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Dunkirk picture

Revealing mistake: The ship set up for the capsize scene is supposedly mid channel and heading for England when it is bombed by the Heinkel, but it is at anchor.


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Fast & Furious 8 picture

Revealing mistake: On the ice the tank is firing - in slow motion we see empty shells are littering the area. The shells have crimped ends, revealing them to be blanks.

Steven moffat

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Jigsaw picture

Revealing mistake: During the opening trap, at one point one of the five "Bucket Heads" starts banging on the wall behind them. If you look very closely, you can see the set-wall waver slightly as it's struck, revealing it's not really a concrete wall. (And it's not supposed to be the doorway that is later revealed during the final twist. It's a separate section of wall). (00:05:40)

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Suggested correction: No it's not the section that is a door, but that door does prove vital here. By showing the door, shows there is a section behind the wall. Meaning the wall we see is most likely a completely false wall and not the structural wall. With it being a false wall it is entire pleasurable that it could move.

Ssiscool Premium member

When Jigsaw opens the door, you can see the walls are indeed solid and are at least 6-8 inches thick. Given the fact they appear to be made of concrete and run floor-to-ceiling, sorry... there's no way they are moving when someone bangs on them. Also, why would Jigsaw make a "false wall" that was so easy to move when someone hit it? He'd be setting himself up to possibly be caught. Sorry, but this particular correction is just too far-fetched. It's just a mistake.

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Atomic Blonde picture

Revealing mistake: During the car chase when the car gets hit by the truck and goes into slow motion you can see the roll cage inside the car.

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Cult of Chucky picture

Revealing mistake: When Chucky's disembodied head tries to bite Andy in the beginning, watch closely. When the plaque he's mounted too leans forward suddenly as Chucky snaps at Andy, you can see a rod underneath of it, which was used to make it move and lean forward by the puppeteers.

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The Greatest Showman picture The Greatest Showman mistake picture

Revealing mistake: While Barnum and Phillip are singing "The Other Side" Phillip knocks over the first stool then steps on its side, and in this closeup we can see the extra two flat bars attached between the legs, for him to easily step on. We also see that the stool's seat is perfectly round in the closeup, but in previous and following shots, such as when Carlyle jumps off the bar then grabs his hat, one side of the seat has been cut to allow it to rest flat on the floor while on its side. Presumably, the closeup was digitally edited to make the seat appear round. (00:38:05)

Super Grover Premium member

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi picture

Revealing mistake: After Rey lifts the rocks away from the back exit of the bunker, you can see C3P0 briefly as he bumps into the rock in front of him while exiting the cave, and the rock moves slightly. Also, the rocks that fell over the exit don't match the surrounding terrain at all while piled up as they are smooth like river rocks, but when we see them lifted up by Rey in the subsequent scene, they are rougher and look nothing like they did before (as well as being pretty lousy CGI). (02:16:47)

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The Space Between Us picture

Revealing mistake: The woman who died giving birth blinks as the doctor walks away. (00:13:55)

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Thor: Ragnarok picture

Revealing mistake: During the fight in the forest with Heimdall and Hela's soldiers, he uses the sword but the tree is cut before the hit, and the soldiers on the right fall before the hit too.


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Beauty and the Beast picture

Revealing mistake: When Belle exits her house, the reflection on the window by the door shows a rectangular flat roofed building, nothing to do with the old gable roof we see in further shoots. In the making-of we are revealed that the prop building is in fact rectangular and flat, with a green screen on top to allow for the CGI.

Sacha Premium member

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When Taserface is threatening Rocket, Rocket is making eye contact. Taserface, meanwhile, is looking at the space between Rocket's ears.

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Christmas Inheritance picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene with the young mom settling in Ellen's room, the baby is crying loudly every single moment when their face is not shown. They don't move their arms or legs, their cheeks don't move, nothing about them is compatible with the canned cry put in editing. (00:49:30)

Sammo Premium member

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The Hitman's Bodyguard picture

Revealing mistake: When Dukhovish lands on the car, the (CGI) smashing of said car is incorrectly timed with the impact.

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Wind River picture

Revealing mistake: When the FBI agent is in the room of the court medic to get the cause of death, in several shots the sliced up corpse is breathing. (00:27:00 - 00:29:30)

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Marshall picture

Revealing mistake: Back at his NAACP homebase, Marshall meets with the boss who is already sending him to deal with another case. In the close-up of the newspaper he's reading, check out between the actor's fingers. You can tell that half of the article, which begins in English, suddenly switches into Latin 'lorem ipsum' filler text. (00:06:20)

Sammo Premium member

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales picture

Revealing mistake: During the bank chase at the beginning the bottom plank is a material skirt which moves forward and backwards revealing in some shots the wheels underneath the bank.

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The Mummy picture

Revealing mistake: During the underwater scenes the light appears from below and above but it's underground and should be pitch black, suggesting studio lighting being used.

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Wonder picture

Revealing mistake: When Auggie is bringing the popcorn to Jack Will he is holding the popcorn at an angle that it should fall out but it doesn't, revealing that was just a prop.

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Suggested correction: When Auggie sits down next to Jack, you see a piece of popcorn fly out the pot meaning it isn't a prop.

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Life picture

Revealing mistake: Throughout the film, the characters can be seen to impossibly pivot on the rigging suspending them in the air in a manner inconsistent with zero-g as they move through the space station.

Phixius Premium member

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