture Video

Trivia: In the opening credits there's a hidden image of Wolverine's arms with his claws out. To add a meta level to it, there's an image of an actual Easter egg in place of Wolverine's head.


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Justice League picture

Trivia: The prison guard is played by Mark McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in the original 1978 Superman movie.


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Ghost in the Shell picture

Trivia: The first movie cut version of the score for Ghost In The Shell was done by Clint Mansell, Kevin Riepl and Kiner, and Lorn. However due to test screenings, the majority of the work was dropped due to the audiences negative reaction towards the scenes with philosophical elements and the ending of the film. Thus Lorne Balfe was ask to do the replacement score for the new cut of the movie and the movie score soundtrack by Clint Mansell was canned. Yet in both versions, Kevin Kiner's music was stilled used. However, for legal reasons, the complete score for the film will never be released. Despite that, Lorne Balfe's music work was released of late December 2017 through Facebook by wav download link.

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Coco picture

Trivia: The Pizza Planet truck from "Toy Story" passes by Miguel's house near the beginning of the film. Also in the marketplace, a small Nemo doll is on a table and dolls of Mike Wazowski and Woody are hanging from a stall.

Steven Lee

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The Mummy picture

Trivia: At one point, Jenny grabs a large book and hits a man over the head with it during a scuffle. She actually hits him with a book that is modeled to look similar to the "Book of the Dead" from the 1999 "Mummy" film, and even includes the star-shaped key-hole cover. A cute "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" inside-joke thrown in as a nod to the previous "Mummy" franchise.

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Atomic Blonde picture

Trivia: When Lorraine jumps out of the window using the hose the policeman at the other end lets out a "Wilhelm scream" just as he is dragged across the floor.

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Alien: Covenant picture

Trivia: The synthetic androids in the whole saga are named in alphabetical order in Alien Ash, in Aliens Bishop, in Alien: Resurrection Call, in Prometheus David, then Walter in Covenant.


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Anna and the Apocalypse picture

Trivia: A character briefly mentions Ryan Gosling in the film. This is a bit of an inside joke, as the film's co-writer Ryan McHenry also created a popular meme based on Gosling called "Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal."


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Snatched picture

Trivia: Writer Katie Dippold has a cameo as a shopper in the very first scene.

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Cars 3 picture

Trivia: The pizza planet truck from Toy Story makes a cameo in the Thomasville race, noticeable when it loses its rocket from on top.


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War for the Planet of the Apes picture

Trivia: In the opening scene, one of the soldiers has "Bedtime for Bonzo" written on his helmet. This is a reference to the film with Ronald Reagan about an intelligent chimp.

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The Post picture

Trivia: Nixon's actual voice was used from White House tapes for the scenes where he is on the phone in the Oval Office.


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Rings picture

Trivia: Due to the success of 2002's "The Ring" and it's 2005 sequel "The Ring Two", a third film was planned for some time, with rumors of it starting as early as 2006. In the early 2010's, the film was greenlit under the working title "The Ring 3D" to capitalize on the resurgence of 3D films following James Cameron's "Avatar." However, the production was troubled and the film didn't go into principal photography until 2015, with the budget having been slashed and the proposed 3D concept having been dropped. The film was originally intended for a November 2015 release, but this was pushed back to April and then again to October of 2016 to accommodate studio-mandated reshoots to make the film more marketable. Less than a month before its intended October release, it was again pushed back to February, 2017.

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Underworld: Blood Wars picture

Trivia: "Blood Wars" has been confirmed to be the final "Underworld" to star Kate Beckinsale, and possibly the final film in the series. It was originally intended for there to be one final entry in the series featuring Beckinsale's trademark character Selene to finish off her storyline, but Beckinsale stated in late 2018 that she felt she had done "enough" films in the series and wasn't interested in reprising her role for a sixth film. After the film under-performed at the box office, there has also been no news on any future films, with series co-creator Len Wiseman instead expressing interest in rebooting the franchise as a television series.


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Bleeding Steel picture Bleeding Steel trivia picture

Trivia: While Lin (played by Jackie Chan) is in disguise and working in his daughter's school cafeteria, his name tag shows Jackie Chan. (00:31:25)

Quantom X Premium member

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Dunkirk picture

Trivia: There are only two women with speaking parts in the whole film, with 47 words between them.

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