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Black Butterfly picture

Other mistake: In the opening minutes Antonio Banderas hops in an open air Jeep and heads to town, driving along, scenery going by, but with no key in the ignition. Later after stopping keys appear.

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Fast & Furious 8 picture

Other mistake: When Dom and Cipher break into Mr Nobody's base, they use "the latest in concussion grenade technology which scrambles all senses and lasts an hour" which would include vision and is reflected as such. 2 min later Letty and Hobbs are able to see the kiss Cipher gives Dom.

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Blade Runner 2049 picture

Other mistake: In the trailing credits, the 2nd song, "Cloud" references the word "preformed" rather than "performed".

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Geostorm picture

Other mistake: The arena they just left (the Democratic National Convention) inexplicably explodes into a large fireball as they are escaping during a lightning storm. No mention of a bomb or anything and the lightning didn't appear to hit anything large enough to cause such an explosion.

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Revenge picture

Other mistake: To stop herself from bleeding after removing the tree branch from her body, Jen heats the wrapper of a beer can and places it against the wound. Later it is revealed that doing this resulted in the logo being branded onto her skin. However, if the wrapper was placed on her skin and the logo was facing towards her, then the logo should have been mirrored, but it's not. (00:57:40 - 01:05:20)

Casual Person
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Jeepers Creepers III picture

Other mistake: The police sergeant has chevrons on his sleeves, but major devices on his collar.

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Security picture

Other mistake: Introducing the workplace to the new employee (Banderas), Vance says that the mall has never been updated because it has everything "Menswear, kidswear, ladieswear, cosmetics." The Italian dub misinterprets the last word (probably figuring it was 'medics'), and so the mall has the rather unlikely lineup; "Menswear, kidswear, ladieswear, doctors." (00:14:20)

Sammo Premium member
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American Assassin picture

Other mistake: When the Polish police officers are shot in the van, there is no blood splatter at all. Two seconds later there is blood on the wall. When the guy in the middle is shot in the chest, blood sprays almost one meter above and behind him on the wall. (00:33:25)

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The Foreigner picture

Other mistake: When Hennessy shoots McGrath in the leg (twice), there is no blood. McGrath grabs his thigh, then writes the names of the bombers, and there's still no blood anywhere.

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Bleeding Steel picture

Other mistake: The film takes place in 2020. However Lin's fake passport expired in 2015.

Quantom X Premium member
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